Thursday, October 18, 2018

Back-to-school Photo Shoot, some Random Pictures and Thanksgiving

Finally got all our pictures loaded onto the computer so I can blog again ('cause what's a blog post without pictures!?!?!?)

We began school the end of August, and got a few weeks in before heading to our yearly cabin getaway in Arizona.  We wanted to get some pictures of the kiddos before starting, but it was still super hot, and there were tons of mosquitoes.  I think despite it all, they turned out okay.  Here is our gang:

Another semi-hot day, we decided to go to the park and do some drawing.  It was a Monday, so not our regular school day, but we got some physical exercise and exercised our creativity, too.  =)

A beautiful sunset off of our terrace.

Tim made this helmet for a children's Bible class a few months ago.  Gwennie put it on and had Nathaniel's sword to complete the outfit.

 We went to the state of Chihuahua for a conference mid-September.  We went with two other families, and I only took 2 pictures the whole time.  =(  It was a good weekend, and so nice to be there again - it had been 4 years since the whole family had gone.

Two sweet girls

Our silly dogs were inside because of the rain.  Not quite sure how this happened, but Allie is in Nico's bed, and Nico is on the towel I put down for Allie.  =)

We were going to miss Eleo's birthday as we were going away, so we had lunch and (yummy cheese)cake at our place before we left.

The night before we left for our week at the cabin, there was a party at a friend's house to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day.  It was extremely hot, but we had a super time!

 We headed out the next day for Arizona, and I'm hoping to post about our trip to the cabin soon.  I'm going to skip to right after we came back though, and share some pictures from Canadian Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed having Marcus & Alison, Eva, Tibi & Mad, Angel, Eleo, Romer and Edie for the afternoon.

(Tibi came a little later)

Learning all about crokinole

Playing 5 Crowns

More crokinole

Uno on the crokinole board  =)

So very much to be thankful for!!