Thursday, July 26, 2018

Trip to San Diego: The Zoo

The reviews for the San Diego zoo are pretty amazing.  It was really big, and there were lots of lovely animals to see.  I think the monkeys were our favourite and the most fun to watch.  The orangutans and gorillas were funny, too.  We only took a handful of pictures as it was more fun to watch in real life!  =)  Our tickets included the bus ride around the zoo, plus a "Skyfari" - gondolas that go right over the whole thing.  

The gondola is up in the top, left hand corner that goes over the park

After a week of walking for many of us, the zoo might not have been the best choice - but we took breaks at the exhibits and took advantage of any rides we could get.  =)  We spent about 8 hours there. 

We got back to Uncle Don and Auntie Sharon's house around 8pm.  Their granddaughter, Melissa, had been with us for the last couple of days of Seedsowers, and she was there, too.  Auntie Sharon had made a cake for Kyla.  It was Delicious!

Happy 11th Birthday, to our sweet Kyla!
We enjoyed spending Sunday at the Gospel Hall again, and then left early Monday morning to head home.  It was a wonderful trip!

Trip to San Diego: Seedsowers

We arrived Saturday evening at the San Diego Gospel Hall where we would be spending the next week.  It was great to see many familiar faces and get to know several more. 

Some had come from Canada, Mexico, and several states: Michigan, Iowa, Oregon, Arizona and California.  It was a pretty small group: about 35 walkers, and maybe 50 of us in total.  

We got our things organized shortly after we arrived.  The guys slept on the balcony in the main hall area, the girls slept back by where the kitchen was, behind partitions they use for Sunday school.  Tim and I got a small room, Tim and Eunice McC got a small room and our four youngest shared a small room.  We fit just right. The Christians had been making arrangements for months getting ready for all of us coming.  They had put a shower into each of the bathrooms and rented a shower trailer with four more showers plus two porta potties.  The kitchen was big and well stocked, and easy to work in.

On Sunday there was a pot luck at the hall, where we got to know more of the believers in the meeting there.  They also had this nice cake made.

Each morning after breakfast, Monday to Friday, we sang for a bit and then Tim spoke for about 40 min.  He took up the subject of discipline.  He spoke about the discipline of our mind, our possessions, our tongue, etc.  They were really good.  The Littles just coloured or read books.  Then, everyone going walking was divided into four teams and left to distribute John 3.16 texts.  English on one side and Spanish on the other with invitations to special gospel meetings as well.

Morning devotions

Tuesday night we went to a park just a couple of blocks away.  The Bigs played volleyball and the Littles rip-sticked and played on the playground.

A lot of our "free" time was spent packaging up more Seedsowers texts.

I remembered part way through the week to get some pictures of the kitchen crew.

Friday morning we just did a half day of distributing as we had reached past our goal of 40,000 invitations and texts given out.  Before they went out, Enrique and Bernadette made us delicious burritos for breakfast.  They were SO good!

We also got a group shot of everyone who was there.

 Since we finished early, we spent the afternoon at the beach:

About 5pm, we headed back to the hall to change,and then went out for a yummy supper at Souplantation.

 Almost every evening there was singing and telling testimonies of how they had been saved.  Friday was our last night together and after singing and testimonies there was a bit of a talent show.
The Michigan group

Jeremy, Jonathan and Alex (I think)

The four youngest Seedsowers: Kailey, Jazlyn, Shaelyn and Kyla

"I'll Fly Away"

There were lots of laughs, lots of work accomplished, and
everyone had a nice time.

Saturday was Kyla's 11th birthday!  We had breakfast, and everyone got all packed up and left.  We were the last ones out the door, and the stuck around even longer playing Four Square outside with Milton & Martha and family.  Then we headed to the San Diego Zoo to celebrate Kyla's birthday.