Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Enjoying the Christmas Season!

 A bit of a flash-back to some of the things we did as we looked forward to Christmas 2015.

We were sent boxes of fun Christmas crafts that the kiddos and Erica had a good time putting together

Then we put up the tree

 We had a special Christmas party with Erica, Alison, Madeleine, Eva, Eleo and Bryanda, where we had a special supper and watched a Christmas movie (Miracle on 34th Street).

We drove Erica up to Tucson to fly back to Canada, and Tim had the great idea to check out if Handel's Messiah was playing anywhere.  There was a one hour performance for FREE at a church two hours further up in Phoenix.  We thought that both the time and the price would be perfect for our family.  =)  We had supper with the Vizzini's, and picked up some gifts that had been delivered to their house.  We arrived at the church in good time and got front row seats.  Not everyone enjoyed it as much as Mika, Tim and I did, but everyone sat pretty well.

 We selected a day a few days before the 25th to be "Christmas", as we were leaving for Seedsowers on the 25th, and so the night before became "Christmas Eve".  We let the children open one gift each, and they opened the ones that Erica had left for them.

"Christmas Eve" supper

We put all the presents under the tree, and then, after the kiddos were all in bed, Tim hung the stockings, and we filled them.  

Everyone was up bright and early the next morning!  We opened stockings, then had breakfast, and then opened gifts.  Later in the day we Skyped with family, which was so nice!

Kyla was extremely excited to get some cowboy boots
The Santa hat was my gift from Shaelynnie!  =)

Badminton set and net from U. Mark and A. Bekah 

Christmas Dinner

We had a pretty relaxing and low-key day.  So thankful for a day together as family.  Thankful for a day remembering especially the coming of the Saviour into the world, and the great gift of salvation that is now offered to all.  Thankful for our family and friends who went out of their way to make our day extra special.  It was indeed a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

March Birthdays!!

We have 5 March birthdays to celebrate!

Tim's youngest brother, Andrew

Tim's sister Joia and Philip's son, Keenan

Our Alisa

My brother Jeff and Marianne's daughter, Gracia

Tim's brother Rob and Ada's daughter, Olivia

Happy, Happy Birthday to each of you, with lots of love!