Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rebekah!!

Today is Tim's brother Mark's wife Rebekah's birthday!! I love these pictures that were taken recently on their 5th anniversary

Bekah, the Lord has blessed you so much! You have a wonderful family =) , you are over-abounding in creative juices, and you're a wonderful wife, daughter, sister, teacher and friend! I know you wouldn't have chosen some of the things, or gone down some of the paths the Lord has chosen for you. Despite difficulty, however, I'm thankful for the "attitude of gratitude" that you have taken on, and the blessing you are to others.

I picked this verse for you: "but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

I love you, Bekah! Hope you have a wonderful day today, and can't wait to see you soon!!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Picture post #2

Okay, this picture post dates back a few weeks before we left on our trip. Here Tim is spraying the girls with the hose to keep cooled off while they play on the trampoline.

Our sweet little four-month-old Alisa - I love this smile!

I couldn't resist this one too!

A handsome Daddy lovin' on his littlest girl
While Tim's sister Joia was here, everyone got addicted to Etch-A-Sketch. Here is a picture of a horse with mountains in the background by Mika.
We got Mika a new typing program for when school starts. She was trying it out here. Such good posture!! =)
Shaelynnie having a turn drawing pictures
She drew a horse with a tree and some cacti.
CANADA DAY!! Our little girl's first time to celebrate!
First rain of the year!! The girls played as long as they could while it lasted.
Ha ha! Alisa looks cross-eyed in this one! =)
A flower by Mika
This is a bear in a cave with stars up above. I wish I had taken pic's as she did it - a lot of thought and concentration went into it!

This is a horse with a girl beside it and cacti in the background by Shaelyn
Tim took the three oldest girls on a date one afternoon. They were gone for about 3/4 of an hour each. They were so excited to go spend some one-on-one time with Daddy. Kyla wanted to get all dressed up with her hair done nicely.
Shaelynnie just wanted to go - forget about all the fuss! =)
Mika wanted to be fancy with a bow in her hair too!
One day the girls put on a princess play for us. Princesses Shaelyn, Mika and Kyla residing!
After we finished school for the year, we thought we would go check out a place in the country we had been told about. There was supposed to be a river, horse-back riding, sand dunes, etc. We didn't know exactly where it was, but we packed a bit of a picnic lunch and set out. It was just after a big rain, so there was GREEN on the country-side.

We finally got to the town we were supposed to be in, and got directions from this cowboy - who also happened to be talking on his cell phone! =)
It was just after a big rain and it was SO muddy!
Watch out for cows crossing! =)
It ended up (surprise, surprise!) being a little different than the flyer indicated.
A homemade jungle gym
The river was really flooded because of the rain

The left behind shells of June bugs on the bottom of a tree

A pheasant
We didn't stay for long. The horses were off loose somewhere, and there wasn't anyone at the camp when we got there. We looked around, and played a bit, then left. This was an open well on our way out.

We stopped to watch a little 5-6 year old boy drive some cows out of one field and send them off somewhere else.

Coming up to a big puddle. I ran ahead to get a picture of them coming through, but I just realized now that I didn't crop it in far enough for you to see it properly. We were so thankful we had taken our big van to get through all the water and mud.

A little plaza in the town where we came out from the camp

A little sweetie snuggled up with all the clothes on the bed as I was packing
The baptism 2 Sunday nights ago (Baptism pics stolen with permission from Eleo) - this is Cristian baptising Angel
Cristian baptising Flor from Tirocapes
This is Flor's husband Ansoni standing at the back in fatigues. He is in the army, and was supposed to be working, but was given a leave of absence to go. He says that salvation is the most important thing to him right now. Please pray for him.
Cristian baptising Ericka from Tirocapes. It was such a joy to have been able to be there!

Okay, now that catches up all the pics I have on this computer before our trip. I just got some from Liz, and will do a post soon of all I have since Kyla's birthday.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Picture Post

Greetings from beautiful Saskatchewan!! We've had a wonderful last few days here, and it's hard to believe we only have one full day left. We leave early Wednesday morning for Ontario,
and will miss Trev, Lizzy and the kiddos so much when we're gone.

The next few picture posts will be a little mixed up -but I thought I would start at the beginning of our trip, and then we'll see where we go from there.

Sunday night was the baptism at the hall, and it went really well. We didn't get home and the girls into bed until quite late, and we weren't even close to being ready. So...we proceeded to stay up all night packing and getting ready. Here is the sign (very unfocused, sorry!) on our white board.
We left at 630am, and were finally on our way. I started off driving, and made it an hour before Tim (who had napped for that time) took over. Then I slept and he drove. We made it across the boarder and into Tucson, AZ in good time. We stopped at Costco to get new tires on the van, and had lunch there too.

I have lots of scenery pictures. The days driving were Gorgeous! While it is difficult making the long drive, being able to see so much of God's beautiful creation is way worth it!

New Mexico

It's hard to see, but under the left tree there is a buck standing in the shade.

A crab Mika drew on Etch-A-Sketch
We drove through some terrific storms, and I had the camera out ready, because of all the lightening we could see. I managed to get a few pic's of it.

My favourite!
South Dakota
North Dakota - on our way to Mt. Rushmore

Vivian and Kyla
Mika and Shaelyn

On our way back down there were lots of neat places we could have stopped at, but wanted to get on our way to Canada. This was a wood-carving place:

A neat bridge
This was at a place called Bear Country, where we would love to stop sometime. This pen was full of little bear cubs you could see from the road.
I believe this is called Bear Butte =)

We stopped at a park about mid-day, and Tim went to the little grocery store to get us some lunch while I fed Alisa and girls played. Here we are at our picnic:
Sweet Alisa
A merry-go-round!!!
More fun when Daddy plays!
Kyla giving Vivi a push...
Cool diggers in the sand - for all ages! =)
A tire swing

We had lots of fun, but then were on our way again. This was a neat dinosaur made out of metal scrap. Apparently the largest almost complete (90%) T-rex bones had been found in this area, so this was made. It was really neat!
Cows going swimming
Everyone sleeping

Grain elevators
We stopped for supper about an hour south of the border. We had almost finished eating when I got a call from my sister. Did we remember that the border closed at nine? We scooted out of there as quickly as possible, and made it at 845pm. Trev and Liz's place is just about 20 min away from there, and it was a grand reunion!!! =)
The next day was Kyla's birthday, and Lizzy made and decorated a special cake:
Did I mention that besides their own 3 children, and our 5, three of their nephews and niece also were there for the afternoon? No one was bored! =)
Pretty cake
Doing a foamy craft - making birthday hats.
Yummy picnic supper - L to R: Paige (niece of T&L), Katja (eldest daughter of T&L), Mika and Kiernan (T&L's son)
Trev and Liz's youngest daughter Ellie in the foreground, and Trev's dad and nephew Miles in the background.
The birthday girl!!! Four years old!
We roasted hotdogs over a fire
Alisa thought it was pretty boring
All the kiddos
Blowing out the candles
Shaelyn enjoying here cake
Ellie's just starting to walk
Alisa and I
Trev and Ellie, with his nephew Seth behind

Enjoying the last licks of icing...

Vivian making Alisa smile
Kiernan getting in on the action in his own personal way
Kyla's special wish of going horseback riding on her birthday came true! Here are all the children waiting.
Trevor got them ready
A very happy girl on Miss Piggy!
Seth getting a ride
Mika on Sadie
Kiernan enjoying petting Twister
Cousins Katja and Paige

Vivian got a turn too - do you think she was scared?
Nope! Not in the slightest!

What happened when she was told she wouldn't be allowed to ride the horsey for the rest of th night....
One last turn for the birthday girl

After baths, Kyla opened up some presents.

It was a really fun day! And these pic's only take us to last Thursday - I'm way behind!! But at least there are a few to start getting us caught up! I'll try to get back on here soon!