Thursday, April 28, 2016

January Pics

Here are some pics of what we did in January.  These first few pics were actually the end of December.  We left for Seedsowers in Zacatecas on Christmas Eve and came back to the beginning of January.  It was a 16 hour drive there, so we stopped for lunch in Guasave (6 hrs away), then for the night in Mazatlan (12 hrs away).

Following Eleo - we left Very early in the morning
A huge statue of a Yaqui Indian, just before getting to Obregón
Lunch at the Chavez house in Guasave
When we finally arrived in Mazatlan it was quite late and we were really hungry.  This amazing restaurant was open, but we were Not dressed for the occasion after traveling all day.  Everyone else was all decked out in their Christmas apparel!  =)
The group
 The kids' menu was great!

 Supper was so amazing, we decided to return to the restaurant for Christmas morning.  It was really yummy!

Then we were off for curving, mountainous journey to Zacatecas.  The road is a new one, but you go through dozens of tunnels, and across the world's second highest bridge to get there.  It was very, very beautiful, and thankfully, no one got sick!  =)

The Baluarte Bridge, officially the Baluarte Bicentennial Bridge, is a cable-stayed bridge in Mexico. It is located between the municipalities of Concordia in Sinaloa and Pueblo Nuevo in Durango, along the Durango–Mazatlán highway, Mexico 40D. The bridge has a total length of 1,124 m (3,688 ft), with a central cable-stayed span of 520 m (1,710 ft). With the road deck at 403 m (1,322 ft) above the valley below, the Baluarte Bridge is the highest cable-stayed bridge in the world, the third-highest bridge overall and the highest bridge in the Americas. (Source:   Wikepedia)

Only Tim and I got out from our vehicle.  There was nothing but those yellow bars you can see behind us, and we weren't going to let any of the kiddos out.

It was a beautiful trip!

Our time in Zacatecas was quite lovely, but I hardly got any pics.  We had a nice place not too far from the hotel where we could all meet together and make and serve the meals.  I really enjoyed chatting with many of the ladies who stayed back to prepare the meals.

Everyone else was busy delivering Seedsower texts for most of the days.  There was always singing, testimonies and packaging texts in the evenings.

On Sunday, we all drove the hour out to the assembly in the tiny village of El Barril, where Jason and Shelley Wahls have been working for the last many years.  Their little hall only accommodates about 40 people max, so they rented a community hall (a huge rustic building with bathrooms that are indescribable).  It was perfect for our big group, plus the believers from there, plus all the visitors who usually attend.  The believers kindly prepared food for us all, and we enjoyed out day there.
The breaking of bread
Ministry mtg
Sunday school
An impromptu hymn sing after lunch
A very weary coordinator - Jason 

We had 2 afternoons to go out exploring and to have some fun.  One of the days, they went up to the Bluff, and several people went zip lining.
Our last full day, Ross Vanstone told how Seedsowers came to be, and a bit of the history and the many countries Seedsower texts have been delivered to/in.

Our Eleo gave her testimony how she came to be in Mexico.  It was a very special day!

That night (New Year's Eve) we had a special taco meal.

Afterward, there was singing and testimonies at the hotel, then fireworks (not set off by us), then good byes.
It's Austin J down in this empty fountain, while Shay and David N look on.  I'm not exactly sure how he got there, but I'm sure it wasn't Alisa's fault!  ;)  Our kiddos were well taken care of while we were there, except for Nathaniel and Gwennie, the other little one were always on someone's lap and/or holding someone's hand.  It was a really nice trip!
On our way back, we got a further off view of the big bridge.
It was nice to get home and back into routine.  We started school again, and started some renovation projects we'd put off for a while, getting ready for visitors who would come in February.  We made it up to Orangewood Conference in Phoenix, AZ, and also got some shopping done.  Here are some random pictures of the rest of the month.

Nata and Alisa - In a hotel in PHX
Opening presents that arrived after Christmas, that we picked up at conference

There were broccoli and cauliflower frittatas that I loved, but nobody else did.  Mmmm, they were so yummy and garlicky - I could make them all over again!  =)

Fresh squeezed orange juice

That's it for January!  =)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April Birthdays!!

Four family Happy Birthdays in April

My mom
Mom and Dad - Mexico 2016
Mom with her dear friend, Grace C
Mom with her dad

My sister Liz and Trevor's youngest daughter, Ellie

Tim's brother Andrew's wife, Bethany

Our Vivian

Lots of love to each of you, and a very Happy Birthday!!