Monday, March 30, 2015

A new niece!!

Last night, Tim's brother, Rob and Ada had another baby girl!!  She has a beautiful name - Olivia Judith Ann, and was 8 lb, 13 oz.  She is the baby sister to Brayden, Josh and Galina.  Thankful to hear both mom and baby are well, and already home.  Can't wait to meet this new little miss in the summer!  Congratulations, Rob and Ada!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, Gracia!!

Today is my brother Jeff and Marianne's eldest daughter, Gracia's 8th birthday!!  As we further plans to be back in Canada for a few weeks this summer, I am more and more excited to see all my sweet nieces and nephews that I miss so much!  Gracia, we hope you had a wonderful day with lots of love and laughter and fun!  Miss you and love you tons!
Such a beauty!
Whole fam!
Four sweeties that I miss so much!!
 Happy 8th Birthday, Gracia!  XOXO

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Short(ish) recap since September - 5

Hmm, uploading pics from a nice camera takes a lot longer than ones taken on our phones!! ;)  Here are the rest of the pictures from Dad and Mom's visit.
We got to meet Christia's son, Erick Ruben - so sweet!

Tim and I had the special privilege to go away together.  It was only supposed to be 24 hours, but ended up being almost 48!  My dad and mom bravely took on the task of watching all our kiddos, while we went up to Tucson.  Our first time away together in 5 years.

The first thing we did was take apart a new-to-us play set, and fit it into our van - that took all morning.  

Then we shopped (found Hobby Lobby!), and chatted uninterrupted all day!

Our hotel had really neat propane fireplaces outside - they were so pretty!

This one was more than twice as big!
While we were gone...scones were made, tea parties had, and multiple visits to the park made.  I don't think anyone missed us at all!!  =)

It was a super and relaxing time away, and I know our kiddos all enjoyed spending extra time with their Papa and Nana!

We got home Tuesday night, and Wednesday morning we left for San Carlos - a town 1.5 hours away with a lovely beach, to meet Shad, Debi, Shay and Joe.  It ended up that we were arriving, and they were just leaving Obreg√≥n, so we made a quick side trip to visit a little beach off the beaten path that has Amazing shells to collect.  We've been here a few times.

Right in the center of the picture you can see a sea slug, it was ugly and fascinating all at the same time.
A little closer look before putting him back in

Then we set off a little further to meet the Kembers.  It was a great day, and we all enjoyed it so much!

Kite surfers

My lovely Marika Ruth

My sweet Kyla Mae

Then, we all packed up to head for Orangewood conference up in Phoenix, AZ.
Gwennie likes sand, but not grass - must be a desert baby!

Tim gave the Sunday school lesson
 It was a really good conference, and we enjoyed hearing ministry in English!
 Monday morning we headed to a special railway park.  It had a miniature train, amazing play ground equipment, a carousel and a museum.  We had a great morning there.

 After naps, we headed to Shad and Cynthia Sluiter's for supper

Christy brought down her pet snake and almost everyone wanted to touch or hold it - I was totally impressed with how brave they all were!

Our last day together we went to the Phoenix Zoo.  It too was a great day, and we had so much fun!

It was so hard to say good bye the next morning!  So thankful we'll get to see them in the summer, Lord willing!  It makes the parting slightly easier!

I will end off my "short(ish)" recap here, and will get back to posting more pics as the time arises!