Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quick Baby Update

Had a doctor's appointment today to see how big this baby is.  I think we have a bit of a communication problem, as he's saying the baby is SO big, and probably weighs about 8 lbs, and I'm not seeing what the problem with this is since I'm at 40 weeks!?  Our smallest baby was 7lb 12 oz, and largest was 8 lbs 9oz.  I think it may have to do with what Hispanic babies weigh vs. Caucasion - and they're forgetting I'm not Spanish!  Anyway, after he did an ultrasound, we talked for a bit, and I told him I was more comfortable in waiting for a bit still, and he told me that was fine with him.  So I have another appointment Monday, and if the baby hasn't come by then, we'll see about an induction - but, of course, I would prefer to go naturally, and would greatly appreciate your prayers in this.  My mom arrives Monday as well, which we're looking forward to!

We had a pretty nice weekend, even though Tim wasn't here, and he had a really nice weekend up in Canada at the 100th anniversary of the Gospel Hall in St. Thomas.  The girls and I got lots of extra cleaning done, and also did some fun crafts together one night.  Tim got home safely about 8pm on Monday.  There were 5 little girls, and one not so little girl who was very excited to see him, and we're sure glad he didn't have to miss Baby being born!

That's it for now - will hopefully have a real baby update soon!  Can't wait to meet this little one!!  xo

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A few pics....

Thought I'd add a few pictures before I forget! =)

Tim took this of Vivian feeding Alisa her bottle - too cute!

Eva came over and we decorated some eggs a few weeks ago.  Before:

After:  =)

All the eggs

Our silly cats

Recently a new work started in the north of the city in a very poor section called Laura Alicia Frías.  There was some gospel meetings there a few years ago, but not much response.  Jesse and Emily K, as well as a local brother and his wife, Abisaí and Carmen, have been preaching the gospel for a couple weeks there now, as well as being some children's meetings for a week.  Before they started, a few went out to give out invitations.  Shaelyn was quite pleased to be able to go with Tim and give them out.

Delivering invitations while checking out this guard rooster!

Some that were out at the children's meetings

The children's meetings brought tons of kids - up to 60 per day, as well as lots of kids attending the meetings at night as well. There hasn't been too many adults attending, but some each night, and sometimes they stand outside the gate and listen. The kids are pretty unruly and loud, so your prayers in regard to this would be appreciated!

Tim took four of his girls on a surprise date to the zoo!  They were quite delighted, and had a fabulous time!

They were excited that the ostriches had chicks!

Beautiful Blooming Cactus

Vivi wanted a "wittle doggie" cake for her birthday, but changed her mind for a "wittle beah" instead!

Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet girl!

Waiting patiently...

Eleo and the Cain's came to help celebrate.  Here is Vivi contemplating blowing out the candles.  Shaelyn ended up doing it because Vivian had food in her mouth that she couldn't swallow!!

A picture of our sweet Alisa.  She has 6 teeth now, but in odd places - three in a row on the bottom, and 2, a space and another on the top!!  She loves this soft baby Vivian got for her birthday!

9 months pregnant - I didn't realize how big I look til Mika took this picture of me - yikes!! =)
In other news...Tim left for Phoenix this afternoon, and flies to Canada in the morning.  He'll be back Monday afternoon sometime.  The girls are actually having a really hard time coping with him leaving this time, and have cried a lot, both leading up to him going, and since he's gone.  Early bedtime tonight, and hopefully that will help things out!!  I've got a list of things to keep us busy all weekend, so hopefully the time will fly by quickly!

That's it for now - will try to update again in a few days!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Vivian!!

Today our first Mexican baby, Vivian, turns 3!!! I can't believe that much time has passed already!

Vivian Estelle

Such a clown!

All of our sweet girls!!  xo

We love you so much, Vivi, and are so thankful the Lord added you to our family! Have a very Happy 3rd Birthday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Maybe nesting??

Whoops, it seems as if I've dropped off the face of the earth! Not so, just got busy with every day things, and haven't had time to blog (sleep has been more important for some reason!!)   =)  We got back into a regular school routine last week, which was great, and got lots accomplished!  I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already since Jeff and Marianne left, and tomorrow is Vivi's birthday!! She's so excited for it to come! She told us she wanted a "wittle doggie" birthday cake, and I made an animal face cake out of a special pan I have - it's a bear, but you just decorate it differently to make different animal faces. However, when she saw the bear, that's what she wants now!  Decorating was going to happen this afternoon...but might be later since it's now past sooner!!  ;)

Yesterday I finally got into a cleaning kick! I went upstairs for something while the lunch dishes were on the table, and totally lost track of time. After Jeff and Marianne left, I did a general clean, but there were still several things I just put into piles and they never got put away. After about 3 hours, I felt like the upstairs was in an okay position if I went into labour now! When I went back downstairs, my dear husband had cleared off the table, and rinsed all the dishes for me. The girls have been playing quite nicely the last few days. Arch-enemies (since birth) Shaelyn and Kyla decided yesterday that they want to be friends!!! Shaelyn taught Kyla how to ride her bike, and ran along side of her, encouraging her the whole way. She even lent her her bike helmet. When Kyla fell off, Shaelyn told Tim that Kyla could sit on her lap until she felt better. At one point, Tim heard Shaelyn say, "Did I just hear you say something brave, Kyla? Good job!" ;) Too funny! This morning they were up at 7am, came downstairs holding hands, and were wearing matching clothes. They've been getting along pretty well - may it long continue!

I forgot to share on here a funny story from a while ago. Tim was trying to explain to the girls how that "church" in the Bible doesn't speak of a building, but of a group of people. He asked, "So, what is a church?" Shaelyn answered, "It's just like our meeting, but churches have soft floors!!" =) We've got some more teaching to do!!

The other day, Shaelyn asked Tim to carry her upstairs. She told him, "Mommy can't, she's too young!!" I love it!! Those 10 months between Tim and I sure make a big difference!

Baby update: I was at the doctors last week, and since he is to be away from this Sunday to the following Monday, he wanted me to get some blood work and an extra ultrasound done so that he could make sure all was well if I went early. This morning I got bloodwork done, an ultrasound (specialized 3D) and then met with my doc. During my ultrasound, the doctor asked me how big our other babies were, and thought this one appeared especially large. Now, ultrasounds often do not give proper sizes, but he figures that judging by the ultrasound, and the size "through" my stomach, right now it's over 8lbs. There has been discrepancies since the beginning about the dates for this baby. One is April 25th, the other is May 4th. The baby has seemed to be the size, etc, that it would be arriving later rather than earlier, and that, of course, is what we have been "planning" on. However, the doc is concerned that it will be too big if we wait past the 25th. He is also wondering if my sugars are out of whack, and I am going to get them checked tomorrow. I am to go see his co-worker next Wednesday who also has been at the other two births here. He is suggesting being induced at that time, and seeing what happens. Tim is flying up to Canada this coming Friday for the 100th anniversary of the St. Thomas Gospel Hall. He will be leaving Thursday afternoon, and will be home by Monday night. I would greatly appreciate your prayers that the Lord's will be done, and me to be accepting of what that may be, and for us to have wisdom to know how to proceed!! =)

So, no pictures today, but will take some in the preparation of decorating Vivi's birthday cake, and of her special day tomorrow.  I'll try to be back soon!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bethany!!

Today is Tim's brother Andrew's fiancee Bethany's birthday!  We are looking forward to their wedding in just two months!!
When we first met Bethany - 2010  =)
Engagement picture - October 2011

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Bethany - looking forward to seeing you in June!! Sending lots of love to you from all of us! xo

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sharp visit #3

This post has pictures from Thursday to Sunday.
Thursday:  It was a nice, peaceful day where we did hardly anything.  I think the kiddos went out every day on their bikes, played outside, and on the trampoline, but it was nice to have a "down" day, and we only went out in the evening for meeting, and Jeff spoke in Spanish.
Kyla being silly at breakfast
This was also our one day of having an official school day.  Jared had brought some work to do, which he did some other days too, along with reading.
Friday: Our day to go to the beach - and we chose San Carlos!
First stop, the sand dunes and beach - first priority, sun block!
I love this picture because it gives a little glimpse of how extremely ticklish Kyla is!  =)
Enjoying the sand and sun!
Jeff and Tim rented a four-wheeler for 1/2 an hour - they and the kids had a blast zooming around!
The water was chilly for Mexico, but pretty nice for Ontario!
Second stop, the marina - with first priority being to get ourselves and our lunch on board - we were hungry!
We got all the way out, and even further than where we had seen dolphins the last time, and saw nothing.  The captain thought it was because of some strange red seaweed in the water that was there because the temperature was changing. 
Thankfully, on our way back, we finally saw a few.  It as interesting seeing them, as they seemed to be moving in slow motion.  They had no desire to "race" the boat like in other times, but it was wonderful to see them anyway!
Climbing up to the top of the boat
"Ahh, this is the life!!"  =)
Love these two!
Now off the boat, and to a different beach - one that is perfect for finding shells, crabs, etc...
Lucas says, "Me love you!" to those he does.  The first time I said to him, "I love you, Lucas!", he responded with, " my daddy!"  ;)  Not too long afterwards he said he loved me too.  Sweet little boy!
There are two of these amazing (huge) mosaic geckos on the road in/out of San Carlos - really neat to see!
Conked out on the way home
Saturday:  Always a busy day, beginning with children's meeting in Tirocapes in the morning.  On the way there, Lucas and Vivian, the other "twins" just 4 months apart, sat in the very back, with Gracia and Kyla in the middle seats.  Lucas started singing "Jesus Loves Me" with his sweet, clear voice, and was sounding great.  Part way through, Vivian decided it needed "parts", or something, and started in singing her version, "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible...this I know.  Jesus loves me..." ;)  Her version was sung at a much faster rate though, and louder.  Lukey got louder too, and both Marianne and I wish we'd had a recorder to tape them - it was so hilarious!
There was a pretty good group out.
Tim's lesson was from Matthew 14:22-34 when Peter walked on water.      
The story is about when the disciples were in a boat during a storm, and Jesus came out to them, walking on the water.
They all thought He was a ghost, and so Peter called out that if it was really Jesus, to call him to come out to Him.
The Lord Jesus called him, and Peter walked on the water.
"But when he saw the wind, he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, "Lord, save me!"  Jesus immediately reached out his hand and took hold of him, saying to him, "O you of little faith, why did you doubt?"  And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased.  And those in the boat worshiped him, saying, "Truly you are the Son of God."" Matthew 14:30-33
A lesson the children won't forget for some time, I'm sure!  =)
Saturday evening is the young people's meeting at the hall.  Jeff spoke again that night.
The parking lot is nice and big to play soccer in before and afterwards.
Always singing before...
...and food afterward!  =)
Sunday: These next two pictures were taken by Jeff just before he spoke at noon.  I had gone home by this time, with Marianne, as there were a couple little ones who couldn't cope anymore.
At lunch we had some company over - Duncan and Anna, and Eleo!
Bird's eye view of Alisa, playing with the shoes
Bird's eye view of Marika reading on the stairs
Our guests!
I had a "rest" in the afternoon (as in, conked out, didn't hear anything till it was time to get ready for meeting!!)  =)
Jeff and Jared went to the store to get some treats for friends/family back in Canada
Jeff spoke again in the gospel meeting
As did Duncan
Some of the young people after meeting.