Sunday, April 25, 2010

BUSY week!

Wow, busy week - where to begin!?! Erika T flew in on Monday to spend two weeks with Eleo and spent a hilarious morning with our girls while Eleo taught Spanish, and I did school with Mika. She is super with kids, and has gotten herself some very dedicated fans! =) They stayed for lunch, so that was great!
Tuesday was a normal school day with meeting at night. Vivian has been feeling miserable with runny nose, infected eyes and a cough. For the first part of the week she wasn't eating or sleeping well. She's finally catching up now. Wednesday, Duncan & Bethany, Duncan's dad (whom we haven't seen in almost 10 years!), and Luke, who was at seedsowers this past year, stopped in at around 9am on their way up to Tucson. They were taking a lady and her daughter who needed to get to Los Angeles. We had a nice (but short) visit with them, then school & Spanish classes. I made a lunch of PB & H sandwiches and fruit to take with us in the van, and we left for Obregón so Tim could speak at the meeting that night since Duncan wouldn't be there. We were supposed to get there in time for children's meeting, but missed the first half, so decided to go back and look at some of the animals at a circus just a couple blocks back. Here when they have a circus, they put up their "big top" as well as animal tents/cages set out where people can come and see them for free. It's a fairly good determinate of whether a person wants to go to that circus or not too! Anyway, this circus looked fabulous (as far as circuses go)! It's animal tent was the same size as the big top, and it had tons of animals. Elephants, baboons, tigers, jaguars, spider monkeys, camels, horses and zebras are some of what I can remember. We didn't get too many pictures, but here they are:
This fenced in area was where the baboons where - there were at least 40 of them.
A couple of tigers
Some baboons running free (!!)
We picked up Janna and Emily from Cajeme, the first hall, and then went downtown to the other one where Tim was going to speak later on. While Tim went off to find Ben K at the house, Em got together with some of the ladies, and Janna said she would watch the older 3 girls while I had Vivian. Then one of the girls had to go to the bathroom, but the one there didn't work. So off Janna and I and the four girls went, in search of a public (yuck) bathroom. We found one a few blocks away, but it was in a department store, upstairs at the far end. It was one of those times when I "wished" our girls didn't have blond hair and spoke English so that we didn't look like such a parade. As it was, when we walked through, everyone stopped and stared, and many came over to touch their heads. They're getting used to that more now. We got back safe and sound, and then meeting started about an hour later.
Vivian waiting in the car - can't wait to drive!! =)
After meeting we went to Taco Taco, and enjoyed a Very yummy meal! Em and Janna had bought a cake for Vivian's birthday, so we had dessert as well. We had such a nice time sitting and chatting, and talking a bit about the work there.
At Taco Taco - Shaelyn
Janna with Mika and Shaelyn - I love this one!
Ben and Kyla
Emily with our four girls - I love this one too!
Then came cake time. The cake was put close to Vivian so we could take pictures, and then it was moved away. That made somebody very unhappy!
Spoiled baby.
Our waiter brought us this huge knife to cut the cake with! =)
Ben and another brother from there, Sergio.
Please pray for the work in Obregón. God has been working there in amazing ways (which I think is the only way He CAN work!), and it's wonderful to see the new believers there, and their desire to serve the Lord. Satan is also at work there. In big ways and in little ways, and of course, always is destructive. How wonderful that..."There is none like you among the gods, O Lord, nor are there any works like yours. All the nations you have made shall come and worship before you, O Lord, and shall glorify your name. For you are great and do wondrous things; you alone are God." (Psalms 86:8-10)

This poem was just posted by Eleo a couple weeks ago by an unknown author:

"Don't take us from your prayer list!
We need your prayers today.
The devil's power is greatest
When Christians cease to pray.
Prayer brings us needed courage,
And shields us from the wrong.
It builds a hedge about us,
Invisible and so strong.

Please keep us on your prayer list,
Each time you offer prayer;
Thru it we sense the presence
Of our greatest Burden-Bearer.
Oh, what a blessed privilege
Each Christian can embrace
Of praying for each other
Till we see Him face to face!"

We left at 10:30pm, the girls fell fast asleep, and since Tim had had a snooze on the way down, he was wide awake, and we were able to talk the whole way home! Yay for that! We got home at around 1:20am. Needless to say, it was tough getting going the next day, and since I had left everything as it was the day before, we decided to forget Spanish class for the day, and we didn't do school either, and instead we tidied up everything, and got some other things done that needed to be done.

Friday we had regular school and Spanish class which we don't usually have, but did because we had missed the day before. Eleo and Erika joined us for home-made pizza for lunch, and that was nice. We had strawberry shortcake for dessert - yummy! We must be getting old, because I think we were in bed by 10pm that night!! =)

Saturday morning Eleo had invited the girls and I to the "Saturday School" class she has in a poor area of town where she has worked for several years. It was my first time there, and my first time seeing Eleo teach a class. After seeing Emily working down in Obregón and then Eleo in Tirocapes, I thought about how thankful I am when people use the gifts God has given them, and these two ladies are very gifted, and use them! The class went really well - there were over 50 children, a handful of teenaged girls, as well as several moms who listened really well. Eleo will be away at a conference next weekend, so I will be driving the van, and one of the young girls who usually helps will do the lesson.

Tim was busy this past week preparing for several meetings too, so he was pretty preoccupied the whole time. He spoke Wednesday in the gospel, and Thursday in ministry, then took the young people's meeting Saturday night. I took the girls for a treat to Burger King, and they had lots of fun playing there for a while. Today he spoke at noon, which is an "adult Sunday school" class, so that includes both teaching and the gospel since it's quite a mixed crowd. Because Vivian has been feeling so miserable, and Kyla was pretty cranky too, I stayed home this morning with them, and although Kyla didn't nap, Vivian did for 3 hours!! When she woke up, we went to the hall in time for Sunday school. There is going to be a treat in a couple weeks, and the theme will be The Great Supper from Luke 14. The girls got the verses they need to learn today. Mika was excited, and told me, "I got a great part, Mommy! I get to be one of the poor people!" =)

After Sunday school, we went to a couple's house for dinner, and ate some yummy tacos. It was great to sit and chat for a while with the kiddos playing around us. We decided that I would stay home again tonight with all the girls, and after supper they were all in bed by 730pm, and asleep by 8pm - even though Mika told me, "I'm not tired AT ALL, Mommy!" Since they've been down though, Kyla has been coughing and hacking, so I put some vaporub stuff on her chest and feet, and she's been good since then, and Vivian's cried a little too. Poor pumpkins!!

Yesterday afternoon I went out of my "comfort zone" and bought meat at Wal-mart. Since we have come here, I have always bought my meat at Costco, because the meat department smells at all the other places, but I figured Wal-mart will hopefully be fairly safe!! I have been meaning to go and find a particular cut of meat for some time now. Friends of ours served us a yummy Mexican meal several months back, and I wrote down the "recipe". Also, while I've cooked beans several times since coming here (the dried ones), I've never attempted refried beans, which all of us, except Mika, love! I've got them in the slow cooker now, so hopefully we'll have a yummy meal tomorrow. Have I mentioned on here before that I LOVE Mexican food!!! =)

Hopefully we are all on the mend here as far as colds and sickness go. Mika and Shaelyn have so far remained unscathed, but the rest of us are full of coughs, sneezes, runny noses, and just plain feeling blah! I had thought mine was allergies, so I have been taking pills for that, and although I still think that was partly the case, I think I've moved on to something else too.

I'm sure I've forgotten several things I was wanted to mention on here, but think it's already time for bed (10pm!!) Oh, will just say Congratulations to my (second) cousin Steve and his wife Jen who had their seventh baby early this morning, Priscilla Mercy. Some friends in Phoenix, Bill and Sarah, had their first baby, also a girl, on Friday - Welcome Emma Darlene! AND, wouldn't want to forget, Tim's cousin Liz and her husband Matt had their first baby a week ago Sunday - an adorable little boy, Nicolas Copernicus! Congratulations to each of you!

Good night to all!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Party, etc...

For some reason I didn't post these first pictures, taken a few weeks ago. We "borrowed" John and Michelle's house to have a sing and play games while Eleo's sister and family were here.
Here is Raquel with Shaelyn and Kyla
Raquel playing for us
The girls to the westPeople to the south
North and east
Priscila - isn't she beautiful!
Raquel with 2 of our girls, again.
Keren and Kyla shared this chair for only a few minutes! =)
Angela and 'Piglet' played a little.
The food line
Some sweet girls
Eleo explaining the games
The girls team
Getting Very tired...
The guys team
It was a super fun night, and it was great to spend it all together.
Tim teaching Vivian to catch!
One day Eleo, Raquel & Edgar, and Prisci came for dinner. Then there was a dress-up party, of course!
Sweet family picture
With Eleo! =)
We enjoyed Em being here for a few days, and this is the only picture I have of her while she was here - baking with our girls!
Our tree out the front was in desperate need of trimming, so it got done on Friday night.
Shaelyn helping to sweep up the leaves.
Vivian eating a telephone.
Mika helping
I also organized shoes (blue boxes on bottom left) while Tim trimmed
And Kyla helped. We got lots of exercise and were very hot and sweaty when we came inside afterward.
Friday night we had some friends over for supper, and it was really nice to visit with them. Saturday was busy with regular stuff, plus I got Vivian's cake decorated - a bumble bee.
For her birthday, we had Eleo, Michelle and her boys over for dinner. I think Vivian liked it...

...she definitely liked eating it!! =)
Opening presents at the end of the day.
Fun times!! =)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Vivian!!

Our baby turns ONE today!! Our little mexicana has brought us much joy this past year, and we are so thankful for her! She definitely has a contented personality most of the time, but shows her "stronger side" (aka "temper") every so often. She loves each of her sisters, and they all make her giggle. Of course, her sisters adore her as well, and love to spend time with her. She has her Daddy and Mommy neatly wrapped around her chubby little fingers - we love her so much!

Sweet Viviana, my verse for you today is, "The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe." (Proverbs 18:10) How very best for you to learn from infancy that Christ is the only answer. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We pray that you will turn to Him, run to Him, lean on Him, and depend on Him. We desire above everything else that you will be saved, and live to serve and honour the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here's a sweet picture of our little pumpkin.
Doesn't she look proud of herself!?! =)
Our four girlers when Mark and Bekah were here.
Our littlest Easter bunny. Once again, our fabulous four.
I love this picture of Vivian too, taken when my Mom was here.

Happy 1st Birthday, little girl - we love you!!!