Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Marika!!

We have a nine year old Princess in the house today!!  I can't believe our Marika can possibly be so big - wasn't she just born?!?!  We are so thankful for this sweet, competent, helpful, friendly, precious daughter.  We love you so much, our Mika-girl - have a wonderful birthday!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mark!!

Today is Tim's brother Mark's birthday! We love you, and miss you lots - hope you have a super day!!

I love these two pictures of Mark and Rebekah!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Shaelyn and Philip!!

We have a very excited six year old in our house today!  She's been counting down the days to her birthday for a lot of days!!  =)  We're so thankful for our sweet, rambunctious, funny, shy, mischievous, adorable Shaelynnie!  We love you - have a great day!!

Today is also Tim's sister Joia's husband Philip's birthday! I doubt he's been counting the days quite as eagerly!! ;)   Hope you have a wonderful day, Philip!!
Philip and Joia
Philip and their newest edition, Caleb
Here is Philip, their 3 kiddos Keenan, Moriah and Caleb, and Phil's dad Dan visiting from Kenya

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Picture Post!

So, I thought after my folks left that things would slow down a little.  They haven't.  We had a good trip up and back from Phoenix, and Tim "held the fort" without any trouble, and even had people stop by (!!) while I was gone.  He did confess he didn't get much else done, though!!  =)  That's one of the hard things about having all the little(st) people - they demand more attention than the bigger ones!  He did a great job though, and I'm so thankful I was able to make the trip up without the babies with me.

The gospel meetings have continued with good attendance.  Nobody from the community really, but contacts from the other believers and the outreach work.  There are several that seem to be concerned about being saved, and the guys have had a few good visits.  We would appreciate your continued prayers!

Our latest news is that 3 of the girls have lice.  Yuck.  Marika somehow has escaped unscathed, but Shaelyn is full of them.  Kyla and Vivi only had a few, so I'm thankful for that!  I discovered them on Sunday night, so it's been extremely busy since then with (15 loads of) laundry, vacuuming, mayonaising heads, washing heads, vinegaring heads, and (hours and hours of) picking nits.  Hopefully this will not last long.  I have some tea tree oil I am planning to add into our shampoo as well, which will hopefully keep them away!!

Shaelyn is counting down the days until her birthday (6 now), and then we will almost immediately after head up to Duncan and Anna's wedding in Phoenix.  We're looking forward to being there!

My folks took hundreds of pictures (literally, and possibly more) while they were here (I took none!), so I have narrowed them down considerably, but it will hopefully show some of the fun we had!  =)

My parents did a "photo shoot" of the girls while they were here.  Unfortunately, Tim was out for the entire day, so we didn't get any with him, but here is me with my 5 beautiful girls.  xoxoxoxoxo
My Mika and I
My Shaelynnie and I
My Kyla-girl and I
My Vivi and I
My Alisa and I
All five precious girls
Then they did a few individual ones - here's Marika Ruth
Shaelyn Grace
Kyla Mae
Vivian Estelle
Alisa Bethany
A few miscellaneous ones...
My parents
Jesse and Emily - two of our fellow workers here in Hermosillo
This was Jesse helping Tim fix our Ford's front end - I don't think Jesse had ever been asked so many questions in his whole life!  =)
Shaelyn - prepared for the cold front with Daddy's gloves, etc, on!
Two pretty birds up in a tree - a Marika bird, and an Evelyn bird
One day we went down to San Carlos with my parents and rented a boat.
We had a picnic lunch first
Then went down to the docks
Some were nervous, and some weren't at all!
Getting on-board
What are those girls looking for...?
Yep!  Those beautiful dolphins!
They like to "race" the boat
We also saw one sea lion
You can see a young dolphin in the middle beside its mother
Great Blue Heron on its nest
A great time had by all!
Collecting sea shells on the sea shore before returning home
Shaelyn and her beloved Holly
Vivian got this special towel for her hair at Christmas (all the other girls have them too), and she calls it her Christmas Stocking!  =)
My parents got the girls this pretty rug
Alisa loves Uncle Marcus
The gospel meetings started 1 1/2 weeks ago
Jesse speaking
Tim speaking
Talking outside after mtg
Our silly cat, Patches
We went to the Children's Museum one day
Bubbles are so much fun!
Funny mirrors are fun too - here are Dad's (Very long) legs!  =)
More bubbles...
Marika learning origami
A bird!
The girls' favourite place - Mini Walmart!
Grinding grain to make flour
Rolling out the dough
Making a pizza?
A fun time had by all - and then a quick time at the playground
Special last dinner with Dad and Mom, and our friend Sergio from Obregón

So, that's it!  =)  Thanks again, Dad and Mom, for coming and all your help (and all the pictures you took!) - we were glad you could come!