Saturday, January 9, 2016

January Birthdays!!

This month, there are 4 family birthdays to celebrate:

Tim's Dad (today) -
Dad and Mom
Pile up!
My maternal Grandpa (today) -

Love this man!
Grandpa with his six children
 Tim's brother Rob and Ada's Galina -
Sweet little girl!

Brayden, Josh, Galina and Olivia

Love this family!
 My brother Jeff and Marianne's youngest, Annabella -
Miss Annabella
Another pile up!
Jared, Gracia, Lucas and Annabella
Love these folks!
(Many thanks to my mom and dad for the Sharp/Clark photos, 
and Rebekah for the the Woodford side photos!)

Happy, Happy Birthday to each one of you!  
You are so special to us and we miss you so much!  
With much love from all of us!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen years ago this night, a nervous young man and a trembling young lady met at a Tim Horton's in Midland, Ontario.
It was snowy and cold.
He drank an apple juice, and she drank an orange juice, and neither knew what the future would hold for them.
He had already asked her dad if he would have permission to pursue a relationship with her, and received his blessing.
She had secretly liked the young man for more than a year, but did not know yet how he felt about her.
It was the beginning.
A lovely, joyous, bright beginning.

Loving this man more than ever, 16 years later...