Friday, October 26, 2012

Thankful to be HOME, and birthdays!

Just a quick update here.  We left Ontario on Monday, had a wonderful visit to the Creation Museum in Kentucky on Tuesday, drove through that night and the next day, stopped in Albuquerque, NM, Wednesday night, and were home in Hermosillo at 930pm last night!  Will do an update as soon as time allows (which will likely be a while since I'm not even 1/2 done putting away all our things yet!)

I missed our dear nephew Kiernan's birthday on here, as he turned FOUR on Wednesday while we were driving.

Tomorrow is our nephew Brayden's THIRD birthday!

Happy Birthday to you sweet boys - love you both so much!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Love/Hate Relationship

We have just 3 days before we leave Canada, and head to Mexico.  It has been so wonderful, being able to see our family and friends again, that we miss terribly when we are away.  We are blessed to have been able to make a short trip each summer/fall.  However, I've been thinking that in many ways, I have a love/hate relationship with our trips north.

*I can't tell how much I love being with our family and friends - being able to hug them, talk to them face-to-face, eat meals together, chat about things you just don't chat about on the phone, etc.
*That our children can spend time with grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins, plus seeing friends they've made in years past.
*Meetings in English.  This might tie for 1st place for me.  I love hearing the Word of God, singing, and ministry in my mother tongue.  This time, we had the great privilege of attending an English Bible conference in St. Thomas.  It had been 5 years since we'd been at that particular conference, and almost as long attending a whole conference in English.  We also got to enjoy seeing many people that we have not seen since before we left four years ago.
*This is low on the list, but it's fun to visit some truly Canadian restaurants - Swiss Chalet, Harveys, Pizza Pizza, and eat their yummy food.
*Another thing I don't think of too often while in Mexico, but that we have enjoyed while being here, is the beautiful fall colours!!  Southwestern Ontario anytime of year is beautiful, but in the fall it is an exceptionally beautiful place to be!!

*Not enough time.  I don't think this is fixable - either when we come here to Canada, or when people come visit us in Mexico, there just never seems like the time we had together was enough, as we know it will be so long before we see them again.  It makes my heart hurt just thinking about it.  Hard to imagine that it used to be that when one used to leave, the only communication was snail mail, that wasn't reliable, and it would possibly be years, if ever, that they would ever see family again.  Plus zero chance of familiar visitors.  We are very blessed, living in the time period we do in this regard.
*Staying up late.  This is my fault, and I know it, however, when you know that there's only so much time, you want to get as much time in with others as you can.
*We are constantly on the move here.  Visiting, going to meetings, etc.  While we Love seeing all the dear people, it takes it's toll especially on the little ones who often miss naps, sleep in various beds, and don't get to bed anywhere near on time.  There is no routine, no consistency, and sometimes that gets very overwhelming.  I tried to prepare myself ahead of time, but it really didn't work!  I must say that this year has been the best as far as the children being relatively well-behaved, and the least amount of character changes and acting out.
*Missing our dear friends and fellow believers in Mexico.  It's impossible to be in two different places at once, and we miss the other half of our heart down in Mexico.  It's great to have the change of pace being up here, but we're looking forward to being home again!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lizzy!!

Today is my sister Liz's birthday!  I still have a hard time thinking she's older than 18, but since she and Trev just celebrated 10 years of marriage, I guess that's just not true!! ;)  Hope you have a wonderful day, Kiddo - I love you, and miss you so much!!  xo
My beautiful sister and her wonderful husband, Trevor

Their 3 sweeties: Ellie, Katja and Kiernan

The whole family

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Popping in to say, Hello!

Hello!  We're now here in London, ON, after enjoying 1 1/2 weeks with my side of the family!  We had a really super time with my parents and brother and family - but we really missed my sister and family being there!  We haven't had too much down time, but today while Tim took the older 4 to the park with his brother Mark (at whose house we're staying), and the babies were both sleeping, I was able to download a few pictures of our trip up, and some of our time in the Midland/Orillia area, so will post them first.
We were blessed to have Shawn S come and visit on his way down to Obreg√≥n with Duncan and Anna.  They came for  brunch the Friday before we left to come north.
I mentioned in the previous post that we left late Sunday night, and drove straight through until the next night. We spent the night in the north-west part of Texas, and then drove straight through - all day, all night, and then a few more hours until we were in Canada.
A visitor in our van - a praying mantis

Tim rigged up these neat things for the DVD players to hang.  That helped the time go by a little quicker for them.
We stopped in Oklahoma City for a picnic lunch.  Lots of beautiful, green grass!

Finally crossing the boarder!
Oh Canada!!!
Before heading to my parents, we stopped in to see Mark and have a bit of a rest before heading on .
The autumn leaves are B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.!!  While not on the top of my list of things I miss - it has been so wonderful to see all the brilliant colours of central and south-western Ontario in the fall.

It was wonderful to finally arrive at my parents' house!  Jeff and Marianne came for supper, so it was a happy reunion!  The girls think that any place with green grass is practically paradise.  They spent Hours playing outside - pulling/pushing each other in the wagon, digging for worms, looking for snails - they had a wonderful time.

The weather was in the mid-twenties, so they enjoyed a picnic outside one day.
A dear, elderly lady whom I had grown up knowing, Mrs. Gillespie, passed away a day or two before we arrived, so we were able to go to her funeral our first morning there.  When I was away from the Lord as a teenager, she came up to me and said, "I'm praying for you that you'll get your life back on track!"  It  was shortly after that the Lord changed my life around, and I'm thankful for this godly woman being an instrumental part of my life.

Jeff and Marianne moved that weekend, and we were really glad we could be there this time to help!  The largest, and most difficult thing to move was a half-pipe he had made.  There were about a dozen of us who were there early Saturday morning to help move it.  My mom stayed home with our four middles, and Marika and Nathaniel went with Dad, Tim and I.

First thing was to move the cover over top - that was the easy part!
Then, spacing out the strongers with the weakers!  ;)
It was SO heavy!!

We put it down for a break when we got beside the farm wagon, then hoisted it up.

The movers
We then drove over to the new house, and placed it beside his shop - that part was practically easy!!
Lots of people came to help with the move, thankfully, and it went pretty well.
Sweet little Jack is one of the helper's sons.
My mom brought the other four girls over at noon with lunch for all of us.

Outside the old house

All the kiddos had fun running and playing

For about an hour in the afternoon, I walked with Alisa outside and saw the world through her eyes - it was very sweet!

 Finishing packing up the kitchen

If you look closely in the tree, there is a little boy in there.  He's three.  He's on his way down, thankfully, as he'd been at the very top.  He has apparently climbed everything he could since he was about 9 months old!!
 Dad and Mom, Jeff and Marianne and Tim and I, plus all our kiddos had supper at their new place that evening, then we headed home.

Sunday after meeting, everyone went back to my folks' for lunch.  Shaelyn spent the afternoon digging for worms

Sunday night after the gospel meeting, there was a sing at the Christian retirement home, Elim Homes, in Waubaushene.  It was nice to visit with some of the elderly believers there, and to sing.

Monday, Dad, Tim and I went back out to Jeff and Marianne's to help finish the last bit of cleaning, and to get the final boxes and things to the new house.  After lunch, Jeff and Tim got the washing machine hooked up. 

This is the view from one side of the living room, over to the dining room
Looking from the dining room into the living room.
The kitchen
This was the last of the stuff, including the roof of the cover that was over the half pipe.
That night we celebrated Lucas' 3rd birthday.  It was in August, but they found out they were moving right before then, and have been busy since.  He didn't seem to mind!  =)
 My mom made a turtle cake for him

None of my other pictures are uploaded yet, so I will tell the rest of the week with the next post.  We came down here to London on Friday, and Tim left immediately to go with Mark to help set up for the St. Thomas conference.  Brave, kind Rebekah babysat that night while Mark, Tim and I (with Nathaniel) went to the prayer meeting.  So wonderful to see many of the dear believers we love and miss.  Saturday and Sunday we were at the conference all day.  We saw family and friends we haven't seen in years, plus getting to enjoy great Bible teaching - it was a wonderful weekend.  The only bad part was having to say good bye to Jeff and Marianne.  Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, and we met with some of the extended Woodford family in Kitchener.  We sure missed Philip and Joia and kiddos, plus Andrew and Bethany.  It was an enjoyable day with family, good food, and singing.  We had to say good bye to my parents, who had joined us for the day as well.  Mika really has a hard time saying goodbye, and she cried a lot, poor girl.

Tonight, we're getting together with the close-by Woodfords for supper, and over the next few days we'll be in the area, visiting different friends.  We're really thankful Joia and Philip will be coming up next week, and we'll have a few days with them, too!

While we're enjoying our time here, we're missing our dear "family" in Mexico, too! Looking forward to seeing those dear ones in just over two weeks!

I'll try to get on here again before too long with some more pictures!! =)

"I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect." Romans 12:1-2