Saturday, November 28, 2015

Happy Birthday, Gwendalyn (belated)!!

Just a little over a week ago, we celebrated our Gwennie's 2nd birthday!!
Newborn Sweetness
One year old
Two years old
A random assortment of photos:
Sleepy girl - loves her blankies

A little climber
6 kiddos, plus Erica (minus Kyla)
Two peas in a pod, and mostly up to trouble!
Nata brushing Gwennie's hair
All seven - summer 2015
The whole family - summer 2015
Our little Gwendalyn is such a fun part of our family!  She has hilarious facial expressions and sayings, and loves being the center of attention.  She seems to talk a.l.o.t. right now, with 3-4 word sentences.  She says cute things like "muffies" for muffin, and "waisies" for raisins.  She says all her siblings' names, and loves them all, both to play and to fight with!  She and Nathaniel especially right now play the love/hate game.  One minute they are hugging and holding hands, and then next they're following the other around, tormenting them.  It's both hilarious and frustrating all at the same time!  She likes to play with her dollies, and run and catch up with her sisters and brother.  Food doesn't interest her too much right now unless it's peanuts, bananas, scrambled eggs or broccoli.  She loves drinking milk, and prefers that over all other drinks.  Dressing makes her happy, and it doesn't matter if it's four shirts or 7 pairs of underwear, it's always more fun to have layers!  =)

Gwennie's birthday cake that Kyla helped decorate
Happy 2nd Birthday to our littlest princess - we love you, Gwendalyn!!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Happy Birthday, Caleb and Rob (BELATED)!!

It would seem it's been a little while since I posted.  So sorry to dear family and friends who keep hoping for an update.

This past month, Tim's sister Joia and Philip's son, Caleb, celebrated his 4th birthday, and Tim's brother Rob celebrated his ___th birthday!!  =)  I imagine Caleb was far more excited about the number he reached than Rob was with his!  Ha!

I love the Woodford family, and I'm so thankful to be a part of it!

Some pictures of Caleb and his family...

Keenan, Moriah and Caleb
A random, crazy picture of us in the summer!  =)

Sweet family!
 (Photo credit - Joia's blog)

Some pictures of Rob and his family...
Rob and Ada
Rob with baby Olivia
Love these people!

Sorry for the lateness, but a most sincere, Happy, Happy Birthday, Caleb and Rob!!