Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Birthday, Marianne!!

Today is my brother Jeff's wife Marianne's birthday!  How I wish I could be with her to celebrate!  She is busily working, getting ready for New Year's Revolution get together!

Jeff and Marianne

The whole family
I love you, Mari, and hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thankful Tuesday 30

Whoops, missed a week, and still a day late!  Excitement is running at a high rate here, as we leave Friday to go on a little holiday with some friends, and won't be home until Christmas Day!  A midst the somewhat stressful busyness of getting ready for holidays, going away, Seedsowers, having company, etc, there is Much to be thankful for!  Here is my list for this week:

1.  A baptism.  In October, a neighbour of a young lady in the meeting started attending.  She had never heard the good news of salvation before.  Within a month she was saved, and then wanting to be baptized.  A good number of her family were out to see it.

2.  Several years of testimony in Tirocapes.  Recently, Tim has made the prayerful choice to close the doors in the south outreach of Tirocapes.  I don't know exactly when the doors were opened - and they've closed a time or two before we arrived.  But I do know that for well over 7 years, the gospel has been preached to children and to adults by a number of people.  We are thankful for the children and adults who have come to know the Lord Jesus as their Saviour over that time, and we are looking to the Lord to direct us as we seek His will where He would have us to go next.

3.  The Sunday school treat went well.  This is the first year we haven't done a play as our treat in Hermosillo.  This year the children memorized verses about who God is, and each class took a different one of His attributes.  Of course, the littlest class was the funniest, and actually needed a couple big sisters to accompany them for moral support, but over all, it went really well.

4.  Progress in school with Vivian.   While one of the most exciting parts of homeschooling, for me, is teaching a little one how to read, it can also be one of the more stressful parts!  I haven't seen a lot of progress the last little bit, and then yesterday she was putting two letters together to make their sound!!  It was pretty exciting for both her and me!!  =)

5.  All the Christmas presents bought.  Most of our shopping has been on-line this year, which has gone mostly well, but then there were some things like stocking stuffers, plus some winter clothing we needed to get (and try not to spend the exorbitant prices down here for such things if we can), so we made a quick trip up to Tucson last Monday and got home Tuesday night.  It's a nice feeling to be done, even though we won't actually be having "Christmas" until my folks get here in January.

6.  Nathaniel is gaining weight again.  He certainly was never skinny, but he was having some of the same issues Alisa had when we realized she had some health problems, and found out she needed to be gluten-free.  We have taken Nathaniel off of gluten (it's been a month, now), and he's definitely gone up in weight already!  We're praying this is the only issue, as he continues to have bad diarrhea, but we're hoping he is just still healing, and this will stop, soon.

7.  Flannel sheets.  Oh, the cozy, snuggly-ness of flannel sheets!  =)  I've slept so well the last two night since having them on!  Once we go a few more degrees lower, the heated blanket will also come out, but for now, we're good!!

8.  Great cleaning helpers.  Mika has been such a great helper to me, recently, and Shaelyn and Kyla both have contributed greatly to getting things ready for going away/company coming.  I remember days when I did it all myself and how hard and stressful it was getting ready, and I'm thankful we have made progress!  Not that all the stress is gone, of course, but the extra sets of hands have been such a blessing.

9.  The ironing being done.  Is it just me?  Our ironing pile is like a wild animal out of control sometimes!!!  =)  I got most of it done the other day, and then finished yesterday, and it's such a relief.  Now today I'll do the laundry again, and it starts all over, but for now...ahhhh!

10.  Our company is coming, soon.  Yay!  The girls are over-the-roof excited, and we're close behind!  Looking forward to all of our plans the next several weeks, and all the company we will be able to enjoy in our home!

I don't think I'll be doing any blogging while we're away, which will actually be for a while, with a day or two home here and there, so I'll try to get back on the band wagon in the new year.  Wishing you all a lovely Christmas and holiday season, enjoying the One Who came to bring peace, joy and salvation to a lost and lonely world.  Much love from our family to each of you!

Happy Birthday, Moriah!!

Today is Tim's sister Joia and Philip's daughter, Moriah's 6th birthday!!  I love seeing the wide variety of things Moriah enjoys - both girly and frilly along with daring and fearless.  This young lady keeps up to her brothers no problem!  Maybe even leads the pack like her mom did with a bunch of brothers...??  =)  Hope your day is extra special, Moriah!
Beautiful Moriah Joy!

The whole family

Caleb, Moriah and Keenan
I got these three pics from Joia's Facebook today, but you can take a look at her blog here.

Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet Moriah!  Wish we were there to celebrate with you!  
We love you so much!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thankful Tuesday 29

Happy December to you!  Our Christmas decorations are up, we've had Christmas music playing, and the girls can hardly wait to set up our tree!  =)

Today I'm thankful:

1.  For an amazing visit with Brian and Jeanette and family.  Tim (along with Shaelyn and Kyla) went up to the border to pick them up on Monday, and they were home by around 130pm.  We had a little time to get their things inside and show them around the house a little and then the Cains and Eleo came for lunch.  While lunch with 20 people is always slightly crazy, it seemed to go well, and then all the kiddos were outside playing and we adults had a chance to chat.  After the company left, we got a couple Littles down for a short nap before walking over the park around 6pm.  We stayed until the fountain lights and music came on at 7pm, then headed back to the house.  Then we drove over to the university for hot dogs, and  then up Cerro de la Campana to see the city and all the lights at night.  All but the two youngest shared the two bedrooms upstairs, and that seemed to go alright.  Tuesday we drove to San Carlos, playing on the sand dunes, before going to a hotel right on the beach where we paid for day passes to use their pools, and which amazingly included our meal!  The kiddos swam (only for a bit as the water was freezing), then collected shells and played on the beach.  It was a really great time!  We left around 330pm to come home, get showered and dressed for meeting.  Brian spoke on the Lord Jesus being our High Priest, and it was a great message, plus in English so our older girls listened, too.  We went for tacos after meeting, and they left after breakfast this morning.

2.  That the kiddos all got along so well.  SO, so well, actually, that it was pleasantly surprising.  The two 3 year old A's were not best friends on this trip, but they refrained from fighting, so all was well!  =)  Mika and Olivia were two peas in a pod, Shaelyn and Aubrey were two more.  Kyla, Vivian and Honour all played nicely together, and the other two just went about as normal.  11 kids, 11 and under.  It was great!

3.  We were able to do lots together, and get lots of chats in.  I was a little afraid we planned too much to do, but knew we only had a bit of time with them.  It worked out well, and between some interruptions from the littlest ones, we got lots of chatting time in, too!

4.  Tim got an extra 6 hours of visiting in with them. With Tim driving up to pick them up and drop them off, he got in some extra chatting time.  I'm so thankful that he can connect and share with them!

5.  Getting a nap this morning.  I felt a bit blurry-eyed when I got up today, and after everyone left, Shaelyn put on a video (it ended up being a couple) for them to watch, and I lay down and had a good sleep for over an hour.  I've felt so much better since then, so that was great!

6.  Naps for all kiddos this afternoon.  We had an early lunch, and then I told everyone (even though today is a regular day for a couple of them to miss their nap) that they were heading to bed.  It didn't take longer than 15 minutes for everyone to be out!

7.  A second nap for Gwendalyn today.  I put Gwendalyn to bed a little before I went to sleep this morning, and then after the rest of the kiddos were resting we played for a bit, but she seemed tired again.  She didn't want to go to bed, and fussed for a few minutes, but she's out again and the house is so quiet.

8.  All three of our bougainvillea are blooming.  Change of subject, but the last few days, I've been noticing tons of blooms on all our bushes.  They've been attacked by caterpillars the last few seasons, so haven't been too pretty, but they sure are right now!

9.  School doesn't start again until tomorrow.  I had thought I might start school again today, but with my nap and their naps (except Mika, who is with Tim), tomorrow sounds better!

10.  More visitors coming soon. We all love having company - both the looking forward to them coming, as well as the time spent with them, and we're always sad when they go.  One thing we like to do after company goes, is remember some of our favourite moments with them while they were here - which we did at lunch today - as well as look forward to who will be coming next.  In just over two weeks, our next visitors arrive, then we look forward to my parents coming early in January.  The Lord has blessed us so much!!