Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally, some pictures...

Okay, finally have some pic's here. It has been an extremely busy week, but I think finally we are back on track. I'm so thankful for Ruby being here, as she has helped a lot in keeping things looking good, plus playing with the girls. Hopefully the week coming will be a little less crazy!

The first two pictures are of Shaelyn and Kyla "preaching". Kyla got this ladder out, plus a Bible, and was singing "Jesus loves me" to Shaelyn. Shaelyn wasn't too happy at first because Kyla was wearing a "veil", and "Mommy's aren't supposed to preach!" =) All went fine and well after this until Shaelyn wanted a turn "preaching". You can see by Kyla's face in the next picture how well she took it!

Tim and I left late Sunday night to drive up to Tucson, and from there we flew to San Diego. Here is a picture we had taken of us while we were away.

Best friends
San Diego, California - an old war ship
A battleship and escorts heading out to sea as the sun set
Catalina Island, California: This was a beautiful spot up the coast a ways. Unfortunately it was raining in the morning - apparently only one of the six days it does the whole year! Thankfully, it cleared up quickly, and we enjoyed our time there.
Our walkway down the beach to where we went sea kayaking
You can see some of the yellow sea kayaks right in the middle of the picture. We unfortunately couldn't take our camera with us, so no pic's of that. It was quite wavy that day, although you can't tell by this picture, and the last couple in our group tipped their kayak just as they were getting in the water! It was a chilly day, so they decided not to go. The kayaks were different than what I've ever seen - first of all it was a double kayak, so Tim and I were in the same one, and instead of sitting in the kayak, you sit on top of it. We had a lot of fun!
A view of the island as we were leaving. We were hoping to see some whales, as around this area they are currently migrating right now, but we did get to see some porpoises, or small dolphins - we weren't quite sure.
Then we went to Ensenada, Mexico - about 60 miles south of the border. In the morning we went horsebackriding at a ranch up in the hills. Our girls were quite jealous to hear we had gone riding without them! =)

It was very, very pretty!
It was a fairly long ride, and when we got back, there were soy tacos being made for us. They tasted amazingly Not like soy, and we really enjoyed them.
Some of the horses
In the afternoon, we took a busride around the coast to La Bufadora (Whale's Spout). Apparently there are only four of these known in the world. You will see a rock crevice below, and behind it is a small cave. As the wave comes in, air is trapped in a cave with only one small hole and pressurized. The pressure builds and...well, you'll see!

Wave coming in... (1)
...and coming up... (2)
...and "thar she blows!" (3)
The "spout" would spray over a hundred feet - it was quite amazing.
Besides that, just the area around was beautiful - it was such a gorgeous area!

There were several shops on the way back where we got a few souveniers.

Us on our last night away
It was a really relaxing time, and we so enjoyed it. We flew back to Tucson Friday afternoon, and were home by around 10pm.
Saturday we went down to the market and toured around a bit, before heading home for yummy pollo asado, and then I left at about 3pm to take V & S back to Tucson. We stopped about 1/2 way up to take some pictures with some cacti. Many thanks again for taking the time to come down and watch the girls while we went away!
Us girls
A week of sick kids passed, and then we were up to Tucson again, this time to pick up Ruby. Just before we left, the whole night before was a serious wind and rain storm - not typical of this time of year. On our way up we got some pictures of some of the water on the roads.
After we left Hermosillo, we saw two double rainbows plus a single one on our way up. None of the pictures of the double ones turned out, but here's a "single".
The weather the last week has been pretty cool, but thankfully sunny. Here is a picture of Ruby and the girls outside blowing bubbles.
The other day the girls were playing outside, and Kyla was taking her little car from the top of our driveway, and "sledding" down and across the road. She's done it literally hundreds of times. Unfortunately, the car took a little detour, and flew off the curb instead and she landed chin down! I was pretty sure after I saw the cut - although it was small, that she would need a stitch or two. But after putting some polysporin and a bandaid on it, it seems to be okay. Here is a picture a day or two later.
The girls were looking at their baby pictures last night, and afterward, Mika said to me, "Mommy, it was so great looking at those pictures - they reminded me of my childhood!" =) Here is our sweet little 9 month old! She has one big tooth, and her second one has just popped through beside it. Love this little girl!
Eleo came over for dinner today, and after we had eaten, Shaelyn asked if she could have another cookie, adding for emphasis, "We Always get to have two cookies!" Some how from this, the conversation turned to who sins. Shaelyn quickly acknowledges that she does, and all the more quickly acknowledges that we ALL sin - even Daddy and Mommy, but especially Kyla! So Tim asked her if Eleo sinned? Shaelyn solemnly shook her head no. After every laughed very hard, we asked her again, and she looked quite surprised - "No - but she Is a sinner!" =)
Okay, hopefully we're all caught up now, I'll try to do better about keeping this updated - it just seems to keep slipping further down my "to do" list, but I'm always so glad when I do it! G'night!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back at it...

Sorry for the delay in posting, I've had 3 messages in the last two days wondering how things are going, and since they seem to have forgotten my phone number, I'll just post it on here!! =)

We got Ruby, safe and sound on Friday at noon. It was Really rainy (uncommon for this time of year), but the sun kept peaking out, and we saw two different double rainbows, plus a single one, just driving up to Tucson! The girls weren't feeling too well, but 3 of them napped on the way up. We got all our shopping done in the afternoon, then went out for supper, then to our hotel by 8pm. The girls were pretty miserable that night, but slept until about 6am without coughing too much. We had a yummy continental breakfast, and then left to come home by 9am. Guess what we saw on our way? SNOW!! It had rained, and was really chilly the night before, and I felt almost like it was sleet (it wasn't though), and all the mountains on the way south were covered in snow. Even when we crossed the border into Mexico, because of the high elevation there, we could have stopped to touch some snow - it was that close! The girls were pretty excited!

The girls were still all sick that evening, and Sunday morning they didn't seem any better, so I called our doctor friend in MI, and he quickly and kindly quieted my fears, so that was good. The little girls and I still stayed home from meeting, and Kyla and Vivian both got in extra naps, so that worked well. Eleo joined us for lunch, and then I had two dishwashers helping after we were done! Ruby has been a great help since coming. She has been doing dishes, helping watch the girls, sweeping, cleaning up, reading the girls has been super. She has also been able to get to the young people's meeting Saturday night, then went out for hotdogs with the young people after meeting Sunday night, then went and helped Eleo and the other girls in Tirocapes cleaning up the storefront to be ready to start children's meetings there again this Saturday morning. Can you tell she's been busy? =)

The girls finally seemed to start to get better Monday, for which we thank the LORD! A couple are still coughing, and Shaelyn and Kyla are extremely irritable and tired, but hopefully that's getting better too! We started school Monday morning, plus Spanish classes with Eleo, and I have felt like my plate (even with all the help) is quite full still. Um, and that is also my disclaimer that there Still aren't any pictures on here - sorry! I'm sure within a few days things will be a little better under control and I'll get a chance to put some on.

A couple funnies of recent days:
"I'm the sweetest sister in the world, aren't I, Mommy? Except sometimes I'm bad!" (Shaelyn)

The other day at lunch, the girls called to me that Kyla stuck a grape up her nose! I plugged one nostril and told her to blow and out came the teensiest little green grape.

Kyla says "Pooshush" for toothbrush, and it makes us laugh every time we hear it.

And now it's time for bed - g'night to y'all!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sick house!

It appears that Shaelyn has bronchitis, and along with other girls' sicknesses we have quite the pharmacy going on here! Going to bed last night was the best so far with very little coughing, but then Shaelyn had at least 3 major coughing episodes during the night that had me a little worried. They seem to do pretty well during the day (they're cranky today, though), and have energy, and yesterday and today with no fevers!

Yesterday Tim and I decided we would finally switch around the guest and girls rooms, and set up the second set of bunkbeds we got. Although it's a little squishier now for the girls, they like it, and we do too. Now to switch the closets...

No pictures yet of anything, but give me a few (or more...) days, and I'll finally get around to it. We are now looking forward to Tim's brother Rob's wife Ada's younger sister Ruby coming! =) Ha! Did you catch that?! Ruby flies in on Friday, so we'll be popping up to get her then. She'll be here for a few weeks, and are looking forward to her coming.

That's it for now - would appreciate your continued prayers for the girls' health. I take Shaelyn back to the doctor tomorrow to be checked, as he was concerned about her. Hope you're having a good day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

We're back! The girls had a wonderful time while we were away, so that is great! Many, Many thanks to Val and Sam for watching them!!! They are now safely home with their family too!

Tim and I also had a great time. We ate, slept, read, ate, slept, read... =) No, we did more than that actually - we tried sea kayaking, which was really neat, did some horsebacking riding, sightseeing, oh, and did I mention eating, sleeping and reading?!? It was wonderful to spend time just by ourselves, and we felt refreshed coming home. I'll have to update with some pictures another time.

Thankfully the girls managed to hold off most of their sickness while we were away, but they are all Really sick now. Deep, barking coughs, a couple have fevers, runny noses and yucky eyes, eating hardly anything... =( Except for Tim, we totally missed going to meeting yesterday, and the girls all slept or rested for most of the day. Mika is doing the best, just a cough now, so hopefully it will be gone soon. I'm taking Vivian and Shaelyn (the 2 most sick) to the pediatrician in 1/2 an hour, so we'll see what he has to say. We would appreciate your prayers that they'll be better soon.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is Tim's Dad's birthday. I really liked this picture of Dad and Mom taken during the fall while we were in Canada, but it didn't want to get any bigger than this - so I had to add a couple more... =) I have several pictures of our girls with their grandpa, but I think this one of Dad and Mika is my favourite so far!
And this remains my all-time favourite picture of Dad and Mom together, so I had to put it in too - isn't it sweet!

When we lived in St. Thomas, we were just an hour away from Dad and Mom, so got to see each other fairly frequently. We really miss not being able to "pop over" one way or the other.

One of the verses I think of when I think of you, Dad, is:

"Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart."
Psalms 26:2 KJV

(ESV says, "Prove me, O LORD, and try me; test my heart and my mind.")

I have been thinking about this verse recently, and I confess, I'm afraid to pray this prayer. However, I'm thankful that this seems to be a verse that characterizes your life. Not that it's easy, but just as your blog says, the Lord continues to "change your mind", as you desire for Him to do. You've chosen a hard road, when many choose an easy one. I'm thankful for your willingness to be who God wants you to be, and do what He wants you to do. You are an encouragement to me in my walk with Him, and I'm so glad He blessed me with you for my father-in-law. Happy Birthday, Dad, from all of us Woodhead's here in Mexico - we love you! =)
I want to mention too, that today is my Grandpa's (my mom's dad) birthday - he turns 87! I am so blessed to have such a rich Christian heritage, and I am so thankful for my Grandpa's consistant godly example over the years. Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 years...

On a cold, snowy night, ten whole years ago (!), a certain handsome young man met me at a Tim Horton's in Midland, ON, and asked if I thought we could get to know each other better? I asked him why he had taken so long to ask...I had wanted to for ages!! No, I really didn't - my knees were shaking too hard! =) Obviously I said Yes, and here we are! If I thought I loved him then, my love has multiplied innumerably for this man who is my beloved husband and best friend.

Today I got a beautiful bouquet from my sweet Tim, and now I just want to say Thank you for 10 wonderful years, Sweetheart - I wouldn't trade them for anything! I love you!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Well yes, I am almost a week late, but out of 365 days, maybe it doesn't matter too much?? =)

New Year's Eve took us to the hall for a meeting, then pot luck supper, and then Bible jeopardy. The 3 littlest girls and I didn't make it for the game, but headed home for them to go to bed around 1030pm instead. Mika arrived home at about midnight with Michelle and Phyllis, and Tim was mopping up the floor at the hall the same time - so that's how we brought in the New Year! =) It's custom in Mexico (and likely lots of other Latin American countries) to set off fireworks on the holidays. It's not actually a good idea to be out at midnight on New Year's, and Tim was almost hit by a firecracker in our own neighbourhood on his way home. We heard them going off all over the city until the very wee hours of the morning! We heard afterward that a little 6 year old girl, Paloma, who actually lives right next door to where the meetings are going on in the new outreach in Laura Alicia, had her hands severely burned on New Year's because a firecracker blew up while she was holding it. Interestingly, their family has been out to all the meetings since then, and we heard Paloma has been doing pretty well despite the pain she has.

The next day, Tim was going to help drive some people down to Obregon for the first meeting, but then wasn't needed. So, we decided to go as a family to Kino Beach. We only stayed a couple hours, but it was relaxing for us, and the girls had lots of fun playing in the sand and chasing "eagles" (seagulls)! =) It was the windiest I have ever seen it there, so a little chilly too, but the sun was warm. We didn't even take our bathing suits, but there were a few people there who we saw in the water!

Here is Tim, Kyla and Vivian (in the car seat) under our palapa - you can see the palm tree behind blowing in the wind.
Little girls playing in the sand with sunlighted hair!
Mika waving "Hi!"
Mika and Shaelyn splashing in the waves - I love this picture!
Tim with Vivian
Tim took a book to read, and while he was walking around with Vivian for a bit, Kyla took over his chair, and began to "read"...
...then decided the sun was just too bright for her, and put on my sunglasses! =)
We had a nice time, and made it back early enough to have an un-rushed supper, and then the girls into bed in good time.

Sunday we had Phyllis, Mike, Brady and Jacob over for lunch. After they left, I decided to let the girls stay up instead of going down for a nap. When I went out side to check on them, there was Shaelyn and Kyla ripping in to two oranges. Shaelyn immediately (guiltily) took a step back from hers, and said, "May we have an orange please, Mommy?"
Here is our little bookworm, devouring another book, and nibbling on a chocolate treat from Christmas - sounds like a perfect afternoon!
Update on Antonio: He is being prepared to be transfered back to the Tepic (pronounced Tay-PEEK) hospital from Guadalajara. While his infections seem to be doing better, there is a good chance he will lose one of his eyes as a result of one. He remains in a deep coma. As you can imagine, this is extremely difficult for the family. Please continue to pray especially for him, his wife Veronica, his children David and Samantha, and also for the believers in Tepic who love him, and have been trying to help the family as well.

Update on my Dad: He was discharged from the Newmarket hospital on Monday, and is home safe and sound with my mom! While he is still extremely tired and weak, we praise the LORD for his good progress!

Speaking of my parents, they were actually due to fly in to Tucson today, and if you won't tell anyone, I'll tell you that I may have just shed one or two tears today that I won't be seeing them. But, I am so Thankful that I still have both my parents, so I will put the other aside for now, and I want to tell you a story about some other special people...

When my parents were planning to come down, they offered to watch our girls for a few days so that Tim and I could go away. We booked our trip, and then found out Dad and Mom wouldn't be able to come after all because of Dad's heart attack. Because at the time I was much more concerned about Dad, I really didn't think too much about it, but figured we would just have to cancel. We had only told a couple people before then that we were going away, and didn't tell anyone afterward, so it was of great surprise when my Mom told me that her sister Heather, who was currently at another seedsowers in Texas, was thinking about coming to watch the girls so we wouldn't have to cancel! What?! As if someone just does that?! Thanks so much, Aunt Heather, for wanting to do that for us! Well it happened that the plan wasn't working out so well, and then my Mom told me that a friend of ours from their assembly, when she had found out, said, "I would go and watch the girls for them!" She said if she got some "green lights" as far as work, etc, went, she and one of her sons would come! What?! As if more than one person just does that?! So, we are excited to say that Valerie and her son Sam have booked their tickets, and are flying in on Saturday to watch our kiddos just so we can go away! THANK YOU, Valerie and Sam, as well as Kevin, Joe and Ben who are lending us your wife/mom for the week - we appreciate it So much! =)

I've been trying to get back into a routine (if only for this week!), and we started back at school on Monday morning. Mika had complained of bit of a sore throat on Sunday, but they hadn't slept in the afternoon like usual, so I figured after a good night sleep, she'd be okay. Well she had practically lost her voice by Monday afternoon, and it was considerably more sore. It was only a little sore yesterday, thankfully, but then she came into our room early this morning saying she had thrown up! After being sick a few more times this morning, she brightened up, had some crackers and juice for lunch, and then a nice nap this afternoon. She doesn't have a voice still, but her throat no longer hurts. We're definitely hoping no one else gets whatever "bug" this is! I don't think Mika is particularly noisey, but the house seems much quieter without her voice being heard!

I'm starting to get excited about going away - it's been a Really long time since just Tim and I got away together! It's actually hard to imagine what it will be like without at least One of the girls with us! =) We'll see if I have time before we leave on Monday to update again, otherwise, I'll get back on here when we return home.