Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, Katja!

Tomorrow, June 27th, is my niece Katja's 2nd Birthday! I won't be able to blog then, so thought I would put some pic's of her and her family on today!


Katja Elizabeth Griffin

My sister Liz, her vet husband Trevor, and Katja in Saskatchewan. They are expecting Baby #2 in October!

I love this one!

Happy, happy birthday, Katja - enjoy your first taste of chocolate!! =)

Tim, Kyla and I are heading up to Midland tonight and will pick up our girlers from my mom's. Tomorrow we head up to Bracebridge for a couple nights at the cottage of Simon and Melody Wallis (and their daughter Arwyn). My brother Jeff, his wife Marianne and their 2 kiddos Jared and Gracia will be there too! We'll be back Sunday night.

P.S. ("Girlers" is how Jared says 'girls', and I think it's so cute!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Word Verification

Hi! Due to spam (already!?!), I am changing the comment setting to require word verification! I had thought we could just not worry about this, but I guess not! Anyway, just so you know!

Moving Some Stuff...

I missed out on the important part - the actually moving of the stuff, but at least we do have some record!! =) Dad & Mom, Mark, Rob & Ada (and 2 of their nephews and a niece), and Andrew came over for supper Monday night. The guys then moved the piano, white chair, and tv trays for Rob & Ada, and tool bench and pull-out couch for Dad & Mom. Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly (that's coming from someone who didn't lift a thing!), and we enjoyed the evening. Thanks for your help, everyone, and thanks to Andrew for the truck!!

This last one is just of our pile growing bigger...
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Sunday, June 22, 2008


You can now add comments - hooray!!

Born in a barn...???

We were able to attend Eddie McCandless and Heather Rae's wedding yesterday, and their ceremony was held in a barn! Everyone sat on straw bales, and enjoyed the sun beaming in through the cracks and knot holes of the walls. We had a really great day - the wedding was beautiful, and so very nice! However the reception was held in a tent by the water, and "the rain came down and the floods came up" - thankfully the tent stayed up, but we sure wondered for a while!! Huge puddles of water covered quite a bit of the ground under tables, etc. The last picture is of Tim with (shock!) his shoes and socks off, and suit pants rolled up, trying to move tables so that people at least weren't sitting with water under their feet. =)

We were able to leave the girls with my mom for the day (the wedding was just 1/2 an hour away), which was really great, and then after the wedding, we picked up just Kyla and headed for home. Mika and Shaelyn will stay with mom for this week as I'm going to try to get lots of packing done while they are gone. We leave on Friday to go to Simon and Melody Wallis's cottage for 3 days, and will pick them up on the way there.
Today we enjoyed going out for lunch with Mark and Rebekah and 2 Sunday school girls at King's Buffet - very yummy! I love Chinese food! I had a long nap this afternoon, so I wasn't my usual tired self at bed-time (which is why this post is so late...early!). I'm ready now though, so I'll sign off. I still can't figure out how to allow comments on here - I've tried fiddling with it a few times - maybe I'll try again later!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Last Ones...

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And more...

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More house...

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Our House

Just for memory's sake down the road - here are some pictures of our house the day the For Sale sign went up. Some of you will be terribly shocked, as I'm sure you've never seen it so clean! =)

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A Couple More of Our 'Girlers'!

Riding their hogs!

Looking fairly proud of herself!

What could be more fun than a "plink-plink" (sprinkler) and a slide?

Contemplating life...
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"What, Mommy?"

Ah yes, the classic question I hear every time I speak Shaelyn's name! This afternoon it came from under her bed when I went in to check what the banging noise was while they were supposed to be taking their naps. They're probably asleep now!

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Catching up...

Okay, so here's just a few random ones of us the last few months:

Picnic out on the deck

"Why can nobody ever take me seriously?"

Working on the basement

Trying to get a normal picture (it never happened!)
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The First Blog!

Hello! While I don't know how often we will be blogging on here, hopefully it will help a bit trying to keep everyone updated on some of what is happening in our lives.

Right now we are in the final stages of moving, getting everything packed up, and ready to be stored until we leave in September. We're getting there though, and now it's down to less than one month before we are out of our house!!