Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy (special) Birthday, Dad and Grandpa!!

Today is Tim's dad's 60th birthday!!  We were so blessed to be able to see Dad and Mom this past fall, and spend some time at their place - and we're already looking forward to this coming summer, when we'll see them again, Lord willing!  =)  Planning for a skype chat later on in the day!

Still one of my favourite pics of you both, Dad and Mom!
Happy, Happy Birthday, Dad!  We love you, and hope you have a wonderful day!!


Today is also my Grandpa's (my mom's dad) 90th birthday!  He is our last living grandparent, and Tim and I have remarked so many times how thankful we are for what a godly heritage we have!

Here is my grandpa with his 6 children
Happy Birthday, Grandpa!  Wishing you a  blessed and wonderful day, with lots of love!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Hello!!  Long time no write!  We had a great visit with Trevor & Liz and family, but I will save the details and pics of that for another post (Liz left me with 800 of her pics!)  We're so thankful they were able to come down and visit us in Mexico over the holidays - it was so great to have family with us for Christmas and New Years!

Besides them being here, most of our time - Tim's especially - has been thinking about/working on the new house.  Lots has been done there already, and there's lots more to be done!  Yesterday a bug terminator came and killed thousands of cockroaches, termites, and regular spiders, plus a few black widow spiders and 5 scorpions.  The girls have spent hours there already - playing, imagining, running and having fun. It's a good time of year, as they can be outside.  Yesterday, Shaelyn went with Tim for the day, and peeled off wallpaper and did some other odd jobs.  This morning, Marika went, and was helping Tim.  I took Alison, Madeleine and Eva there around 10am so they could see the house, too, and Evelyn ended up staying with Marika.

Yesterday I took Alisa (Nathaniel came with us) to the doctor to get checked out after being a month off of gluten and dairy.  She is very affected by the gluten - I gave her something with gluten in it by accident once, and she was very upset and uncomfortable for several hours.  Not sure if the dairy is a problem still, but our pediatrician recommended an allergy pediatrician, and we have an appointment on Friday morning.  Both Alisa and Nathaniel were weighed.  Alisa is 10 kg or 22 lbs.  She is in the 5th percentile for her age.  Nathaniel is 9kg, 400gm, or 20.7 lbs, and is between the 90th and 95th percentile for his age.

Saturday was the beginning of the children's meetings in Tirocapes.  There were 29 children out, which was great for the first day back!  We pray that God will bless His Word going out to those little ones, and that eternal results will be seen!

Yesterday was a special day!  13 years ago, Tim drove up to Midland, where I was living with my parents, and we met at Tim Hortons where Tim and I officially began our courtship!   16 months and 5 days later we were married!  So thankful for my Tim, and the blessing he is and has been to me!

Last night, we watched The Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith video, The Jim Elliot Story.  The videos are animated, and put out by The Voice of the Martyrs.  It was really good, and then I found out today that today is the anniversary of Jim Elliot, Pete Flemming, Nate Saint, Roger Youderian and Ed McCully's death in 1956.  Thank God for men who were no fools who gave what they could not keep to gain what they could not lose.  May God continue to raise up men and women to do the same!  We have also watched the Gladys Aylward and Amy Carmichael stories - both excellent!!  They are for youth ages 8-12.

Tomorrow a special day!  Tomorrow is Tim's dad's 60th birthday, and my grandpa's 90th birthday!  There was a big party for my grandpa in the Soo on the weekend, and a good number of family was able to go.  Tomorrow there will be a party for Dad, and we are planning a skype chat!!  Looking forward to that!

We are also planning to begin school for the new year tomorrow.  We've had a few days to clean up and get things organized after the craziness (and wonderfulness) of the holidays and having company.

A few nights ago, we received word that there had been a fire up in a poorer section of the city, Laura Alicia Frías, where gospel meetings have been held, both a few years ago, plus this past year.  A family whose mom and children have been attending gospel meetings there, and the Sunday afternoon meeting at our main hall, 'house' burned down.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.  They had one brick room - the rest was cardboard or something similar, and all that's left is the brick.  The Christians lovingly rallied together and were able to supply many of their needs - it was wonderful to see.  Please pray for this family to be reached by the gospel!

Another sad, yet wonderful thing that happened recently, was the death of the mother-in-law of a lady in the meeting here.  It was for this family, John and Michelle D came several years ago to begin the work here.  It was their home they first spoke in.  Socorro is the lady in the meeting, and her husband is Amador.  His mother was in her 80's, and it seems like it was expected she would go.  The neat thing was, instead of asking any of the clergy at the churches the extended family attended to take the services, they asked for our hall to be responsible for them.  Mind you, it's quite possible it's because there is no charge when we speak, but for whatever reason, more than 40 people heard the gospel clearly presented a number of times.  We were up in Tucson with Trevor and Liz when the lady passed away, and we just missed the burial by about 1/2 an hour.  We were remarking the testimony of Socorro over the last few years, and how her husband, who used to be completely opposed to hearing the Word of God, now listens attentively when he occasionally attends a meeting.  Please pray for Amador's salvation!

Someone wrote recently, that although there is nothing really new about a new year except for the calender, it seems like you kind of get a fresh start again.  We can be thankful - either how well the last year went, or that the last year is gone, and that we can, with the Lord's help, make decisions to change areas He's showing us need changing.  We can choose to read our Bible every day, and make time to spend with Him in prayer.  We can spend time memorizing God's Word.  A girl named Janna has made up a neat challenge for the new year if you are interested in checking it out.  It is just memorizing two verses a month.  I also watch John Piper's video recently called ,Why Memorize Scripture?  It is less than four minutes - I strongly encourage you to watch it!

In the past couple years, I have tried to choose a word or words that I wanted to "work on" for the year.  In 2011, I chose Disciplined, Content and Kind.  In 2011, I chose Servant.  I definitely cannot say I have arrived in any of these areas, but I write them on my prayer lists so I see them every day, and it makes me more aware of those needs in my life, so that I think of them more often.  This year, I choose Grace.  The Lord has shown me such grace, and yet, I struggle with showing others grace.  Please share in the comments if you choose a word or words for the year ahead as well!

Okay, a few pictures!
Dr. and Mrs. Dennsion from Detroit, MI, came for a few days for a free dental clinic.  We, and many others, were blessed to have our teeth cleaned for free!

Tim "under the knife"  =)

Mika finished this puzzle (750 pieces) almost completely on her own.

Jesse and Emily K moved down to Santiago mid-December.  Tim helped them move.

Yay, our new home!  Needs lots of work, but so exciting!

Our familia
Okay, I'm going to attempt a few before and after pics - so hopefully it will turn out.  This is outside the front/side door.

 Our orange tree.  The pic on the left shows how green the oranges were just a month ago!

 This wall was between the living room and kitchen.

Trevor and Tim had lots of fun knocking it down!

Getting the last bit out.

This box filled with paper had been totally eaten through by termites.
 From this weedy mess... a much tidier side yard.
A jungle

Now lots of room to play!
 Okay, gotta get off here, and get to bed.  I've still got several posts "on the go", and will get to them as soon as I can!!  Good night!