Friday, November 22, 2013

Baby Picture Post!

Well, it's a good thing my mom is here, otherwise there would only be a handful of pictures!!  =)  Mom and Darlene arrived Saturday evening.  The girls were so ecstatic to see them, and have been having lots of fun since!

Sunday morning, Mom took some pics of the kiddos before we headed off to meeting.


Nathaniel - at his favourite place, looking out the gate


Mika, Vivian and Nathaniel

Alisa and Nathaniel

Marika was working on a cross-stitch

Nathaniel, with a new bump on his forehead

Alisa, who loves hats!
Nana reading a story
Monday morning came quickly, and Tim and I were to be out the door by 745am.  Mom got some pics before we left.
All the girls - Nathaniel was still sleeping
Me, at 37 weeks
My Love and I

Waving good bye as we left.
They kept occupied while waiting for the news of the baby

While they were busy at home, we were 'busy' at the hospital, welcoming our precious Gwendalyn Hope, arriving at 1045am, weighing 7 lbs, 10 oz.

After the news that Gwendalyn had arrived, they got some gifts wrapped and ready to bring in.

Mom brought everyone in later in the afternoon.
Our seven precious children!

Nana and Gwendalyn

Our family of nine!

Vivi and Gwendalyn

Kyla and Gwendalyn

Alisa and Gwendalyn

Marika and Gwendalyn

Shaelyn and Gwendalyn
No picture of Nathaniel and Gwendalyn yet - all he wanted to do was stick his fingers up her nose!!  =)

Mommy and baby girl

Little dolly!

I love how Gwendalyn is smiling here!

Wednesday finally came, and during the morning, everyone got ready for our return.

Mom and Darlene made a delicious lunch of chicken enchiladas for us - it was so yummy!

A sunset from our terrace

Love this one of Vivian and Gwendalyn

My 3 babies

 Here are all the decorations the ladies and girls made for us:
Our bedroom door - appropriately #7

"The Rest Hotel"

By Shaelyn

The sign at the top says, "Welcome our sweet Gwen"

The sign here says, "Nana's RESTaurant"

Beautiful red roses graced the table...

...with 2 more in a vase in our bedroom.

Sleeping beauty

Enjoying some colouring and craft time.

Vivi loves 'her' baby
That's it for now - will get some on here before too long, hopefully!