Friday, April 7, 2017


On to February!  It was a pretty busy month over all, especially with 2 birthdays to celebrate!  
We were all supposed to go to Obregón conference the first weekend in February, but we had sick kiddos, so just Tim went.  The day after the conference, Tim and Alisa went to Monterrey (where we had just been to Seedsowers) to visit for 5 days.  That same day, Marcus, Alison and Eva left on a separate trip, and Mika (as well as all her siblings) were exceedingly excited to take care of Eva's gerbils while they were gone.  We had them for about 3 weeks, and I was glad at the end to be able to send them back.  They were easy to care for - Mika did everything herself - but just look a little too much like rats to me to like a whole lot!
Our pup, Allie, had surgery earlier in the month, but then ruptured a hematoma 6 days later.  She had to have on a special collar on, as well as antibiotic injections for an extra week, which meant Tim went to Santiago conference (that we also were all supposed to go to) with just Shaelyn and Kyla.  We remarked the entire weekend how small our family seemed with only 6 people in it!  =)  It's all in your perspective, I guess.  
Besides that, we were mostly just thinking of, and getting ready for our coming conference the next month, as well as Tim's brother Mark and Bekah coming to visit on the March Break! 

The girls down to Alisa have chores to do each morning.  Sometimes Gwennie gets on the bandwagon, and wants to help out, too.  

Allie with her "cone" and special bandages to keep her incision clean(ish)
 Allie sleeping in Nico's bed

 Another project we worked on this month, was to clean out our shed.  We pulled almost everything out, rearranged it, and then Tim made a special bar and hangers for our bikes to get them off of the floor.  It works quite well, and the shed has mainly stayed like this.
You can see the special hangers best in this picture

How neat and tidy!
Nathaniel learning to roller blade with Alisa's blades and gear
Shaelyn's been doing quite a bit of drawing recently.
She took a picture of herself, and then drew it.  Her first self-portrait.
Kyla and me

Shaelynnie turned 11 the middle of the month.  She requested a horse cake, and told me exactly how she wanted it.  She really loved how it turned out.

The birthday girl!

Shaelyn was pleased to have her friend Diana Paola for the day.
 Eleo, Tibi and Mad also joined us for lunch.

Tim with some snugglers after baths/showers

Nata, too!
 Being silly with Daddy

It rained hard enough that the street flooded.  The kiddos all wanted to play in the water, but it was SO cold they didn't last long.  Shaelyn stayed out the longest, and her skin was red from cold when she came in.
 Little Gwennie, snug as a little bug

 Mika's birthday is the end of the month.  I tried an ombre cake with rosettes.  It didn't turn out as nicely as I had imagined it in my head, but Mika was quite pleased with it, so that was what mattered.
Close to show detail a little better

The whole thing
The Cains had just gotten back from their trip, so we had a big group with them, Marcus' parents, Tibi and Mad, Eleo, and friends Diana and Ana Paola

We discovered a neat place to go hiking!  We went one evening the first time, but it was Really busy with lots of walkers, runners and bicyclists.  I thought it would be neat to go earlier in the morning, but Tim and Nata were going to the hall to do something else.  The girls and I took the dogs, and had a nice time.  We've gone a couple of times since this.

 Someone did Gwennie's hair in two pony tails.  They weren't exactly even, but they were still really cute!

That's all I can remember - March will be coming up soon!

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Anonymous said...

I love Gwennie's dish washing attire! Those boots were made for dancing! Or dish washing :)

Allie in Nico's bed is too funny! What a silly dog! I can't fit in it, but Nico can't have it either!

I love your shed. Our garage is desperately in need of the same kind of attention. Mark's looked into hanging our bikes. Yours looks like a cool idea.

Oh my! Nathaniel looks so much like his sisters with that helmet on! He's definitely all boy, but that purple helmet played tricks with my mind! They do all really look alike!

Loved your birthday cakes. You are one talented lady!

Cute pictures on the rocks. I'm glad we got to go too when we were there.

Rebekah :)