Sunday, April 26, 2009


I just realized that I am six days late in "publicly" congratulating my dear parents on their 35th Wedding Anniversary. So sorry about that! They unfortunately could not be together for the day, as Mom is here with us, but we are thankful for their example of a loving couple for so many years. Much love to you both!

Over a week old!!

The last few days haven't been too busy for us, but here are a few pictures anyway. We are so very thankful that Shaelyn and Kyla are both back to normal after being so sick, and no one else seems to have picked up anymore illnesses.

I almost forgot that we were out on Friday to the Sluiters. Another couple just came back from spending 2 weeks working at Kino Beach and brought back freshly caught shrimp and scallops and wanted to share! They breaded and fried the shrimp, and served it with limes and a rice dish. It was Delicious!
Tomorrow we have to be out of the house for a good part of the day while the bathroom wall gets ripped out - hopefully that will go okay. Vivian has been doing really great - sleeping a good part of the day, and also most of the night. I've been able to get lots of rest, and some reading in too, so that's been nice.

Here's Mika, pretending to be a pirate with a patch on her eye.

An iguana-type creature that was on our back wall the other day. He looked to be about a foot and a half from head to tail.
Kyla in a doll stroller
This is what Shaelyn looked like most of the time she was sick. Flat out. We're so thankful it wasn't more serious.
Sleeping Beauty
Mom took the girls on a picnic at our park one day - they thought it was great.
The littlest piglet's little piggies!
Shaelyn hadn't eaten anything for about 3 days. On Friday, she woke up at 630am saying "I'm hungry!!" Tim got up with her and asked what she wanted to eat - she said, "Chicken noodle soup!" So here she is before 7am having soup! =)
Bath-time, enjoying some special new bubble bath "paint" from Jared and Gracia
Vivian's first bath at home
All bundled up
After Shaelyn's bath, she was chilly, so had to put on her housecoat
Mika did too, so we got a "snuggle" picture of the 3 of us
Our little one-week old Vivian

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update and some more pic's

Whew, what a crazy last few days it has been here! I'm very thankful that we don't know the future, because if I'd known what I was going to come home to after delivering Vivian, I might have headed to a hotel like it had been suggested. Being careful to leave out Most details, suffice it to say that there has been enough vomiting and diarrhea around here to float a boat! Poor Shaelyn and Kyla have been Very sick, and thankfully today things are starting to look slightly better. Anyone who knows Shaelyn would be concerned to hear she has been laying (flat) on either the couch or floor or bed for several days. She is still only drinking, not eating, but thankfully is now looking a little perkier, and even walked up and down the stairs today by herself. We figured we have done about 20 loads of laundry since Sunday! The adults, Mika and Vivian all still seem to be escaping this illness, and we pray we will continue to.

Monday night was a pretty good one with Vivian - she ate at 11pm, then 1am, and then slept until 6am! Yesterday was a pretty good day, except the girls being so sick, and I was feeling some pain around my incision. Tim and I went out to Walmart for a few things, and I was more than ready to sit and stay sitting for a while when we were done.

Last night didn't go nearly so well, but I should have expected that since it seems it's the same night post-partum with each child that goes crummy. Vivian was up from 12am on about once an hour to an hour and a half to nurse. At 5am, she wouldn't settle even after I fed her, so I took her downstairs, fed her once more, and she dropped off to sleep for over 3 hours while we slept on the couch (I thought I was done with sleeping on the couch!!).

My mom went out for breakfast with some of the ladies, and after breakfast I got some things accomplished. All those 20 loads of laundry got put away, baby girls clothes got organized and put away, the upstairs area that was a disaster got tidied up - and by 12pm I felt like I'd done a whole day of work! Yay!! After lunch all the girls went to bed/slept - and so did I!! I had a wonderful 2 hour nap, and now feel very refreshed.

We found out some crummy news about the house today though - glad though it was today and not yesterday when everyone was still so sick. It seems the pipes in our bathroom are leaking, or something, and the humidity is going through the walls into the schoolroom. The owner came and looked at them today, and says next Monday they will come and tear the wall apart and fix the problem. We'll have to find somewhere to be out that day. Also, Tim thought he found a termite "trail" in the kitchen, and showed it to the owner while he was here. They were quite concerned at how it looked, so the house is going to be fumigated next Wednesday, and we will have to be somewhere else over night. We think we'll try to head down to San Carlos, so hopefully that will be a fun time for the girls.

Okay, that updates me for a while - just thought I would add some pic's of Vivian that my mom took today.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pictures of Vivian

Okay, here are few pic's of the last few days. This first one is of Tim and I on our way out the door to the hospital Saturday morning at about 830am.

Fast-forward 12 hours to around 830pm, and here we are our girls getting to see their new sister for the first time! Actually, this was the first time I got to see her as well, besides the brief minute in the OR.

Our four girls: Marika (6), Shaelyn (3), Kyla (21 months) and Vivian (2.5 hours)

Kyla and Vivian

Shaelyn and Vivian

Mika and Vivian

Nana (my Mom) and the girls

Nana and Vivian

I love this picture!
The six of us

Me and my littlest

Tim and his littlest

Just before leaving the hospital at 12pm today
Vivian in her car seat
I was thinking on the way home that this would be the first time we haven't had balloons outside the door for the birth of one of our girls - it was our tradition back in Canada. The thought made me very sad! When we got home, we had two special signs, And balloons! =)

That's all I'll post today, will try to get on here in the next little while with more updates of all that's happening around here. If you think of it, could you please pray for Shaelyn and Kyla who are sick with the flu right now? Thanks!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's a...

...girl!!! We had the great pleasure of welcoming Vivian Estelle (said as "Viviana" in Spanish) into our family yesterday at 6pm! She was delivered via c-section, is 8lbs, 9oz, and in our most humble opinion, think she is absolutely beautiful! Tim went home sometime after 7pm to make some phone calls, and returned around 9pm with my mom and the other 3 girls. They were extremely excited, to say the least, and each had a turn loving on her.

Tim was able to stay the night here with me, and has been here most of the day too. All my extra "appendiges" have now been removed, and I've been up and walking about some, which has been nice.

I am enjoying being able to use our laptop in our hospital room, but pictures will have to wait until we get home, which will be tomorrow sometime. I just wanted to update you on our new little cutie!

Friday, April 17, 2009

No news yet...

This baby seems to be quite content staying where he/she is. I am trying to remember that the Lord has a perfect plan and timing for this little one, and when it's time, the baby will come!

The last few days here have been nice. On Wednesday, Cynthia went up to Tucson to get my mom and her mom. Beth went and watched her kids for the day. We ended up going swimming together, and then they came over for lunch and some games that afternoon. Mom arrived that evening at 6pm, which caused much excitement in the house! =) Then, later that evening, we had Cynthia and kids, Phyllis, Eleo, her mom and Beth over to play some games. I figured if this baby comes in the next few days, we won't have too many free nights like then to do that.

Yesterday morning Bethany left on the bus. She is travelling to Santiago to spend some time with the Dyck family there - hopefully we'll see her again before she goes back to Chihuahua, but we don't know yet. We so appreciated and enjoyed her spending time with us. Later in the morning we met Cynthia, Phyllis and Christy at the pool for a swim, then they came over for lunch. My mom stayed home with the girls from meeting, so Tim and I were able to go on our own and listen!

Today marks 12 years since I left to go down and visit Chile. Wow, that makes me feel old - I wasn't even 20 yet then! It's interesting though, as that was the beginning of my "Spanish" adventure, and a significant spiritual growing and changing time in my life.

We don't have any plans for today, although baking some cookies and getting a few groceries should make up part of it. Tim will be going to the youth meeting tonight, so maybe we can have a "girls party". Mika would be quite delighted if so!

Will keep you posted on any news! =)

Casting Crowns Video - "Who Am I?"

This was just shown on Tim's sister Joia's blog yesterday, and I loved it so wanted to share it with you! She was also kind enough to tell me how to post a YouTube video - thanks so much, Joia! =) Hope you enjoy!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Good News!!

Well, the news is not that I'm in labour, and that would be Really good news, but at my doctor's appointment today, there was NO CORD around the baby's neck!!! What an answer to prayer! Everything looks good - and it's hard to believe we are due one week today! We're ready for you, Baby! =)

We had a good weekend past - Beth took the girls out Saturday morning and I got a very messy school room tidied and organized. We also got a spot ready for where the baby will go in our room, so that was good. Then for the rest of the day, the entire house was dusted, swept, mopped and cleaned. I love having a clean house!

This week there is nothing much on the agenda except hopefully a baby arriving sometime, as well as my Mom and Phyllis flying in on Wednesday. Today I had my doctor's appointment, Tim played basketball with some guys, then they and the kids went swimming and just got back now. Planning to have lunch in not too long, and then maybe naps for....Everyone?? You can always hope! =) I'll be sure to be back on here when there is more "news"!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy 90th Birthday!

Today Tim's Grandma Woodford is 90 years old! Several family members are meeting in Orangeville, ON to celebrate with her - wish we could be there too! Both Grandma and Grandpa have left us a cherished legacy and we have many reasons for which to be thankful. Their long-standing interest in foreign mission work was passed along to their children, and so to us.

Here are some verses Tim wrote in a note for her today - Psalm 13:5,6
"But I have trusted in your
steadfast love:
my heart shall rejoice in your salvation.
I will sing to the LORD,
because He has dealt
bountifully with me."
A very Happy Birthday to you, Grandma, with much love!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


It is 8am here, and I've been awake for an hour. The house is still quiet, and to my knowledge, no one else is awake. I've been able to enjoy some quality time with the Lord, and oh, how my heart feels peaceful right now. The morning is cool and comfortable - I'd love another hour of this!!! =)

We had such a fun day yesterday! Just before we left to go to the park, John D called with a cell number of the fellow who had called about having my wallet. So Tim called the number, and the fellow said, "Come right over - it's here!" It happened to be on the way to the park, so that worked out really well. Tim went in and got the wallet with no problem at all. The fellow who says he found it, said it was just behind that house near another Oxxo. It was left/stolen at an Oxxo on the west side of town, and this was the east side - I guess it's possible it was an employee who works at both locations. Anyhow, I was most thankful for the miracle of having it returned, with everything (but money) inside - TWO MONTHS after it was lost!! Thank you, Lord!

Well, I have only had 5 more minutes of quiet before my 2 oldest snuggle-bugs got up - which reminds me - yesterday, on the way to the park, Shaelyn was singing, "London Bridge is Falling Down", and at the end she sang, "My bare lady!" We had a really good laugh over that!

So the park was really great! It is only a dollar each to get in - which has tons of playground equipment and picnic areas, and then you pay for what you want to do when you get in there. There is a children's museum (that we would really like to go back to check out), bumper cars, go-carts, paddle boats, a little train, mini-golf, and of course, a water park - including a big pool, tubes, little tyke pool and water slides. Thankfully it was open (even with the "frigid" 34 C temperatures), and we had a lot of fun! All we did was spend time in the water, and then took the train around the park. That took almost 3 hours, and was a good amount of time for us.

Here are a few pictures of the water park:

Beth and the girls just before going in
I French-braided my hair for the first time in about 8 years so we girls could "match"
The tube slides
The "little kids" part

Our train ride
Kyla had a little snooze part way through
We stopped at Burger King on the way home for a very late lunch (3pm), and put Kyla to bed as soon as we got home. I got the other 2 bathed, and then they settled down for a movie - "Pollyanna". I laid down on the bed for a little snooze, Beth ended up snoozing on the couch, and Tim watched the movie with the girls (Shaelyn slept for about 1/2 of it). Mika really enjoyed the movie - so that was nice. I then had a refreshing, de-sunscreening shower, and started getting supper ready for Beth and the girls. Michelle had called earlier in the day to ask if Tim and I would join them for a double-date at Taco Bongo at 9pm, and Beth agreed to babysit! While the girls ate, Tim gave my hair a trim - I think it was at its longest it's ever been - and it feels so nice to have it done!

We left for Taco Bongo about 9pm, and spent the next 2 HOURS visiting - it was really great! It was really busy there, so we didn't end up getting our food for quite a while, but it was just so nice to sit and chat uninterrupted, and in relative peace and quiet!

I was extremely tired by the time we got home at 11pm, so pretty much went right to bed, but thought I should get one picture of me in my "late-pregnancy" stage. So here I am! =)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Catching up...

Wow, Wednesday already - it's hard to believe! Saturday ended up being a very productive day, with lots of cleaning getting done. On Sunday, we enjoyed having Eleo, her mom, sister Raquel, husband Edgar and their daughter Priscila for dinner. We had a really nice afternoon together. The girls were quite delighted to have Priscila to play with - she's almost four. They all got dressed up in some princess outfits.
Shaelyn, Mika, Priscila and Kyla

Raquel, Priscila and Edgar

Eleo, her mom, Priscila, Edgar and Raquel

Monday was a "down" day - we slept in a little bit - so it was nice to catch up on a bit of rest. Then I had a doctor's appointment later in the morning. Then, both yesterday and this morning, Shaelyn slept until almost 830am!!!! Bethany returned from Phoenix yesterday, and she and Kyla are still asleep - Kyla was having a funny night again last night, and woke up a few times after going to bed, and then had a hard time falling back asleep. I think she finally zonked for the night at 1am!

Today we are hoping to go to a special park downtown. We just heard about it, and it is in a section of town I haven't been in before. There is apparently a small waterpark, as well as a museum. We are going to go to celebrate Mika finishing kindergarten. Hopefully the waterpark will be open (even though most would still consider it to be too cold!) - yesterday the temperature was up past 36 C, and we turned on the A/C upstairs so we would be a little more comfortable.

Here are a couple pic's from the last few days. Very pretty princesses
- one with a very dirty face! =)

Mika loves reading, and Shaelyn loves being read to - a perfect combination!