Saturday, September 26, 2015

August Birthdays - (Obviously) Belated, too!

August birthdays
 I already did a post for Tim's birthday on the 13th, but here are a couple of different pics to see.

My brother Jeff and Marianne's son Lucas turned 6 on the 23rd.  We had so much fun with Lukey and his family while we were in Canada this summer!
They call this guy Mr. Sunshine

Jared, Gracia, Lucas and Annabella

July Birthdays - (Obviously) Belated

Trying to catch up a little here.  I'm going to cover all of July birthdays in one post.

My sister Liz's husband Trevor's birthday was on the 8th.
We are so thankful that they made the trip to spend a week with us in Ontario while we were there.  It's so special to be together as a family!

Kiernan, Ellie, Katja

Our Kyla-girl's birthday was on the 21st.

Tim's brother Mark's wife Rebekah's birthday was on the 29th.
We got to invade their house for 3 weeks while we were in Ontario, and it was so great!  She is such an amazing friend!

I believe Bekah gets the "favourite aunt award" hands-down!  =)

Kino Beach

The girls have been asking since we returned from Canada if we could go to the beach someday.  It hasn't worked out up until now, and having Erica here was a great excuse to go!  =)  Eva slept over the night before, so she went with us, too.  We left at around 12pm, and ate lunch when we arrived - before we even got out of the van!  That saved our meal from being real "sand"wiches.  It was pretty warm and muggy for being the end of September, but the water was perfect!  I loved watching all our water babies enjoy their time there!  I got a couple of cute videos of Nathaniel and Gwendalyn - we'll see if the internet will work well enough for them to upload.  We had a great day, and left around 530pm, fully exhausted and sandy, but glad we had gone!  =)

There were tons of shells, and besides swimming, collecting them was the highlight of the day!

Little fishies


Kyla - having a snack



There was a place preparing coconuts, fruits and vegetables right near our 'palapa'.  Erica and I shared this one with fresh mango and chunks of coconut - yummy!

Baby girl with her Daddy

Happy Birthday, Kyla (b.e.l.a.t.e.d.)!!

July 18th we were at a cottage with the Sharp side of the family, and we had a fun celebration for Kyla's EIGHTH birthday!!

Kyla has a strong sense of having to do things the right way at the right time.  She often sees a need without anyone saying anything, and jumps up to get it done.  She is generally neat and tidy, and likes her things just so.  She follows instructions well, and doesn't often need to be told a second time to do it, unless she gets distracted helping someone else in between time.  Kyla has a great memory, and often helps me to remember things that need to be done.  She generally gets along well with everyone else, but she really loves playing with the little ones, and pretending to be their mommy.

Kyla-girl, we are so thankful for you, and so glad the Lord blessed us by putting you in our family!  We know He has a special plan for your life, and we can't wait to see all you will accomplish in Him!  Happy (belated) 8th Birthday - we love you!!
Waiting for her cake to come...
A painting she did at Auntie Joia's during the summer
All seven
Best buds and cousins
 - Kyla and Gracia
I know you had a fabulous birthday, Kyla, and I'm glad it was such a fun day for you!!  =)

Friday, September 18, 2015


Hi there!  I've missed being here, and sharing what's been going on, but it just seems like life is too busy to talk about right now!  =)  I still want to blog about our trip to Canada, but that won't be happening any time really soon, and I have to start somewhere, so here goes!

We finished our second full week of school today,'s even going well!!  Here's my four students this year:
L-R: Vivian, grade 1, Marika, grade 7, Kyla, grade 3, Shaelyn, grade 4
That pictures was actually of our second 1st Day of School.  The first 1st Day of School was the Friday before, and they got a special breakfast, their new school supplies, and I attempted to get some school pictures done.  They didn't really work out that well, but the concept of it all was good and I'm glad we did it!
First 1st Day of School 
The schedule is working out quite well, and I feel like we're getting accomplished the things that need to be done, and everyone is mostly enjoying themselves, which is a nice bonus!  I had a spectacular little plan to keep our toddlers busy during school, but so far, it has failed miserably!  Our good friend, Erica M, from Ontario arrived on Monday, and will be with us for a while - she's been taking the Littles, or at least 2 of them, apart so we can concentrate a little better, and that's been a huge help!

Going back a little further - I was sick at the end of our time in Ontario, and thought I had a urinary tract infection.  I felt better before our trip home, but then during the trip, I began to feel really awful again.  When we finally got back home to Hermosillo I still was feeling much less than wonderful.  After a few days of getting laundry and things back into their places, I went in to emerg.  The doctor thought I had a kidney stone, but I didn't because it didn't hurt as badly as I thought it should.  Very long story short, I did have an infection, but after another emerg visit, lab work, an ultrasound and a CAT scan, it was determined I did indeed have kidney stones, too.  Last Monday I had surgery to remove the one that was causing me some grief, and Surprise, it wasn't there!  I have a doctor's appointment today, and hopefully we can look into determining what caused the stones, and how we can prevent them from coming back!

Beside school, the children have been reading, playing with Playmobil, having tea parties, dressing up, colouring and drawing, baking (Mika) and spending time in the pool.
Great way to get exercise And cool off!

Mika made a pavlova

Tea party with Erica

She looked adorable, but Nathaniel wasn't happy to share his hat!


Shaelyn at work doing typing

Mika's first pie - apple!
I'll just leave it at that for now, and I'll try to get back here again soon!!