Tuesday, March 28, 2017

January - Random

Here are some more random pics of our January

We bought a cauliflower, and it had Huge leaves!  We had fun trying them on as hair.

Fun with Magna-Tiles

Skyping with family

We went to Phoenix the middle of January to attend the Bible conference at Orangewood Gospel Hall (in ENGLISH!!).  It was a really nice weekend. We enjoyed the ministry, spending time with the people there, and one of my favourite parts, seeing David Rodgers from Chile, whom I hadn't seen in around 15 years or so.  

We were waiting on a box to come in the mail, so we decided to stick around an extra day since it was extra large, and we wouldn't be returning until March.  We found this "Hole in the Rock", that was fun for Tim and the older girls to climb up, and fun for the younger ones and I to climb up the stairs at the back - all reaching the same place.  Win, win!

That's Mika, Shaelyn and Kyla right in the middle.

Then we started looking for a park for everyone to play on, but somehow we couldn't find anything, ending up down at a river.  We noticed they rented boats and things, and Tim went over to check out prices.  We were able to rent a pontoon boat for an hour.  It was SO nice!
Love my peeps

Captain Tim
 The kids loved taking turns steering

The next day, we were able to pick up our special boxes and head on our way.
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Loading up

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This is what was in the boxes!

So fun!

Tim hugely trimmed back this big tree - I wish I had a before picture.  This is about 1/2 way through.

All done
One Sunday morning, Nathaniel picked out his outfit so that he and Tim could match.  So sweet!

My men

These next pictures aren't just from January, but are some construction stuff we had done over about 2 months and finished up in January.

Here is a picture of our house when we first bought it.

We wanted to add a second gate to put another vehicle in, and also to replace the old front gate and window bars.  We started by knocking down part of the wall.


We then cleared and leveled the ground, and had a pavement truck come to pour a concrete driveway.

We didn't get much school done that day!  =)  So interesting!

Here's the front of the house now.

Our pups, Allie and Nico.
They're never tied up, but had to be while the concrete guys were doing their stuff.

Just a couple of funnies from Gwennie and Nathaniel:
Gwennie (3 yrs)
"i-Pot" (iPod)
"you did that on persis!" (purpose)
"Hogogs" (hotdogs)
At the end of her prayers: "in Jesus loves me, Amen"

Nata (4.5 yrs)
"McScusting" (disgusting)
"Hangaburs" (hamburgers)
"Mommy, I am the strongest person in the world!  Except for God and Jesus!"

That's it for January!