Wednesday, December 30, 2009

News, Updates and Lots of Pictures

I'll just update here on my Dad first. He had his surgery yesterday, but instead of the triple by-pass as was planned, he needed a quintuple (5) by-pass instead. Apparently his heart was sicker than anyone (but God) knew. We praise the LORD that he came through it fine. He smiled and held my Mom's hand last night before drifting off to sleep, and then was awake and alert this morning when she went in to see him. The nurses had put him into a chair, and they will be helping him to walk tomorrow. One of the veins was taken from his leg, so they have prepared him that it will be painful walking at first. Mom says he looks quite good, and is just so thankful he seems to be doing so well!

The update on Antonio is not as good - however, we know that it is the LORD Who holds Antonio in His hand, and we will trust HIM that His will be done. I will include the update from Marcus yesterday:
"Antonio's internal medicine specialist yesterday (28th) morning told me that the infections appear to be under control, although he is to give some results to Veronica today(29th). Antonio has had no fever since Friday, which is the longest stretch since the accident on November 29th.
At this point the doctor considers him to be in a vegetative state. Usually they evaluate the patient three months after the head injury and determine that this is the persistent and permanent state that they will be in. Obviously there are cases that defy this general rule.
From time to time Antonio becomes quite agitated. This often is after they aspirate him. Last evening around 5 p.m. his blood pressure went up to 150/120 and remained there for about three hours.
Both the internal medicine specialist and the infectologist think that it would be best were Antonio transferred back to Tepic's hospital relatively soon. The hospital where he is now sees patients coming in from across the country and there is an elevated risk of contracting another infection.
Yours prayers, as always, are much valued for the family as well in this time of deep trial."

The first pictures on here are of the baptism that was held Sunday night (December 20th). John told how each one was saved, and then Pedro baptised them.

Angel - 14 years old
Roberto: his wife was saved last year in the gospel series that was held, and the family has come, and Roberto was saved since then.
Rosario: Just recently found the Word of God, and is amazed at the Truth she has found. She and her husband (next picture) were baptised the 20th, and received this past Sunday.
Victor (Rosario's husband)
The hall was quite full, and we had sandwiches and chips afterward.

I wrote a bit ago about the new outreach work going on in Laura Alicia. Tim just went and spoke there this past Saturday again, and there were 6 ladies, 2 men and around 8 children. They are now having meetings for just children on Saturday's as there were so many coming. Here is what you see driving in:

Obviously very poor - all dirt roads, no running water (some people have water tanks on their houses though), no sewage at all, and only some people have electricity.
This huge pink house was in the middle of the poverty - we were wondering if it was drugs or a brothel. Maybe both.
This is the little house where they are having the meetings.

This is an oven to "fire" bricks - there were a few of these in the neighbourhood.
A picture of the "nice" side of the neighbourhood.
While Tim was away in Puerto Vallarta, the girls and I made sugar cookies and decorated them. This was just after breakfast, so they could make the mess, and then I put them in the shower! =)
Mika's cookies
Before we left on Monday to go to Obregon seedsowers, the girls opened one gift each - Tim's mom had made Mika and Shaelyn beautiful "princess" nighties, and Kyla sweet housecoat. Vivian has some snuggly jammies too!
We arrived in Obregon Monday night. The next day we went over to the "Event Centre" where we cooked all the meals. There was one outdoor (but covered) kitchen, one inside kitchen, and an amazing kid's play centre!! Considering that there were about 20 children under 10, with no where else to go, this was Perfect for them!
The people who weren't out distributing either packaged the texts, helped prepare food, watched kids or cleaned.
Someone brought this to my attention, and before I told her to get off the table (she was playing with Polly Pockets), I took her picture! =)
I had taken the 3 littlest girls back to the hotel for a nap in the afternoon. When Tim came back from distributing, we found out about my Dad's heart attack. Then that first night we had a taco stand come in and make tacos for us all. There were close to 200 people, and the line to eat took 3 hours!
Cooking the meat
All the condiments - salsas, cabbage, limes, hot sauce...
The stand where they put them together. The big tank on the side is Horchata - a yummy drink made from rice.
I had great intentions of getting pic's of all the families/couples there. This is the only one I got!
John and Michelle
The kids playing inside one day when it was too cold to be out. It usually warmed up around noon, but not every day - we were often quite chilly!
Another part of the play ground

This was inside the hotel in a salon we were able to use for singing and devotions each morning and night. Because it was such a mix of English and Spanish speaking people, there were two groups in the mornings, divided. At 730am, English speakers went and had breakfast, while the Spanish speakers had devotions. At 815am, we switched. During the rest of the day and evenings while everyone was together, there were English and then Spanish announcements and songs.
Chistmas morning - potato peelers getting ready for supper that night.
The drivers all congregated around the map, being directed to where they needed to go.
For lunch on Christmas the ladies from Obregon made yummy tacos of Machaca. VERY yummy!! Have I mentioned I LOVE Mexican food!?!?! =) Some of the ladies helping prepare.Barb T and Shelley W watching Vivian while I took pictures!
We stayed at a Quality Inn, and I was quite impressed with our room. I took this picture from the door: the first bed (on left) was ours, then Mika and Shaelyn slept in the other. You can't see it, but Kyla slept on the floor just inside the front door on a couple sleeping bags, and then Vivian slept in a playpen in a closet in the bathroom (you can see the end of it through the doorway). So we were very thankful for how roomy it was for all of us.
This was Christmas evening, with our turkey dinner - the buffet table.
Drink table
View of all the yummy food - except for the dessert table (not sure how I missed that!). There are several ladies in Iowa who make buckets and buckets of homemade cookies every year for the seedsower groups to enjoy. They were delicious!
This is a man, Freddy, who we met in Tepic 10 years ago, with Vivian. Vivian was practically mauled by everyone wanting to touch and hold her. She wasn't as excited about it though- but was quite happy with Freddy!
Christmas evening after supper there was a pinata for all the kids to enjoy! This is Mika trying to hit it.
And Shaelyn
After cleaning up, we went back over to the hotel where there was some group singing, games, and funny made-up songs about seedsowers. The Thiessen family sang a song in Spanish and then one in English, and it was just beautiful!
I took the 2 littlest girls back to go to sleep about 1030pm or so, and this is a picture of most of the seedsower group they took a little later.
Poor John Nesbitt was suffering with kidney stones the last couple days of seedsowers, and actually had to have the stone broken up and removed on the Saturday everyone left. He was thankfully doing much better a little later, and they've made the approx. 30 hour (of driving) trip back to Veracruz already.

I was ready to be done by the end of the week, and we left for home Saturday around 930am. The rest of the group stopped at a beach in San Carlos on the way, but we just went straight home. This is a picture of a cowboy guiding his cows while on horseback that I took on the way home. My favourite Christmas present was that Tim drove to and from Obregon with the 3 oldest girls. I just had Vivian, and it was peace and quiet the whole way!! =) Thanks, Sweetheart!
Because of our company, we just figured we would wait until today (Wednesday) to open gifts, but since we were home so early on Saturday the 26th, we decided after we had lunch that we would have our "Christmas" then! Here are the four girls before opening stockings.

Matching Precious Moments "Princess" plates
My parents got the girls some dress-up clothes.
Mika the princess
Shaelyn the fairy
And Kyla the...Pirate! =) Mom couldn't find any other costumes but that one in her size!
Some snuggly jammies from Mark and Bekah
On Sunday morning, Vivian got to wear the cutie-pie santa suit that Trev and Liz got her for Christmas.
We had about 50 extra people from seedsowers that joined us Sunday morning, so we were pretty packed. One of the ladies made delicious Tacos Pastor - pork cooked in spices, and then served with pineapple. They were delicious!

Tim got this book for Chistmas, but Kyla thought it was just the right size for her to read! =)
Shaelyn got the game, "Five Little Monkeys" for Christmas, and Mika got "Apples to Apples Jr" - We have already been enjoying both of them.
I can't remember what Tim was showing them on the computer, but I wanted to take this picture of them all. The white "skirts" they have on are crinoline for underneath their dress up clothes, however they think they make nice bride outfits, and have been wearing them for that! I took a couple pic's of Vivian in her cuddling pj's. I can't remember if I wrote before that her first tooth came in! She can also roll over from the front or the back.
She's just recently learned how to clap, and then looks at her hands in amazement after they make a sound!

All four girlers ready for bed!
I think that gets us caught up again. Right now we are missing the New Year's Revolution in Midland. It started about 1pm there, and we are looking forward to hearing all about it, and pray that the Lord will use this time to revolutionize the lives of many of His children for His glory and honour!