Saturday, May 29, 2010

Never ending...

What did you think of first when you saw the title to this post? I could add a Lot of things that seem to never end, but today it was clothes-sorting. I feel like I Just sorted all the girls clothes, and today I was back at it. I must have done a good job the last time though, because it went quickly and easily today. I'm thankful once again for the 7 large rubbermaid containers upstairs that hold clothes from Mika on down. I think it's neat putting clothes on Vivian that each of the other girls have worn too.

Today has been a pretty good, busy day. We slept in a little, had French toast for breakfast, I went for a quick grocery shop, got some ironing done, blew bubbles with the girls, got them showered and then made lunch. Afterwards, I packed for Shaelyn, because Tim said she could go with him to Obregon for a couple days. She wasn't sure at first if she wanted to, but then got really excited about it, and then was on top of the world that she got her own little suitcase to travel with! =) They left a little after 2pm, and hope to be home either tomorrow night, or Monday morning.

Mika and I are close to finishing Anne of Green Gables, and I can hardly wait to get to the end. It's such a cute and funny book! We read that and another book for Kyla before the girls went down for their naps, and then I sorted clothes. Tonight we went to Tirocapes for meeting. The girls and I didn't go last night, but Tim said the meeting was well attended, and even though there were lots of kids again, they sat and listened well. The husband of one of the believers came out for the first time last night. His name is Amador, and hers is Socorro. Sagradio was out, the older man, Manuel, as well as Margot and her young son Isaias, and a teenager named Sandra. Tonight was small, but another believer, Pati, who has been bringing her cousin Margot (who came and brought Isaias), also brought her husband, Antonio - who can only come Saturday nights. Manuel was out again, as well as the neighbour lady, Manuela, and Peque. Not as many children came tonight. The adults all listened really well, and Peque stood up the front for a while afterward while Cristian talked to her about the Two Roads and Two Destinies Chart:

How we pray that "...the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them."(2 Corinthinas 4:4) and that they would be saved!

Here are some pic's of the last few days, and then I need to get to bed!

Viviana trying out Kyla's tricycle

Getting ready to mix up the play dough! Can you guess what they're saying? It's not "cheese" this time! =)
The final product!
I had tried this recipe once a few years ago, and wasn't really impressed, but this time it turned out really well!
Now trying it out...

I did Shaelyn's hair like this first, in a "rainbow-pony-braid", and the other girls wanted to match!
Yesterday afternoon I took Mika, Shaelyn and Kyla to the circus grounds to see the animals. This circus was actually in Obregon last time we were there. They have a two huge "big tops" - one for the circus itself, and the other for the animals. We couldn't believe the animals they had: spider monkeys, llamas, 5 elephants, zebras, camels, dromedaries, a white tiger, "regular" tigers, lions, dingos, a hippo (!?!), baboons, jaguars, horses and goats. While I don't like the animals all caged up like that, it was neat to see them all up close - and not have to pay!

That's the hippo to the right of the left pole

Good night!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Broccoli soup...and other things!

Shaelyn has been after me for weeks now to make broccoli soup. She kept telling me, "It's my Favourite!" So finally today I made it, and as I was in the middle of it, the thought came through my head, What if it wasn't really this kind she liked? But, she was very happy with her "surprise" lunch and had 3 big bowlfuls of it, so I guess that was really what she had wanted! =)

The meetings in Tirocapes are continuing very well. Rosa's daughter Peque, has not missed a night yet, and her other daughter, Sagradio has been out as often as she can. They each have a young child, and their mom has babysat them several nights so they can listen. Tuesday night brought out the neighbour lady, Manuela And her husband, Pedro. Margot came again as well. There were lots of children and several teenagers. Last night another lady we had not seen before came out. Her name is Selene. Tim and Cristian met her one day as they were out visiting, and she told them the only night she could possible go was Wednesday. They went back last night to "remind" her, and she came! Eleo counted 10 young people who were 13 or over, as well as several children. It was a full house, with only 3 empty chairs. Numbers, or course, don't count. We are thankful for each one who does come, and glad that even the children sit mostly still and listen well. Tim says, and I agree, that we can thank Eleo and her consistant work she has done with the children there, for that! We would appreciate your prayers as these meetings continue.

It has been a crazy, busy week, with late nights, and only sleeping in a little in the mornings. I've had Spanish classes each morning for an hour and a half, and, although I feel as if I'm making a little progress, my brain feels slightly overwhelmed. It was a good week in that, but I'm thankful now for a break the next few days. School for the girls didn't start until Wednesday. Monday morning was just crazy, and then, since our evenings are totally full, and the girls haven't had a ton of time to just "play", I thought we would do something fun and make playdough. It did end up being quite fun, and I'll post some pic's of it another time.

I think we will plan on us girls not going to the meeting tomorrow night, just for a break for everyone. Tim will be leaving on Saturday to go to Obregon for a couple of days, so the weekend will be an interesting one! =)

That's it for now. Just wanted to post an update on here.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Joia!!

Today is Tim's sister Joia's birthday! Joia and her husband Philip have 2 sweet little Pumpkins, Keenan (3) and Moriah (1.5) and make their home in Florida. If you have never visited her blog,, I highly recommend it! Joia is a fabulous photographer, and her photos are stunning!

So, let me ask you. What do you think of when you see this beautiful picture?
I see joy. Joy seems to just radiate from you, Joia. "A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." (Proverbs 17:22) I think you are an amazing woman, wife to Philip and mommy to your kidlets. Your first desire is to please the Lord, and your family after that. May He continue to bless you as you serve Him. To "serve Him" is such an easy thing to say (or write), but it's not always easy to do, and it's especially not always easy to do with joy. So many "life" things get in the way! I just want to encourage you to remember that "...the joy of the LORD is your strength." (Nehemiah 8:10) I pray that God will continue to help you share His joy with others.

Fabulous family photo: Philip, Keenan, Moriah and Joia
Happy Birthday, Joia! We love you, and hope you have a super day!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Up late again...

I can't believe I'm not asleep! It's certainly not because I'm not tired. I think I am too pumped with adrenaline - or maybe it is because my Spanish homework isn't done... =)

The temperature during the day has dropped from the 40's to low 30's C again, so we are once more enjoying comfortable temperatures. This morning when Tim got up, the thermometer said 15 C!!

A couple funnies (before I forget!): Mika got out of the van yesterday and told me that she had "sweet" on her forehead. I said, "Do you mean 'sweat'?" She said, "Oh, is that how you say it? I thought it was 'sweet'!" When I told Tim, he said, "Yeah, girls don't sweat, they sweet!" =)
Tonight Eleo went with the girls and I to meeting in Tirocapes. I was explaining to her (in Spanish) about how people were stopping at intersections that didn't actually have a stop sign there, but there was a post. She started laughing, and corrected me. I was trying to say, "parando" = "stopping", but had said "pariendo" = "giving birth" instead. Hardly any difference, right? You'd never notice!! =) I was still giggling about it while I was lying in bed before I got out since I couldn't sleep.

So, an update on Tirocapes is what this post is really about: Last night there was one unsaved adult, Peque, and approx. 10 children out. It was very small, but everyone still listened quite well. Tonight, there was about 50 people there. Every seat was filled, with some standing outside. I had Vivian on my lap, with Shaelyn and Kyla sitting on the floor at my feet. There were 5 unsaved adult women, 4 teenaged girls, tons of kids, and all of us (13 adults plus kids). Two of the women were Rosa's daughter's, Peque and Sagradio. I didn't catch the other 3 ladies' names, but one is a next door neighbour, who has said she would never come and listen in a gospel meeting because she is from another religion. The other two ladies Eleo has had come out to the children's meetings with their children. They all listened really well, despite the coming in and going out of various children throughout. Please continue to pray.

Here are some pic's of the last little while:

Mika having Spanish class with Eleo

The girls listening to Eleo read them a story while she babysat for us.
Mika took this picture of Tim and I
The dress Vivian is wearing here is a gift from Emily McC from El Salvador when Mika was born! It's absolutely beautiful, and I took a couple pictures with her in it.

I think she was trying to do a head-stand here!
Snuggling with her ball...
The hall in Tirocapes
A sign on the one side says, "Do you want peace? Christ offers it. John 14:27 and Romans 5:1"
Eleo and Vivian
Tim singing at the start of the meeting tonight.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting back up to date...

I had lots of things to write about, and at least half of them have slipped my mind... Oh well, when I think of them, I'll try and get them on here before they disappear again! =) I also have pictures to post, but will save them for a day or two.

On Wednesday, we had school and Spanish, then I quickly fed the girls and put them to bed. Then....Eleo came over and babysat while Tim and I went out for our anniversary dinner!!! Yay for Eleo!! It was so nice - we drove around to several different parts of the city where we had never been before, and ended up eating at Chili's, which is new in Hermosillo. We shared some yummy fajitas, and split a delicious dessert. I think we were gone for almost 3 hours, and the girls and Eleo had lots of fun while we were gone!

Thursday morning Mika woke up, came downstairs, then threw up! =P She was awfully chipper and energetic afterwards, so I didn't think she was really sick, but after taking some applejuice, it came up too, and then she started feeling miserable. Because we were going to miss school because of her not feeling well, I got everyone all occupied, then started in on my spring cleaning list. I had stuff in our room spread hither, thither and yon, and was at our bedroom window sorting something when...Eleo pulled up. Whoops, guess I forgot about Spanish class. I put on a video for the girls since Tim wasn't home, and I left the mess to go have class. Eleo left, then came back again for lunch, and we had chicken cordon bleu (but with cheddar, not swiss cheese) with baked potatoes and all the trimmings. I had never made it before, and most of the cheese melted out of the chicken, so that was crummy, but it ended up tasting pretty good. We all got to talk to Tim's mom on the phone since it was her birthday, and that was a real highlight! The girls and I skipped meeting Thursday night, and the girls were in bed early, so I could get at the mess I had left hours before all over our room!

I'm not sure what the problem was, but at 2am, Mika, and then Kyla came into our room. After being put back to bed, Mika came in once more, and Kyla came in about 10 more times!!! Not sure what that was all about. The frustrating thing was, I couldn't get back to sleep! At all! Friday morning the girls slept late, so I got at my list again, and got a few more things accomplished. We skipped school again since Mika still wasn't feeling well, and not eating - but she progressively felt better throughout the day. I guess we won't be done by the end of next week after all. Oh well, another week won't hurt us. My Spanish classes have been changed to an hour and a half long, rather than one hour, and the girls will be starting 3 classes a week rather than two as of next week. What I am studying right now (subjunctive, for anyone who knows anything about it) is incredibly frustrating for me, and I know I'm slow catching on. I am trying to just concentrate on one thing at a time, so I don't get overwhelmed, and that's helping a little, but there are times when I could just cry.

Friday afternoon, Tim, John, and some others, mostly young people, went down to Tirocapes where the men have been having a few meetings recently. They gave out 700 invitations around the neighbourhood. While they were doing that, I took the girls over to Michelle's and the kiddos went swimming in the pool for the first time, while we chatted. They had quite the fun, and even Vivian enjoyed splashing about, even though the water was pretty chilly! Due to my lack of sleep the night before, I had a Really good sleep last night!

This morning, Mika, Shaelyn and I went to the children's meeting in Tirocapes, then home for lunch, and ALL the girls slept for a Long time this afternoon. We left at about 620pm to go back to Tirocapes. Cristian is the other brother who will be sharing most of the speaking. He was there already, along with a couple who have been out to most of the other meetings there, Armando and Luz. Armando has shared some of the other meetings, and will help out some over these next few weeks there. Another lady from the hall came, and brought her unsaved cousin, Margot, as well as another sister in the meeting, with one of her sons. Jasmin's whole family came, except for the oldest brother, who was at the young people's meeting at the regular hall. Then Rosa came. She's the one where the house meetings have mostly been. Her husband Martin unfortunately didn't come, but two of her daughters, Peque and Sagradio came, as well as two of her sons, Rey David (King David!!), and Jesus (this is a very common name here). Several children who regularly attend the children's meetings came too, plus the lady who owns a little store next door, Alma - so there were about 35 people in total. Each one listened really well. Even the children were well behaved and sat still. We had some ice tea to drink afterwards, and someone brought a couple packages of cookies. I think the believers are really excited about these meetings, and everyone is offering to help, or do what they can. A sixteen year old boy from there, Jose Manuel, just professed to get saved after listening to the simple message of The Great Supper at the Sunday School Treat we had, and is already showing new fruit in his life! We can see the Lord at work already in this community, but know Satan wants these precious people for himself too. Please continue to pray for the little work here, and especially for the names that are in bold above, that God will receive ALL the glory! The meetings will continue nightly for 3 weeks, Lord willing.

That's it for now - gotta get to bed! Goodnight!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Today is Tim's mom's birthday!! For those of you who don't know, Mom was born in the country of Congo (Zaire), Africa where her parents were missionaries. Many years later, she met Dad at a mission's candidate school in the US. After they were married, they moved to Dominica (not the Dominican Rebublic, but a different, smaller island in the West Indies) where they were missionaries, and also where their first two children were born - Tim and Mark. Since they moved back to Canada, they have also made it their goal to share the Lord Jesus with those they meet.

Here is my new favourite picture of Dad and Mom - love it!

I already had this verse picked out, Mom, but I looked back, to see what I wrote last year on your birthday. and thought it was interesting that the 'theme' was the same - glad to know you're consistant!! =) My verse for you is in 1 Thessalonians 5:11 "Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing."

You are an encourager, Mom, and I'm so thankful for that. You have encouraged me in many ways, and I know you have encouraged many others too. With your words by way of talking, cards and emails; with your actions by way of visiting and helping those who can't get out, and taking people places who couldn't go by themselves. I would like to, like in the verse, encourage you to keep doing what you are doing. It's easier, and more 'natural', to tear others down with what we do and say, rather than build them up. But you have chosen to let the Lord use you as an instument of blessing in this way. Thank you for that!

This last "formal" family picture was taken in August 2008, and is missing Joia's husband Philip (plus a few more children!). We are greatly looking forward to being with the entire Woodford family this summer, Lord willing, and will definitely be updating the picture!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Mom! We love you!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time Together at the Beach

Yesterday, we dropped everything, and went to the beach.

Life has been a little crazy recently, so we decided it would be best to get away from "normal", and enjoy a day away together as a family. So we did. Tim and I are in slight disagreement as to whether we have ever been to the beach just by ourselves before. He thinks maybe once, but I don't remember it ever happening.

We packed a yummy picnic, loaded up the van, and headed to Kino Beach. It was a perfect day, the water was a great temperature, and we had so much fun together!

After lunch, Vivian was really fussy, so I put her into a hammock and rocked her, and she drifted off to sleep for more than an hour!

Tim took the girls down to the water, but Kyla only stayed down there for about 5 minutes. She wanted into a hammock too, so in she went, and also went to sleep for more than an hour!

Tim, Mika and Shaelyn had a blast together in the water. They played and splashed and swam for ages. After a while, Tim came up, and I went down and swam with the girls too. It was really nice!
Our palapa
There were several vendors that came by with beach cover-ups and girls' dresses. I was looking for a cover-up for myself, but loved the dresses for the girls. We got one for each of them, and they tried them on after swimming and naps, so I thought I would try to get some pic's. I sent some of the pic's to our families last night, and afterward, Tim noticed that the horizons were all crooked in them, so I think I've got them all switched now.
Shaelyn started off by making some hilarious faces
Love these girls
My absolute favourite!
Daddy was making everyone giggle
I got some of just Vivian and Kyla
What's up...?
Another one of all four. They are each looking in a different direction! =)
I was trying to get them all to look down at the sand, but then Vivian started crying. Daddy got her cheered up again!
I'm not sure why Kyla is looking so serious. I thought the picture turned out cute.
The view as we were driving away.
*happy sigh* A perfect day!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday School Treat

Just to start off, here are the Mother's Day gifts the children made. Plastic cup, wooden skewer, paper or foamie flower and leaves, then fill the cup with M&M's! They turned out really nicely, as you can see - and nobody minded eating the candies!! =)
Here are a few pic's of the girls the last little bit: Kyla sitting on a basketball
Shaelyn doing her favourite thing in the world: riding her bike.
Jasmin was over, and got in on the bike-riding
I LOVE this picture of Kyla! She was making this funny face beside me, and I just had time to turn the camera and snap the picture - hence the funny angle - but I like it more because of it!
Mika throwing a frisbee
3 Dancing Princesses
Our sweet little watermelon

This was snoozy-head Vivian just after she woke up from her nap. Totally cuddled up to Daddy!
Watching our wedding video on our anniversary
The girls continue to occasionally take turns sleeping in each others' beds. This was the first time Kyla slept in the top bunk with Shaelyn. Bed hog!!
Vivian has finally stood up on her own, and I even got a picture! All our other girls were very late walking, and personally, I am quite happy to have them do so!
Pretty flowers for our anniversary
Vivian enjoying looking at herself in the mirror. =)
Okay, finally pic's of the Sunday School Treat last Friday. These are all stolen from Eleo, so are a repeat for anyone who has already seen her pic's on facebook. We did get several ourselves, but these were just all so nice and concise!! =)

Shaelyn, a servant; Kyla, a vagabond; Mika, a poor person
Eleo and Michelle did an AMAZING job getting everything ready for this. The only props I provided were in form of children!! =) Tim helped set up, as well as got all the lights going where they were supposed to.
Singing at the beginning
The Narrators
The king with his guards and servants
Preparing for the supper
The littlest class
Mika saying her verses
Those from the "highways and hedges" coming in
Everyone at the supper
Everyone all together
John spoke afterwards
I tried doing these videos a couple different ways. Two are on YouTube, and two are on blogger. If you are reading this on facebook, you can pop over to our blog at tswoodford-dot-blogspot-dot-com and can hopefully see the videos there. Here is Mika saying, "I am here for the dinner, because the Bible says, 'For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.' Ephesians 2:8 and 9"

Here is Shaelyn, saying, "But, 'the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.' 1 John 1:7"

Kyla did not actually say her piece at the treat - she was too shy, so I was glad I had videotaped this earlier! She says, "We are dirty!"

The girls sang a couple of songs, but I recorded this one, called, Solamente en Cristo

There were 120 people out, so that was neat! The children did really well, and everyone listened quite well too.

There was another house meeting this past Saturday night in Tirocapes, and there were at least eight unsaved people there. Martin, is Rosa's husband, and it is at their house the meetings have been at. Martin is not a Christian, and it seems as if he has always been very against the gospel, and not wanting to hear it. He has listened very well each night the meetings have been there, and it has been decided to continue on having these meetings nightly as of this coming Saturday. Tim and Cristian plan to speak, and the meetings will be held in the little hall that Eleo uses for children's meetings each Saturday morning (just behind their house), and will hold about 50 people. When Tim spoke with Martin about the meetings, he said he would really like to go to them. Several family members and neighbours have been out as well, and have listened carefully. Please pray for these precious souls to be saved, and for these meetings to be held.