Friday, September 30, 2011

Great news!!!

I just can't wait to tell you how happy and thankful I am that Tim's sister Joia's husband Philip, who has been away from his family for over six months serving in the US military is now HOME!!  Some amazing homecoming pictures over here at Joia's blog.

Thank You, Lord, for keeping Philip safe and for bringing him home again, and thank you for blessing their family and keeping them safe while he was gone! 

To God be ALL the glory!  Welcome Home, Philip!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Prayer Request

Perhaps some of you have already heard about Doug V - a US marine who was severely injured in an IED explosion in Afghanistan this past Sunday. Doug is in his mid-20's and is married to a girl named Lexi. He is on his way to (another country) just now where the extent of his injuries, which are many, can be fully assessed. He lost both of his legs, is fighting wounds associated with shrapnel, and is also fighting an injury to his cerebral cortex that we pray does not result in brain damage. Doug and Lexi have a long road ahead of them. So do his parents Dale and Becky V and his sisters Emily and Tiffany. Please pray for all involved.

This is copied from his wife's facebook status:
Its looking like Doug is en route to (another country), here we will be able to speak directly to his physician. Thanks to his stateside Doc, H., for his hard work getting us this info. Today please pray that Doug does not have infection or hemorrhaging from his legs. This is a main concern for the next few weeks. Your prayers are making things happen. I hope you all realize that.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Picture Post #2

Finally, here are the last pictures of our trip to Canada! I have borrowed (with permission) several of these pics from Rebekah, who is a much better photographer than I am! Hope you enjoy!

Our first evening back in St. Thomas area, we were invited to Darren and Alison VMS's for supper.  John and Joan McC were there, which was a great surprise, and we had a wonderful visit with dear friends!
Shaelynnie lost her first tooth!!
Playing out in the back yard at Uncle Mark and Auntie Bekah's
We spent a day at Tim's uncle and aunt's cottage north of London with the extended Woodford clan.  Here's Alisa getting a snuggle in with her Grandma
From L-R on the couch, Tim's grandpa Wilf, Dad Bruce, and brother Mark.
On Dad's lap, cousins Alisa and Joshua - 2 months apart
Alisa and Joshua.  Can you tell whois older?  Not by size anyway!  =)  Alisa was born in March, and Joshua in May - he is quite a bit bigger!
Mark and Bekah
Good friends!  Mariah, Bekah and Alycia
Tim's Okrafka cousins: Lindsay, Alex and Allyson
The whole group that was there
My Sweetheart and me
More cousins - these two are just 4 months apart: Keenan and Kyla
Shaelyn and a puppy = love
Sisters-in-love (plus 2 munchkins): Bekah (married to Mark - 2nd), Yours Truly (married to Tim - eldest), Ada (married to Rob (3rd), Joia (sister of the crew - #4 in the line-up, and married to Philip).  Just missing is Andrew's (#5) wife!  =)
Grandkids in a canoe
Mark and Rebekah bought a blow up bouncy castle, and the girls spent ages playing on it.  The oldest three all had a chin rash for the next week or so from falling so much!
Grandpa reading a story to Kyla, Brayden and Shaelyn
The family came over on Saturday again for Tim's birthday.  My, he's old!  =)
Oh look, us again! 
That same evening, Mark and Rebekah invited a bunch of people over for a barbeque so we wouldn't have to "go out" to visit so much.  It was so great to see, and visit with so many people we don't always get a chance to!
Tim's sister Joia, and their brother Andrew
The crew by the bouncy castle
Mika's good friends Rebekah and Leah
Some of the folks at the barbeque
Our friends, Cameron and Erin
More of the group
Our good friend Joanie, whom I hadn't seen for a couple of years
The Newlyweds - Ted and Maryann!  =)
Friends Marilyn and Jeff T
With all the kiddos there, it was super to have this to occupy them!
Mark and Tim with Moriah and Vivian
We also got a visit in with our long-time friend Ruth, who lives in China
Buenas amigas
 (note the chin rash on Mika!)  =)
Then we were out to Tim's parents with Everyone for four days.  We had a super time - the weather was great, food was fabulous, and everyone had a great time together.  Except for the few who managed to get sick, but it was mostly all good.  We thought we would make a list at the beginning of our time to see how many times Keenan and Shaelyn would have to apologize each other, and how many times Moriah and Kyla would get hurt.  We lost count, but it didn't happen as much as we thought it would!
More swinging on the swings Grandpa made
Mom and Joia
One of the several resident photographers (I was not numbered among them)
Yummy!  Roasting marshmallows!
Helping Daddy
You can't beat time together as a family!
I love this picture of Tim's Dad and Mom!
So sweet!
The Woodford Clan
Only missing Joia's husband Philip, who is deployed.
We all got our eyes checked while up in Canada, and found out Mika needs glasses.  She's still pretty pleased with them, and I think they look quite natural on her.
The Woodford Grandkids - what a bunch!!  =)

We're missing several pictures from visits with Brian and Jeanette and family, along with a huge group of some of our other good friends and families (my battery died, and I hadn't brought the charger), Jim and Zonya and family, Jon and Julie and family, and I'm probably missing a few more.  I've decided I'm not a very good photographer, as you need to desire to take lots of photos to be one!  =)  We really had a great time up north, even though it of course wasn't terribly relaxing, but as we say in Spanish, "vale la pena" - "it's worth it!"  It's always so hard to say goodbye - definitely one of the hardest parts of going away.  But we said our final goodbyes on a Monday, and headed south.

We weren't done with fun things to do yet though.  We were kindly lent some free passes to the Creation Museum near Cincinatti, Ohio, so we spent a day there.  We only planned on staying for a few hours, but arrived when it opened, and didn't leave until 5pm - it was SO great!!  Oh, and if you're wondering where all the following fabulous photos came from, my sweet husband took them all!

The entrance way.  To the left is a very cool bookstore, and back a bit to the left was a planetarium where there was an amazing space presentation.  Wow!  I actually teared up watching it, thinking how small I am and how great our God is!
A very cool fossil of a fish eating another fish!
Four of our girlers
This wall had a whole bunch of fossils in it to find
Isaiah, Moses and David
Peter and John looking in the empty tomb
Those last few pic's weren't in great order.  We started going one way, but there were so many people we decided to check out some other stuff first, have lunch and then return - it was a good idea!  We went out to a little zoo they had, which was neat.  These two animals are a zedonk (L) and a zorse (R).  I'd never seen a mix like that before!
Finally we got back to where we were intending to go.  It is a wax museum of Creation, the Fall and the Flood.  The gospel was so clearly and amazingly represented - it was great!  Here is Adam with the animals.
Adam and Eve
The tree
The Snake
Adam and Eve are clothed after they sin
The ground is cursed
Adam's growing family
Cain and Abel
Noah making plans for building the ark
An idea of the inside might have looked like
A model of the ark.  They are actually building a life size model of the ark just a short ways away from the museum - that would be neat to see too.  It is supposed to open in a couple years, I believe.
Eight souls inside, but it was too late for the rest.
A sacrifice of thanksgiving
The Remedy for sin
Just in case you didn't catch it before - the museum was AMAZING, and we highly recommend it!!  =)  The next day we got hit by some hail just before we got to Dallas, Texas.
And why in the world did we go home through Dallas?  Well...fourteen years ago, I had the great priviledge of spending four months in the country of Chile while my brother lived there, teaching English.  A very special couple I spent quite a bit of time with, was Salvador and Andrea.  In July, they and their son Lucas moved to Dallas for school.  It wasn't a big detour out of our way, so we went and spent the evening with them - it was so special!
L-R: Lucas, Salvador and Andy
Andy and I
And that's it for pictures of our trip, except this last one of a storm we followed once back in Mexico.
So thankful for another opportunity to see our family, and so many friends again!  It was a great trip!