Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy 12th Anniversary, to my Love!!

May 12, 2001 - Maple, Ontario, Canada

2013 - Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
My Tim,

I love you, and respect you more than I could ever say!  How thankful I am to have you as my husband!  I love how you love the Lord and His Word, how you love me, how you love our children.  I love your care for others, and wanting to help in whatever way you can.  I love what a hard worker you are, your sense of humour, and your faithfulness.  I love listening to you sing, love seeing your smile, love to hear you laugh.

Thank you for the last 12 wonderful years!  Some of our days together have been full of joy and laughter, some have been full of pain and heartache - but there is no where else in all the world I would rather be than by your side!   You are so precious to me, and I am so thankful the Lord drew up our lives the way He has and placed us together!  Happy Anniversary - I love you!

Your Steph

Friday, May 10, 2013

I Love Colour!!

I know I should be packing, but I did get some done earlier, and I "need" to get these pictures on here before I have too many to post!!  =)

Colour.  We've lived at our current house for 4.5 years.  Our landlord told us when we moved here that if we wanted to paint that was fine, but we would have to paint it over white again when we left.  Since we were only planning to be here for a couple years, we didn't figure it was worth it.  So, we've had white walls for a looooooooong time!  Deciding which colours to paint our new house has been fun!  I couldn't wait to get some colours on the walls - in and out!  Here is a look at some of them!

Yesterday, Tim painted the house (except for the trim) - I LOVE the orange (Bergamot Orange)!  Can't wait to see what it looks like with the trim!

Living room/Dining room (Smiley Face yellow)
Kitchen (Bold Avocado green)

Downstairs bathroom (Rosy - it's actually darker than in the picture, more like raspberry)

Guest room/Nathaniel's bedroom (Soda Pop green)

Master bedroom (can't remember the name for this) - one wall will be two shades darker, like a dark turquoise.

Hallways/Stairwell (Almond Brittle and Praline - yum!)

Looking up the stairs

Upstairs bathroom (Toucan orange)

Kyla, Vivian and Alisa's bedroom (Gumball pink)

Marika and Shaelyn's bedroom (High Maintenance and Gumball pinks)

Tim's Office (Jean Jacket blue)
Ahh, I love it!  Except for having to change the colour in the stairwell, that ended up being peach instead of tan, we're quite happy with the colours.  Our bedroom is not finished being painted yet, and our bathroom that is still being finished isn't painted yet, but that's it, except for part of the trim outside.

House renos:  Tim and Shaelyn went up a couple weeks ago to pick up our kitchen cabinets in Phoenix.  Here are all the boxes in our garage.

Tim and my Dad have been putting them together for about a week now.

Measuring and checking how level things are.

Figuring out how to hang cabinets on brick/concrete walls.

Once cabinet didn't quite fit, so Tim scraped away some of the concrete...

...and now it does!  Don't they look beautiful!  They've just started on the bottom cabinets, and the first one is in the picture.
Visitors: About a week ago, Tim came home and told us 'someone' had been in the house the night before!  I couldn't believe it - the house is really secure, how could they have gotten in?  The door on the upstairs terrace has not yet been replaced, and has glass broken out of it.  Apparently a kitty had come in, and made himself quite comfy in the playpen I had left there!!  The window has been covered now, so he hasn't appeared since!  Then, a few days later, I arrived in the morning to do some work, and Tim told me to check out what was in the guest room.  The door was shut, so I opened it and walked in, and saw little black pellets on the floor!  All I could think of was Rats!  Until I turned my head, and just about jumped out of my skin at this cute little bunny sitting in the corner!
They figure he was being chased by a cat or something, 'cause he flew in the house that morning, and seemed quite tame.  We tried to find his owner, but one of our workers ended up taking him home several days later, as no one claimed him.

Tim took this picture a couple of days ago.  This is a very UnWanted visitor!  You can tell how big he is by comparing him to the red brick behind him.  I don't know what kind he was, but he is no more!

Some of our workers: My parents arrived the end of April, and have been working like horses ever since!  I'm quite sure there would be no way we would be moving next week if they hadn't come!  Dad has gone every day, and Mom and I have switched off and on, watching the kiddos and packing, or going to the house.  We have also had several young men from the meeting help us, and Alison came yesterday to work, while Madeleine babysat.  We've accomplished lots the last 2 weeks!


Shaelyn came one morning with me, so I got a few pics.  Mika and Kyla have also been helping - picking up bricks and concrete, and putting them in the garbage pile.

Taking a break.
Laundry room/Bathroom - coming along.

Waterproofing the roof.

All done!  Our gas (propane) tank is now up here, and we have gas hooked to the house (finally!)
The inside - laying out the pipes for plumbing

Gluing them together

Preparing the outside of the house for painting:

Fixing along the roof

 Finally, painting!!  =)  So thankful for the paint sprayer, that has saved us hours and hours of work.
Tibi's at the house today, painting trim.
Yesterday the air conditioners arrived too, and they are supposed to finish today.  Another man from the meeting is supposed to be arriving this afternoon to help with the plumbing.  Now that the one worker has finished fixing the outside, he is finishing tiling the last two bedrooms downstairs.

And that's it for that!  We do still plan to move next Wednesday, Lord willing.  Many boxes have been packed, and have already been taken to the house, being stored in the upstairs bedrooms and office.  We're really getting close!

Here are some pics of family and friends in "normal" times (as in, not at the other house!).  The last Sunday of April, Mika, Shaelyn, Vivian and I drove Erica up to Tucson.  She flew out early Monday morning.  We stopped about 1/2 way up to get a picture of her by the cactus - isn't she beautiful!  We are so glad Erica was able to come and spend the month of April with us!

Once we crossed the border, we stopped at IHOP for a late (930pm) supper.  One side of the table:
...and the other side!  =)

Dad and Mom arrived that afternoon, and I was able to get most of my shopping done before they got there.  Had to renew my AZ licence on the way, but we were home just after dark.  Tim stayed home with Kyla, who wasn't feeling too well, and the babies.  The problem was, Tim finally came down with the sickness we had had!  What a day!  Thankfully I was Kyla who stayed home, and not Vivian.  She heated up her own lunch, directed by Tim, plus got bottles, etc, for Nathaniel, when he needed them - she was such a good help.  Thankfully everyone was able to sleep in the afternoon, and we took over when we got home!  I think everyone is Finally back to normal again!  That was the longest sickness we've had so far, and I sure am thankful we're done with it!!

Besides helping at the house, we also celebrated Nathaniel's first birthday, May 1st.  He didn't get a cake until several days later, but at least he did get it!! =)  All the children also received belated birthday presents from Papa and Nana and Sharp cousins who sent things down.  They quite enjoyed opening everything!




Marika and Shaelyn had begged and begged me, while we were in Tucson, so buy these two ponies with their own money.  I told them I wanted them to wait, but they were pretty disappointed.  Without any of us knowing it, Mom had gotten the exact ponies they had wanted!!  They were so excited!

Nathaniel's 1st birthday cake - a 3D train.

His fingers got closer and closer to the icing...

Success - a cookie "wheel"!
Alison made us dinner one day, making sure it was gluten-free for Alisa, plus a homemade, gluten-free chocolate pudding.  It was SO yummy - we really enjoyed it!  Unfortunately, at the end, there was a little accident.

"What did you do, Alisa?", Tim asked
"NO!", Alisa said.  =)

Flaked out on the way home after buying paint at Home Depot.

Our one-year-old!
Kyla was playing after meeting one night, and ran into someone by accident, and went flying on the pavement.  She really didn't hurt her mouth at all, but thought she had a stone in her teeth.  I couldn't see, as it was too dark, so when we got home, we checked her out.  She had chipped her tooth!  It's hard to see, but it's the top, front right one.  She seems to be fine, though, with no pain.

Can't remember why this was taken, but I love my chubby boy on my lap!
On Tuesday, we received an email, informing us of a medical problem with a friend of ours, whom I met in Chile in 1997.  This is Valeria and her husband Jonathon.  They are living in Austria, and had been visiting Germany when she had a stroke this past Sunday.  She is 30 years old.  Her parents flew immediately from Chile to be with them.  Val has not yet regained consciousness, and her situation is very grave.  She has a sister Beth, back in Chile, along with Beth's husband Marco and their daughter Trinidad.  Her parents are Jorge and Marina.  Please pray for Valeria and the family during this difficult time!

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:8-9