Monday, March 30, 2009

Some more pic's...

Here are a few pic's of the last little while. Tim was lying on the couch and got off for a minute, and Kyla decided that his spot looked comfy! Tim decided Kyla looked comfy! =)

When Tim was feeling a little better last week, we went out to Walmart and Costco, then came home for some smoothies. This is "Ring-around-the-face" Kyla!
Mika posing
Shaelyn trying the same pose
Today we took the girls to the park to see if we could get some pic's of them in their pretty new dresses that their Grandma Woodford made them. Here they are on the way...
Pretty girls, pretty dresses.
Swinging on the swings
Mika and Shaelyn from behind
On the teeter-totter
Tim is feeling a little better today. He had a really high fever for a good part of Saturday - fell asleep at 8pm, and slept for about 12 hours. He still wasn't feeling good though, and stayed home with Kyla while we went to meeting. It has been really nice having Beth here - she has been a great help, and the girls really enjoy her. Tim was feeling a little better that evening, and went and spoke in the gospel meeting. He got a pretty good sleep last night again, and although not 100%, he is doing okay so far today.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

More miscellaneous...

I almost hate to "say" this, as I'm afraid once I do we'll revert back to the old "normal" - but Shaelyn has actually been going to sleep when I put her into bed. Not constantly, but usually. My mom suggested putting on a tape/CD for the girls when they lie down, and although that doesn't seem to be working yet for naps, it definitely is working when they go down at night. To top it all off, last night the girls went to bed around 9pm, and slept until 8am!!!! Amazingly enough, I was also able to sleep until then - the whole night in my own bed! I've been moving part way through the night to the couch as I have a hard time getting/staying comfortable. We all felt refreshed this morning, and the girls have played wonderfully together this morning. I was also able to get some cleaning done that I meant to do a while ago, so I was pleased about that too.

Other news is that help is coming. I've mentioned Bethany before - she had come down to Mexico in December with a one-way ticket for the seedsowers distribution, and then offered her help and services to any of the missionary families who thought they might need her. She's been staying in Chihuahua with the Harvey's, and has just been in our area since our conference, staying with Shad and Cynthia. Anyway, we're not sure yet whether she'll keep staying with the Sluiters and come over to our place during the day, or if she'll come and stay with us - but she'll be here to help for a couple weeks anyway, which will be nice. I'm looking forward to getting to know her better.

My mom plans to come mid-April for 3 weeks, and then Tim's mom hopes to come the beginning of May - we are very much looking forward to their visits!!

No great plans for today - a little shopping and some more cleaning, plus getting ready for Sunday school tomorrow for me. Tim will be speaking tomorrow morning and then the evening too, so he'll be in the study for a while preparing for that. He just told me he has the chills and feels feverish again, so hopefully that will pass soon. Wish I knew what the problem was - it's not consistent sickness, just every other day or so, and even that is different degrees of feeling crummy. I really hope he's feeling better soon.

Better get on with my day - hope yours is going well! =)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Very miscellaneous...

I will start off with what I enjoyed reading this morning in Romans 4. Paul is speaking about Abraham, and his faith in God:
vv. 19-21 "He did not weaken in faith when he considered his own body, which was as good as dead...or when he considered the barrenness of Sarah's womb. No distrust made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God, fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised."
After I read that, I started thinking about God's promises and then the verse in Philippians 1:6 came to my mind, "...he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ."
I don't have anything else to say about it, but just wanted to share what I appreciated today.

Second, I just wanted to give a little update on the four month old baby, Stellan ( that I mentioned a couple days ago. He is still in the hospital with serious heart problems. Mostly he has stayed the same, but sometimes he has a little reprieve, and other times it gets worse. Your continued prayers for him and his family would be appreciated.

I had my 36 week doctor's appointment today. Thankfully I took a book, since I waited in the waiting room for over an hour - that's way the longest around here I've waited! The baby is looking good on all points except it is currently breech (they say it's "sitting" in Spanish). Never having had to even think about this before as our others were all in proper position at this point has gotten me slightly concerned, but I realize there are likely several weeks still before he/she appears. I have an extra ulrasound with the senior ultrasound doctor (I'm sure there is likely a special name for him, but I don't know what) next week, just before my next appointment, and we will talk about more options then if the baby hasn't changed, but I would sure appreciate your prayers that our little Timbit will just pop into where he/she is supposed to be all alone.

Will maybe try to go lie down for a bit while the kiddos are sleeping...hasta luego!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally...some pictures!

Okay, finally had a day to upload some photos of our week with Mark and Bekah - some of which are theirs that I've "stolen". =) Of course, last weekend was our conference, and Saturday night there was a baptism. This is Carolina, just about to be baptised.

Our familia, Sunday afternoon before heading home for some naps.
Gilberto and Alicia Torrens - we had a nice visit with them.
Monday morning, Mark and Bekah got out the gifts they had brought from Ontario. I think the girls thought it was Christmas again!
These were from Cam & Erin and family
These beautiful dresses were made by Tim's Mom. There is one for Kyla too, but she was asleep at the time the picture was taken. I am hoping to get one of the three of them in their dresses in the next few days.
View from the back
The girls enjoying some books Grace H from Kitchener sent down for them.
Monday afternoon we decided to skip the girls naps and head up the little mountain, "La Campana" to give them a view of the city. I really like this picture.
After La Campana, we headed downtown and found some fun balloons that stretch out, and squeal when you let them go. I'm not sure if the guys had more fun, or the little girls!!

On the way home - did I say we skipped naps...? =)
Monday night we visited Taco Bongo for some Hermosillan tacos.
Mika got a birthday card with some ballerina moves in it. Mark was helping the girls figure them out!! =) Nice form, Mark - just need to point your toes a little more!
M&B took the girls out for a walk while I went grocery shopping, and was getting a Mexican meal ready on Tuesday.
Eleo joined us too, with her new room-mate, a cute little Dachsund named Moka! She was a huge hit with the girls, who cannot understand why we aren't getting one too.
Wednesday afternoon we headed 1.5 hours south to San Carlos. This is just outside the hotel.
Tim and Mika going down a waterslide.
Beautiful sunset!
Supper that night
View from our hotel rooms the next morning
Tim and Mark decided they wanted to go hiking, and this mountian was just across the road.
A view from the top
Bekah took the girls down to the pool and beach while I stayed up with Kyla while she (we) napped.
We got home Thursday, and Mark and Bekah babysat the girls while Tim and I went out for supper, then went to meeting Alone! It was very, very sweet of them, and we we had a nice time out.
Friday we were invited to Cynthia's (Shad was away) for dinner. Bethany from the US was staying there, as well as Cynthia's Mom, Phyllis, and Eleo came with Moka. This is Cynthia and Phyllis.
Shaelyn enjoying holding Moka with Mommy supervising.
Friday night we went back up La Campana to see the city at night.

Afterward, we were treated to Dairy Queen by John and Jean V in St. Thomas. Unfortunately they weren't there too! Thanks, John and Jean!

Saturday morning, Bethany very kindly babysat Mika and Kyla, and we drove up to Tucson with Phyllis, Mark & Bekah and Shaelyn. The trip went uneventfully, which is always nice - but we sure were sad to see them leaving! Mark actually drove up to the US, and then I drove home again, as Tim's eye was bothering him so much. That night he also got a fever, and I was feeling sick to my stomach too - it wasn't a good night. Sunday morning neither of us were feeling much better, so Bethany came over and got Mika and Shaelyn dressed and their hair done, and then took them to meeting with Cynthia. We are so very thankful for kind friends. Kyla stayed home with us, and I drove Tim to the emergency department. The doctor gave him a prescription for some drops to put in, and recommended him seeing an ophthalmologist the next day. We laid low for the day - I started feeling a little better, but Tim sure wasn't. Thankfully, as of yesterday afternoon, Tim hasn't had a fever (found out Mark also was sick Sunday night), and his eye looked Much better yesterday. The eye doctor figures it is pink eye (what we had thought to begin with), and gave him yet another prescription. =P We cancelled Spanish class for today to "catch up" a bit, and except for feeling a little weak, tired and headachey, the day has gone pretty well. Tim went to meeting solo tonight, and it will likely be an early night for us when he gets home. That's it for now - thankfully no plans except Spanish and school for the next few days, so hopefully we'll all be back to "normal" soon!

Please pray!

This may be odd, as this prayer request is for someone I don't know! However, last summer, I came upon this blog of an interesting Christian woman who was expecting their fourth child, a boy. He had been diagnosed with several heart disorders in the womb, and the parents were told to be prepared, he would likely die before he was born, but if not, likely hours after. That sweet little baby, his name is Stellan, was born healthy at full term (no heart conditions at all) and is now 4 months old. He was sick with cold-like symptoms over the weekend, and when they took him in to emerg and treated him with some medications, his little heart went crazy. He now has an extremely high heart rate (between 280-300 beats per minute), and an enlarged heart. The family blog website is: if you are interested in getting all the details, but if nothing else, please pray for this family! While it may not be His will, we know God is completely able to heal Stellan. This illness is not a surprise to Him, so we put our trust in Him to do what is best, and to provide comfort and strength for Stellan's family through this difficulty.

Monday, March 23, 2009

More Special News!

This is a picture of Tim's brother Rob with his wife Ada. We received the very exciting news this past week that they are expecting a baby in October - Yay, Rob & Ada!! =) We are so happy for you, and are praying for you and this new life the Lord has blessed you with.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gracia...and some special news!!

Today is my sweet little niece Gracia's 2nd birthday. She is the daughter of my brother Jeff and his wife Marianne, and little sister to Jared. Her shirt has a special message on it:
Just in case you can't see it, it says "I am a big sister"! Jeff and Marianne are expecting a baby in August!! Congratulations, Jeff and Marianne - we're so excited for you!
Here is a picture of Jared and Gracia together.

Jeff, Marianne, Jared and Gracia in August 2008

Hard to believe our time with Mark and Bekah is almost over! We had a really great time in San Carlos (again, I will put pic's on in a few days!), and then early tomorrow we'll drive up to Tuscon to drop them and Phyllis off at the airport. I hadn't intended to go up as well, but it looks like Tim has pink-eye, so I will go to help drive. We've had such a fun time together, and so thankful that they came to visit.
We were invited to Sluiters for dinner today - which was wonderful, and now the girls are napping (which is wonderful too, just in a different way!). We are hoping to go out for icecream a little later, and then see the city at night from the mountain. I likely will post again on Sunday or Monday when there is time to post pic's of our time together.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun times...

Okay, it's been a while since I wrote on here. The girls did finally go to sleep Saturday afternoon, and we made it back just in time for meeting. Mark and Rebekah arrived in Hermosillo at around 930pm - it was a long day for them, and we Still stayed up talking when we got home from the conference that night! =) It is so great having them here. Sunday was fairly uneventful - the conference continued well, and after dinner, M&R plus the girls and I came home so they could all nap. I enjoyed sitting, while not having to keep anyone quiet, or running after them!!! While I didn't catch most of the conference, I heard very good reports all around on the ministry that it was very appreciated. I also got a chance to chat with some of the other missionary wives from other parts of Mexico before leaving that evening, and was really encouraged by them.

Monday morning, the Torrens left fairly early, and then we got out gifts M&R brought down. The girls had quite a blast opening their birthday presents - I'm not going to put any pic's on now, but Tim's Mom made dresses for each of the girls from the same pattern, but with different colours - they are Beautiful!! They also got some nighties (as well as some other things!) which they were totally thrilled with.

Bekah watched the girls a little later while Mark, Tim and I went to the hall to clean up some. That afternoon we went up the little mountain that overlooks the city, and got some nice pictures up there. Then we went downtown where there is a big church and some government buildings to look at, with a park in between, and the girls chased pigeons and played there for a while. We went to Taco Bongo for supper, and then went to bed relatively early.

I slept in Tuesday morning, then went and got some groceries and made my one and only Mexican meal for Mark and Bekah. Eleo also was able to join us, and she brought her new puppy, Mocha, as she had just gotten her that day. Mocha is a sweet little 2 month old Dachsund (sp?), and our girls would have loved to have mauled her! =) We had a really nice afternoon together. I had a little nap on the couch in the afternoon, and then wasn't feeling that great afterward. Tim and Mark went to meeting, and Bekah and I stayed home with the girls. They all got bathed, but then Kyla was acting really wierd - really fussy, not wanting her supper, etc, so I put her into bed and she really cried. That was probably the wierdest part, since she Loves her bed, and always goes down quickly and easily. I thought she had gone to sleep as all was quiet, but then not too much later she was really screaming, and then she climbed out of the playpen (which she's never done before), and then I realized she had been sick to her stomach! Anyway, after snuggling her for a while, she did finally go to sleep, but it was really late for her! After Mika and Shaelyn were in bed, the adults enjoyed some adult conversation, and stayed up Late! =)

Today we have been getting ready to go down to San Carlos this afternoon after lunch. We have a couple hotel rooms booked at the same place (by the sand dunes) where we met Duncan and Cain's that one day. We're really looking forward to it, and it's so nice it's only 1.5 hrs away. We'll come back tomorrow afternoon.

I think I'm caught up for a bit, and will hopefully get on here again with some pic's in the next few days!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


The last few days have been especially busy. Our first conference started last night, and we have busily been getting ready for it. We enjoyed having Gilberto and Alicia Torrens, missionaries from Venezuela, who live in Chihuahua, MX, stay overnight last night. It was the first time we had met them, and we got some good practice with our Spanish, since they don't speak any English! Mika also planned to have her friend Evelyn stay over, but then there are 2 other girls right around their age (Hope and Faith Wahls from Tepic), who desperately wanted to stay over too, so they all came and stayed over and had a little "party". They fell asleep around 1130pm or so with Mika and Evelyn in the top bunk, Hope and Faith in the bottom bunk, and were awake at 7am, jumping and hollering on the trampoline! =) Shaelyn slept on a mattress in our room, and Kyla is in her playpen in our closet.

The theme for the conference is "The Spiritual Woman", and it sounded like it went well this morning and part of the afternoon. Dinner was served at 2pm, and then I brought the girls home to sleep. So far, only Kyla is sleeping, even though the other two girls were falling asleep in their seats before we left - why does that happen? We heard the news too that Shad Kember Sr. from Sarnia, ON passed away today, after having a heart attack a couple days ago. Shad Kember Jr. (working in Obregón, 3 hours south of us) spoke twice at the conference today - choosing to stay here and speak because he was burdened about the message he was giving - rather than go where I'm sure he would have preferred, to be with his family. He received a phone call (thankfully the phone didn't ring) at the end of his second message about his dad. I was just thinking about what a sacrifice that was. He and his family left after dinner to drive up to the US, and then fly up to Canada. I'm sure the Kember family would appreciate your prayers.

Tonight, Tim's brother Mark and wife Rebekah will be here too (YAY!!!), and we are praying their flights and then drive down from Tucson today go smoothly. We are SO looking forward to spending a week with them!!

Here are a few pic's from over the last week. I forgot to take pictures the last couple days, so now I've got my camera in my purse, and will hopefully take a few.

This is the Woodford throne room, with Jester Shaelyn, Princess Mika and Lord Kyla residing. I have since put Kyla's hair up in pony tails again, since everyone thinks she is a boy!

Shaelyn fell last Sunday night and scraped up her face nicely. When we got home, Mika asked if she could "take care of it", and took her upstairs to the bathroom. Shaelyn came down with this band-aide on her nose.
This is what it looked like a few days later with the band-aide off, and her making a funny face.
Kyla was grinning away for the camera too.

That's it for now - will post in another few days or so!