Saturday, April 27, 2013

House and Update

"Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring." Proverbs 27:1  I read this verse this morning, and actually laughed out loud!  I feel like this could have been our theme verse for the month since Erica got here!  She arrived on a Monday, and on either Tuesday or Wednesday, we sat down and talked about what we wanted to get accomplished this month while she was here.  Wednesday night she was in the hospital with kidney stones.  Since then, we've 'conquered' surgery (removal of her stone), flu (most of the littles), weird rashy virus (Vivian), sprained, swollen foot (me - don't know how it happened), and for the last 8 days, we've had some sort of Rotavirus (severe stomach pain and diarrhea) that has swept through our house, taking down all but Tim, Shaelyn and Nathaniel.  We are almost all now on the mend, but some are still weak and not feeling well.  The Lord definitely had some different lessons for us to learn than we thought!!

Tomorrow we head up to Tucson, where Erica will fly out Monday morning, and then my parents fly in Monday afternoon.  We are really going to miss Erica, and are thankful for her month here, and the many ways she has served us!

I feel like all I do is update on the house, sorry if that is not interesting to you, but it is our life right now!!  =)  We had hoped to move in May 1st, but it is looking like at least one more week after that.  Thankfully, we rent this house until the 15th.

Things are looking good at the new house!  With the sickness, I haven't been down at all in the last week, so no new painting has been done, but thankfully the men there don't need me there to get what they need to get accomplished!  Tim has continued to be very busy there, plus taking pictures so that I can see the progress too - he is the best!!

Pictures: The first several are of the laundry room/master bathroom that is being added on outside our bedroom.  They had build up the walls, and then were ready to put on the roof.
This Styrofoam is the roof - it fits between the concrete beams (bottom of picture).

Laying the beams and Styrofoam pieces

Concrete beam with rebar

Mesh laid on top, and ready to pour concrete

Electrical done first

Mixing up the concrete

Wheelbarrow of concrete on the roof

More mixing...

Laying the concrete

Pretty nice, eh!?!

The inside - electrical.  Where the wooden box (from an a/c unit) is, is approximately where the door will go into our bedroom.


Fixing up the outside

Mostly all done, just missing the fine coat on the outside, and the glass blocks that will be the 'windows'
Tile: The stairs are all done except for the 'baseboard' tile.

Starting in the living room

The floor all done

Getting the 'baseboard' tile on here
Here he was starting in the kitchen, but instead of continuing on 'square', Tim suggested  going diagonally.

It look Amazing!  It is actually finished now, but I don't have a picture of the final product.
I sadly only have two pictures of our family in that whole time.  Mr. Nathaniel is moving all over the place, and getting into everything!  Here he is pulling out drawers of clothes!!

Tim went up to Phoenix yesterday to pick up our kitchen cabinets, and took Shaelyn with him.  She was pretty zonked on the way home!!  =)

I will have to get my camera out, and get some more pics of what's going on around here - although, I must admit, pictures of sick people aren't that wonderful!!  Hopefully now that everyone's getting better, I will do better on that front, too!  I wanted to get these pics on here before any more happened and I got behind.  Will be back again in a few days, hopefully!!  =)  Good night!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another post so soon!?!

Are you surprised?  Already catching up - shocking!!  =)

I managed to get all our pics downloaded at the same time (off of different cameras/phones), so thought I would try and post what I have for now.

Last Friday night, we had a girls' movie night, watching Anne of Green Gables - part one.  Erica had brought some cake pops to make, and thought it would be fun to make for the party.  She and Mika made them all up.  They were pretty finicky - but ended up turning out pretty well, we thought.

Love Kyla's face here!  =)

This is while we were dipping/decorating them.
Getting ready for the movie - just missing Alison and I in the picture - we had a fun night!

This sweet boy will be having a birthday in just a short time!  He has six teeth, says a few words, waves, 'scoots' around on his bottom, and pushes himself backwards if he's on his stomach.  He also Loves to play the xylophone!!  =)
Here are some pictures of painting Kyla, Vivian and Alisa's room:

Alisa has paint on her mouth here.

I love this one!

While we were painting, and despite all the noise (banging, radio playing, people talking), Nathaniel had a snooze over in the next room.

That day, Tim and I finished Mika and Shaelyn's room.

As well as the other room.

Then today...was Vivian's fourth birthday.  Several weeks ago, when I asked her what cake she wanted for her birthday, she told me a 'pink cwocodile" - so I googled crocodile cakes, and found a really neat one.  
The cake is baked in a bundt pan, cut into 3 equal parts, and 1/3 is cut in half on an angle.  One of those halves are used for the tail, the other is for finishing the tail and the feet.  I also used a bit to extend the head.
I really loved how it turned out!  We did decide it looked a little like a Valentine's cake, though!  =)

The finished product

Although you can't tell from her expression here, she really did like it!!

Opening gifts

Our guests - we love these dear folks - they are our family here.

Our four year old
Some more reno pictures:
The floor in Kyla, Vivi and Alisa's room
Before grout

After grout
The bathroom wall coming along

Tim made some forms at the top there so that we can fit in some glass blocks that will be for light, since we won't have any windows in the bathroom or laundry room.

A different angle

Tim bought this tile saw several years ago when we renovated our bathroom in St. Thomas.  I think we've gotten our money's worth from it!
The tile for the rest of the house is that brown in the hallway.  We are looking forward to not having white tiled floors!!

Upstairs hallway

First few steps

Now a few more...
Tiling the stairs has been excruciatingly slow, as the stairs on not even at all, nor are any of them the same size!  Lots of patience needed in doing this!  They're hoping to have the main part (not the "baseboard" tile) tomorrow, Lord willing!

The Friday night we ladies were enjoying our movie, Tim was slaving away at the house.  He got all the downstairs primed, and ready to be painted!

This is what he looked like when he got home, though!  ;)
Because he did all that, this past Monday when Erica was babysitting the children, I was able to do some painting downstairs!!
Getting ready - very excited!
Our living room and dining room!

It's not done yet, as I need to get another gallon of paint - but I really love the colour!

I was also able to paint the hallway and up the stairs.  Unfortunately, "Cactus Bloom" turned out more of a peach colour - not what we wanted.  It's actually not obvious in the pictures, but I think we'll be changing this colour.

Besides working on the house and birthday parties, we got a visit in with Jesse K and James D who had come up from Santiago, and were on their way home again.  They stayed over Tuesday night, and Tim and I were able to have a good chat with them - it was nice!

I've been noting again how many verses on the "tongue", our "words", and "lips" are mentioned Proverbs.  How responsible I am for the words that fly from my mouth!  Here's one that caught my eye this morning: "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits."
Proverbs 18:21.

Heading for bed - good night!