Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some quick pic's...

Just wanted to post a few pic's before ending the day. It was a pretty good day for us - my sweet husband and oldest daughter did the dishes for me after lunch, then after the girls had their naps, we played outside until it was dark. Then supper, showers and got the girls into bed! It's past time when I should be in bed too, so I'll make this really short! G'Night!

Last week we had the Dennison boys, their friend Joe, whose 13th birthday was that day, and Eleo for dinner. Tim decorated this cake for Joe.
Here's our Shaelyn riding her two-wheeler - I love her face in this picture!

Everyone getting in on the action

Mika proud of her little sister

This is the picture Shaelyn drew this past week. She spent about 45 minutes colouring it, and then adding leaves on the trees so it could eat.

Monday, March 29, 2010


One of the biggest struggles in my life is anger. There are times I can go ages without feeling really angry, but other times it seems like every hour of the day! I don't know why this is, but I am thankful the Lord has been, and continues to help me with this - step by step. The book of Proverbs has been especially helpful in convicting me on how this is SIN, and not "mistakes" that I make. Sin that needs to be repented of, and changes made. Sometimes I feel like the person in Proverbs 26:11, "Like a dog that returns to his vomit is a fool who repeats his folly." Gross, eh! How much so is my sin to my Holy Father. How foolish I am when I continue in my sin.

I was thinking recently that I've never really asked any one to keep me accountable for my anger. Not too long ago, I realized I didn't need to. When I get angry at our girls, I always apologize to them and ask them to forgive me. I try to do it right away, but sometimes it ends up being at bedtime. Well, it's apparently been happening too often recently, as two nights ago, while I was kissing Kyla goodnight, she said to me, "You yelled at Shaelyn today, Mommy, you gonna give sorry now?" Cut to my heart! Thankfully the Lord has given me my precious girls to be accountable to - I am also so thankful for their forgiving hearts! If you think to pray for me about this, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have just begun reading the book, "Putting a Face on Grace" by Richard Blackaby. It has come highly recommended - we have good friends who have said it's been life-changing for them to read. I'm looking forward to getting into it further.

Tim has been gone to Ciudad Obregon since Saturday. Before he left though, we decided Shaelyn was really close to riding her bike without her training wheels, and decided to take them off and try her out. She got it the first time! Tim really got his excerise running along behind her! She only has fallen once so far, and I think that's just because the bike seat is a little high for her. I have some pic's of her riding her two-wheeler, but I'll save them for another post. Mika is excited that they both can ride together now! =)

Things have been going well with Tim in the south, and he's been enjoying his time with Duncan and Ben K. We sure are looking forward to his return tomorrow morning, though! We've kept things relatively low key here - reading books, playing outside, easy meals, colouring, etc. I have gotten a little cleaning done, and amazingly, all my laundry is done and put away - Yay! Eleo was a dear, and invited us to Carl's Junior for lunch today. The girls had lots of fun playing in the playland, and are now all in bed for a nap! =)

Mika, seemingly out of the blue, asked me recently if I had ever lost a baby. I think it was because my mom and I were talking about the subject when she was here, and she heard us. When she asked the first time, it wasn't good timing, so I told her to ask me some other time when it was just the two of us. The other night I was doing some dishes while the girls were finishing up their supper. She came out to the kitchen and asked if she could be excused. When I told her yes, she asked if she could ask me a question, and then asked again if I had ever lost a baby. I told her about losing the baby in November, and although she was quite sad, she didn't get as upset as I thought she might. I showed her the little stuffed animal I had bought when I was expecting the baby. I keep it in my cupboard, and the girls have often asked about it.

Mika has had lots of questions since about the baby, and just before their naps today, she said, "Mommy, do you think God has named our baby?" I told her that I was sure He had. She said, "Well, we don't know whether it was a boy or a girl, do you think He would mind if we named it?" I told her I thought that would be fine. Shaelyn thought the baby's name should be Derek - a favourite name of theirs. Then Mika said, "I think we should get an angel for our little brother or sister too." She was talking about the Willowtree figurines that Mark and Bekah have gotten for our girls - I had a picture of them in the last post. I told Mika that we didn't know whether it was a boy or a girl, so how could we get one? She said she didn't think it would matter too much, just so long as we had something for him/her. I'm so thankful for the hearts of love the girls have - even for their little brother or sister they will never see on this earth. "The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD." Job 1:21

Okay, this has been a bit of a mish-mash post, hopefully the next time I get on here I will have more pictures to share!

"Praise the LORD! Praise, O servants of the LORD, praise the name of the LORD! Blessed be the name of the LORD from this time forth and forevermore! From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the LORD is to be praised! The LORD is high above all nations, and his glory above the heavens!" Psalm 113:1-5

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting back up-to-date!

It's hard to believe I started writing this post 10 days ago! As for this blog supposed to be helping us to keep our family and friends updated with what happens in our lives - it definitely has been a little sporadic recently! Having company here almost non-stop since January perhaps has something to do with it! We don't know of any other visitors who will be joining us over the next little while, so maybe we can get back into the swing of things!

The last time I updated it was almost 2 weeks ago, and we were just about to begin our Bible conference. The ministry was all about the Bible, and covered topics like Compilation, Christology, Communion, Comprehension, Confession...and other "c" words in Spanish that maybe don't just translate the same way into English! =) I was able to be at about 1/2 of it, and enjoyed what I did hear. I heard from many other people that they really appreciated the weekend, so glory be only to God!

Mika especially enjoyed seeing her friends from Tepic come up, and we did manage a sleepover with Faith, Hope, and Evelyn. They had a super time playing together the whole weekend. We also had a couple stay with us from Chihuahua, as well as four young men from Tepic. One of which was David, son of Antonio, who was in the terrible accident last fall. Just a quick update on Antonio: he has been at home for just over a month now, with his family taking complete care of him there. In January he was diagnosed as being in a persistant vegetative state (which is different that being in a permanant vegetative state), and seems to remain about the same. Having said that, I believe he is currently back in hospital now for an infection. Please continue to remember Antonio, his wife Veronica, and their children David and Samantha in your prayers.

Tim's brother Mark, and his wife Rebekah joined us very early Sunday morning. They took the bus from Tucson to Hermosillo, and I believe it arrived around 130am! It was so great to see them again, and we are so thankful they were able to join us for the March Break! Even though they were so tired on Sunday, Mark helped Tim with the audio and recording stuff at the conference, as well as Bekah helping me with watching the girls. All our company was gone by 8am Monday morning and we started "settling in"! The weather was perfect the whole week, with only one hot day, so it was great! I'll let the pictures show what we did all week!!

At the conference: Hope, Mika, Evelyn & Faith

On Sunday, Mark was holding Kyla and she fell asleep in his lap!

Mark and Bekah in front of the hall


Monday morning after our company left - Mark and Bekah and all our girls.

Present time! They brought down gifts from Tim's folks, some friends, as well as birthday presents from them for All of us!

Yummy gifts from Grandpa and Grandma!!

Gifts from their friends in St. Thomas, Leah and Rebekah .

Tim opening his gift

I don't know what we were doing here, but I like being surrounded by my little girlers!
Shawn St.C was one of the main speakers at our conference, and he came over a little later for a while so we could chat and then have lunch together. It was so great to see him again!
These matching dresses (and bunny ears) were some of the girls' gifts:




Willowtree figurines that Mark and Rebekah have gotten for our girls. L-R: Mika, Shaelyn, Kyla and Vivian

Heading out on a walk/bike ride

Some bunnies we found on the couch later that day.

Tuesday we went to the zoo. It was a really warm day, and we got sunburned! I love this picture!

Here's my beloved and I


Some cute little "piggies" that were poking out of our stroller

Stopped for a snack break

Mark and Bekah

This time of year the cacti are in bloom, but I had never seen this one before. This cactus was covered with buds, but only one flower.

Up close

Mika giving an alpaca a carrot

In the petting zoo part

The only picture all week of all of us altogether!

We made a Mexican meal the next day for lunch, and Eleo came and joined us.

Mika made the brownies for dessert all by herself! She did a great job!

After lunch we headed to Kino Beach

The water was chilly, but swimable - everyone but Vivian and I went in for a bit.

I love this picture! Shaelyn and Kyla swinging together in the hammock - a small demonstration of their new-found friendship!

Mark relaxin'

Mark and Mika building a sand castle

My littlest and I

Daddy's ferocious hugger

Beautiful sunset! We enjoyed seeing the pelicans dive for food as the sun was setting. It was quite amazing to watch, but we couldn't get a good picture of it.

Auntie Bekah and Kyla

The next day, and back at home again, Auntie Bekah reading stories to the girls.

Mark and Bekah took the oldest 3 girls on a few walks, and got some pic's of them.

Up on La Campana

A family shot

Eleo joined us for crepes on Friday morning.

This was the game Kyla got from Mark and Bekah for her birthday (still to come in July!). Here's Mika showing how "stretchy" she is!

And Shaelyn!

And Kyla!

And Mark!! =)

Vivian learned how to "kiss" last week too - here's one of her puckering up!

Friday night we went to Taco Bongo for our "last supper". I like this picture a lot!

And this one!

We had such a wonderful time with Mark and Bekah - talking, staying up really late (almost Every night!), playing games, and eating, of course! We left a little after 6am on Saturday morning to take them up to Tucson airport. A week isn't really very long, but we made good use of our time, I think! Thanks again for coming, you guys! We're already looking forward to seeing you this summer when we're back in Canada!

So, what else has been happening around here...? Our little Vivian is over 11 months now, so it's hard to believe we'll be having a birthday party for her in the not too distant future. Some things she is doing right now is using sign language for "more" and "all done". She waves bye bye, nods her head yes or no (at hilariously appropriate times), and will grunt when she wants your attention. She shows signs of having a bit of temper, and will let you know in no uncertain terms whether she is happy about something or not. She crawls/scoots forward (finally), and is also trying to pull herself up. She still is sleeping about 10-12 hours a night, with 2-two hour naps during the day.

Kyla is currently our performer and clown. She has a funny personality, and has us in stitches a lot!! - I wish we could post a video on here, but they just don't work properly. Here is how she sings, "Baa Baa Black Sheep"
"Blah blah black sheep have you neny wolves.
Yes sir, yes sir, three bad wolves!"

and says, "Eenie Meenie Minie Moe":
"Meenie minie moe.
Touch tiger let 'im go,
Meenie minie moe."

and "Jesus Loves Me":
"Jesus loves me dis I know
For da Bible dis I know.
For da Bible dis I know
For da Bible dis I know!!"

She told Tim today that she was hurrying "as fast as my can!" =)

Last night, Shaelyn had been crying about something before we sat down at the table. Then part way through supper she realized her shirt was wet from her tears. She almost hollered, but then said, "Whew, don't worry, it's just cry drops!"

Speaking of Shaelyn and Kyla, you may remember that they have been bitter enemies of late (pretty much since Kyla was born!), and fought over Everything! It's been amazing seeing a change come across them over the last few weeks - enjoying each other's company, sharing, spending part of the day not hollering at each other - it's been super!! Shaelyn had a bad dream last night, and I put her into Kyla's bed (who was asleep) so she wouldn't be alone, and they both slept well all night. We'll see how it works if we try it again tonight!

Tim is speaking in one of the city outreaches tonight, in Laura Alicia. On Saturday, he will be heading down to Obregon, and not returning until Tuesday. Other than that though, we don't have any "extra-curricular" plans for a couple weeks until we plan to head up to Phoenix' Spanish Conference on April 9th. We started school again on Monday after having last week off for our March Break, and Spanish lessons began yesterday. It hasn't been easy getting back into routine, but we're getting there!

Caught up, at last!! I will try, try and try again not to have so much time between this and the next post!!