Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home at last!!

We have finally arrived home to "Mecico" as Kyla says! It was wonderful to be away, but we are so thankful to now be home. We arrived last night about 7pm. Our trip from Florida to here went quite well, despite Shaelyn and Kyla being very sick with high fevers. Hopefully they are now on the mend.

Looking forward to getting things all back in order again and onto a schedule! =) We somehow accumulated some extra things while we were away, so now I have to find a place for everything. Our school books came in the mail too while we were away, so that's been fun and excited to take a little look at. We're hoping to start our Spanish classes in the next day or two, but school for the girls won't begin until next week.

I'm trying to get pictures organized, and will try to get a run-down of our trip away done sometime this week.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In Florida

We arrived in Florida last night around 9pm local time - very thankful to be here, and so glad to be able to see Philip, Joia and their little pumpkins, Keenan (2.5) & Moriah (9 months). Our trip went fairly well up until this point, although we did hit some terrible rain/lightening storms. The girls were not as "travel happy", which made travelling a little more difficult, but it still went well enough.

This morning we slept in a bit, went to the park, did some laundry, and the kids played in the pool then are down for a nap - YAY! I had a little sleep before lunch, and Tim also is down for a nap right now.

Not too sure of the plans for the next couple days, but it's nice to be with family, and we're so thankful to just be here. We leave Thursday, so we'll see if I get another post on here by then, or maybe wait till we get home!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Gonna make the best of...

...our last 2 days in Canada!!

I was definitely planning to update our blog more often than I have, and time has just flown away on us here! We have had such a wonderful visit, and I'm so thankful the Lord allowed us this time away, and to be with our families.

We've fitted several visits in this week with various people, and today and tomorrow we have and will spend with the Woodfords, then Sunday after morning meeting we will be leaving. Thankfully we get one more special visit in after that, and that is with Tim's sister Joia and family down in Florida - we are really looking forward to seeing them!

I'm not sure when I'll be updating again, we'll just have to see. We plan to be home in Hermosillo next Saturday, then maybe I'll finally get some pictures posted on here!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Time's a flyin'!

It's hard for me to believe it is already September 9th!!! We had a wonderful time at the cottage last week, and are now back at my parents until Friday. With 6 adults and 6 children trying to maneuver around each other every day, plus 2 other adults and 3 other children who come to visit, it has been a little interesting! Enjoyable, but interesting! =) Things aren't quite as relaxed this week as everyone seems to be going in different directions, but we are glad to be close anyway. Today my parents, Trev & Liz and their 2 munchkins, and Tim with Mika and Shaelyn went out in the boat for a few hours this afternoon. Jeff is working, Marianne is at home with 2 kiddos that aren't feeling too great, and I thought that I would maybe get a few things done here.... That hasn't happened yet! Kyla, Vivian and I all went down to the water for about 1/2 an hour, then we had lunch and now the girls are down for naps. I've just caught up on reading some emails that I hadn't gotten to yet, and also reading some blogs I'd missed. At the end of this week we are supposed to be conglomerating (sp?) all our pictures and putting them on a cd, and from the way things are going, it might not be until we get home to MX that any pic's get posted on here. Oh well, can't do everything.

Our time in Canada is more than 1/2 over, which definitely makes me sad, but the time we had with our families is just immeasurably wonderful! Still looking forward to a week with some of the Woodford's next week, and then some very-missed family members down in Florida shortly after that, so that's good!

Hope everyone else has been enjoying warm, sunny weather like we have been the last week and a bit! May it long continue... =)