Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Rebekah!!

Today is Tim's brother Mark's wife Rebekah's birthday!  I love this classy lady!

Happy Birthday, Bekah!  Hope you have a wonderful birthday - love you so much!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lots to say... little time to write!!  =)  You would think with all my helpers here that I would be able to blog more, but really, we've been quite busy.  Thankfully, I've been able to get some pictures loaded on here the last bit, so I'm going to write as quickly as I can, so I can get into bed as soon as I can!!

We've added two more girls to our family for a few weeks.  Last Monday, Tim and I, Erica and the kiddos all drove up to Tucson.  We actually drove in two vehicles, since we wanted to import one of them.  Alycia K from St. Thomas arrived in the morning, and Mikaela S arrived that evening.  We got lots of shopping for the upcoming children's meetings during the day.  It was a looooooooong day on Tuesday as we were waiting for all the paper work, etc, for importing the van.  I believe we were at Carl's Jr for about 3 hours!!  Thankfully, there was a great playland, and it kept the girls occupied and using up energy.  We waited about another hour on the other side (Mexican) of the border after that, and then we were on our way!  So now we have 11 people in our house - you can pray for Tim and Nathaniel being the only males!!

Since arriving home we've been working on the Exposición, coming up in August - we are tranforming the basement of the hall to show the gospel from Creation to the Flood (Creation, the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, the Fall, Cain and Abel, and the Flood).  It is a lot of work, but we pray that some of the surrounding neighbours, as well as friends and family of the believers, will come and see, and hear the good news of salvation! 

We are also having some children's meetings next week.  Edgar and Raquel and family from Puerta Vallarta are coming up, and Edgar will be speaking in the mornings at our outreach in Tirocapes, and then in the evenings, there will be a VBS for 2 hours at our main hall.  The theme is the Olympics, and Eleo has as many amazing ideas for the children's meetings as she has for the Exposición.  Pictures of all are coming...  =)

Since I want to be in bed before tomorrow, I will just start commenting on the pictures, so you can see a bit of what we've been up to.
Vivian was a wee bit tired one night it seems!

Our first day working on the Exposición.  Tim is cutting out numbers (1-7) in thick foam - you'll see why soon!

Jairo with #7

Underneath the numbers of the days of Creation, we are putting "wonders of Creation".  Pictures the children colour, and then facts put around them.

Karla, Aliuzka and Michelle getting ready to work on the numbers

Shaelyn, Rodrigo, Jonathan and Mika, making animals to go in the garden of Eden.

Emily with Jake, Victor and Moises

Tiberio and Rosario working on day #6d

Alison helping Diana Paola with some "wonders"
The first day went well, and we continue to go to the hall and work every few days.
Abisai and Alisa - exactly one month apart.  He was willingly sharing his icecream with her, and putting the spoon right into her mouth!
Erica kindly babysat for us, and Marcus and Alison and Tim and I went out on a double date!  We had a great visit until this Mariachi band arrived.  The music was great, but the noise made it impossible to hear ourselves.  There is a video clip at the bottom if you're interested.

On our way to the restaurant, we were sitting at a stop light, when Tim noticed two men walk out into the middle of a very busy road.  The pavement just fell in!!  I think they call it a sink hole.  Thankfully no vehicles were coming at that moment, and no one was hurt.  On our way home we stopped again and took pictures.  It was ginormous!!

Tim saw these mimes when he was out one day.
Somebody enjoyed her chocolate cupcake!

Erica reading (one of many) a book to Vivi

Tim is going over to play with Duncan and Anna's 'horse' (Bull Mastiff dog) while they're away for a few days.  This is Max.

Almost done school!!

Yummy cream puffs Erica and Mika made one afternoon - they didn't last long!!

Shaelyn and Mika wanted to do a "restaurant" for us one day.  They put on their matching "uniforms", made and served us lunch - sweet girls!!

Tim made four level Jello - so pretty!!
I had a nap the other day with a sweet little pumpkin.  My nap ended up being 3 hours long!!  Our three extra daughters were playing with all our little daughters, and the house was quite quiet!

We had a picnic one night while Tim was at meeting.
You'll notice Shaelyn laying down in the picture above.  That morning, we had noticed a rash on her body, and wondered if she had been bitten by something, and was having an allergic reaction.  Then I noticed her hands and feet were red, and called the doctor to see if we could get in to see him.  Erica was talking to her mom on the phone and told her about it, and her mom thought it sounded like Scarlet fever, so I looked it up on-line, and sure enough, she had many of the symptoms.  When we went to the doc that evening, he confirmed that's what she had, and she started on antibiotics immediately.  Thankfully she was better almost immediately, but she was pretty sleepy that night from the Benedryl she took!  No one else has gotten it yet, and hopefully it will keep away!!

Kyla's 5th birthday was Saturday, but since we knew it would be busy, we planned to have the party on Friday.  Here was her birthday cake:

The Birthday Girl!!

The group - glad that someone has a birthday so we can eat cake (and yummy home-made pizza)!!

Opening presents

That night we up Cerro de la Campana - the little mountain that over looks the city.  Here are the 3 sweet girls we get to enjoy living with us! 
Mikaela, Alycia and Erica

3 more sweet girls!

Erica with Alisa

Alycia with Alisa (yes, I get their names mixed up constantly, along with Mikaela and Mika)

Sleepy Nathaniel
Then we went for Sonoran hotdogs - so many choices!!

I'm sure they won't notice if I slip this picture in, right?  ;)

Saturday we were at the hall again.
Painting the "Garden of Eden" back drop

Some of the numbers of the days of Creation

Some of the animals made to go in the garden

More of the garden back drop

Gisselle and Haziel


Tim working on the Olympic rings for the children's meetings

Being a little silly! ;)

Alondra, Kyla, Diana Paola and Jasmin, working on more "Wonders of Creation"

Mikaela and Rodrigo

Rodrigo and Alycia

Erica working on the back drop

Someone borrowed my camera and took the next couple pictures:
Cleaning up

A cool shot from across the room

A friend sent some cute outfits - I love the colours - thanks again, Erin!!

Our nine kids!!  ;)
 Today we went out to Kino Beach.  The next 2 weeks are going to be crazy busy, so we decided to go while we had a chance.  Alisa fell asleep on Alycia almost right away.

The view towards the back

At the beach, checking out what this lady had to sell.

Alisa is our first child to enjoy playing in the sand!!  I thought she was dirty when I took this picture, but found out later she actually could get dirtier...

Nathaniel's first trip to the beach - and fell asleep in a hammock!
 They all had a blast playing in the waves and sand!  Then they tried something they had never done before...
Burying people in the sand - it was way more fun than they imagined!!  =)




Erica and Mika are waving at me from the water

Yep, she was filthy!  She didn't like the getting off of the sand as much as she liked getting it on!
It was one of those, "I'm glad we went" days, more than really enjoying the time there so much, but it was great seeing the girls have so much fun playing.  Everyone but me is fed, showered and in bed, so that's where I'm heading off to now.  Have a good night!!  =)