Thursday, June 15, 2017


Hello!  I have a few minutes here, so I'm going to try and get some blogging done.

March is always a busy month with our conference, and we often have extra visitors, too, which we always love!  This year, Mark and Rebekah came for a week over March break.  It was their first time  staying in our new house, although they had seen it (and worked on some demolition) when they visited last.

Most of these pictures are ours, but some I've stolen from Rebekah's facebook album.

All the girls went for a hike while they guys did some other stuff.  Here are all my sweet and beautiful girlers

Not sure who did Gwennie's hair this day, but I'm sure it wasn't me!  =)
A selfie by Shaelyn
Our silly Allie is always sleeping in crazy positions
 Some colouring

This was done by Gwendalyn.  She's 3.5 yrs, and loves to draw pictures and colour them.


Having fun with shapes

Having fun with playdough

I think this may be the first time Nathaniel has ever used a broom.  It was very awkward to watch - but he did a good job

We had just watched the movie, Trolls, and Gwennie loved Poppy.  So she dressed in pink, and someone did her hair into a Troll "do"
Finally, it was time to pick up Mark and Rebekah.  We had to stop in Nogales first, and get Mexican passports for our four youngest.  Then we headed up to Phoenix, and got some shopping in.  M&B flew in around midnight, and the 3 oldest girls went with Tim to the airport to pick them up.  They were beyond excited (as we all were!)

The next day was Saturday, and after a few stops, we got to the Titan Missile Museum just south of Tucson, and spent several hours there.  It was very interesting, but I admit there were some that were more interested in it than others...  ;)

We continued on, crossed the border, and had a yummy supper at El Kora

Bekah took this picture of Mika, Evelyn and Ana Sofia - 3 good friends!

They also came bearing (Easter) gifts, which included a huge chocolate bunny for each of us.  Nathaniel just finished off his last little piece yesterday.  =)

Along with the gifts were some funny stickers...

We went for a hike one day, and got a nice group picture!

Now that our kiddos are a little older, I wanted us to go out on a double date with Mark and Bekah.  So after they all ate lunch, and the Littles got put to bed for naps, the four of us went out to "El Centro", which has delicious Mexican food.  We got 2 platters for the four of us to share.  It was so yummy, and we really enjoyed our time together.  I feel like every spare moment we spent talking (even up til past midnight each night) and it was so great to catch up in person!

We also took a day and went to the beach in Guaymas (near San Carlos).

I love this picture Bekah took, trying to get all of them jumping

Unfortunately Bekah got stung by a stingray while we were there.  She was in some pretty intense pain for several hours.  =(

Instead of presents for Christmas, I suggested doing something fun together when they came to visit.  It ended up being this fabulous boat ride in San Carlos.  Thankfully Bekah was feeling better by this time!  I think she wrote when she posted her pictures that it was a magical time - and it truly felt like it was.  The weather was perfect and beautiful, we saw some amazing sights and creatures, and we had great company to share it with!  Thank you, Mark and Rebekah - it was so wonderful!

Dophins!!  We saw at least 10 of them while we were out.

Two of my sweeties and me
This crazy monkey thinks she is invincible.  This is the nose of the boat, and she was adament that I was not to hang on to her (Don't worry, I did anyway!) - but she was not happy about it!
There was a BEAUTIFUL sunset!

I love these two!

Dear friends

My Love and me

Brothers and friends

 When we got back to Hermosillo, we went for Sonoran hot dogs.  Unfortunately, there weren't too many little ones still awake to enjoy them.

 Alisa's 6th birthday was the day before our conference.  It was very special having Mark and Bekah with us to celebrate.  Eleo and Andrea also came to celebrate with us.

The Birthday Girl

I love these ladies

John and Joan from St. Thomas sent money for us to go out for icecream -so we went to Thrifty's.  So yummy!
 Friday was mostly packing for Mark and Bekah, and us getting ready for conference that night.  Thankfully the meal I was preparing was pretty easy, so I was able to put off preparations till the last minute.
One last picture of Bekah and me

Mark and Bekah and all the kids
They had to take an overnight bus up to Phoenix, and then flew out the next day, so they were pretty tired arriving home in Ontario.  We're so thankful for them coming and spending the week with us!

The next Sunday we had a bit of a going away party for our friend, Esperanza, who had lived in Hermosillo for a few years going to school, and was going back home to San Luis.

This was just a random picture of my two eldest on our bed.  They had just been leaning into each other looking at the book, and I missed it, but love seeing them together.

Fun and games after the Littles went to bed one night.

Kyla's pretty hair do one Sunday

Love this girl!

Oh that smile!!!

Gwennie and Alisa
Some more random play dough creations

That was pretty much it for the month.  We had some more company, but I have no pictures of that.  It was also a busy time trying to get as much school accomplished as possible between visitors and events!  Will try to get April up, soon!


Bruce Woodford said...

THanks so much for this post. Just saw it now! It's always great to see pics of you all and all the kiddos! Know you're having a great time now with Rob and Ada and crew. Love to all.
Dad W

Mom W. said...

Yay, thank you for the peek into your lives (and hearts) love it, Hope you are having a great time with MORE family!!! =)

Anonymous said...

I know it's taken me a month to comment on this, but I wanted to say that this post brought back to many happy memories :) Well other than the stingray sting. But everything else? A perfect trip with some of my favourite people!

Hmmm - special memories. I really enjoyed the double date with you and Tim. Delicioius meal and great company :)

Also that day at the beach? Well, maybe more the boat ride. Perfection. I'm SO THANKFUL we got the chance to come and visit. A week seemed too short, but I can't wait to visit with you guys again!

I love when you post and am looking forward to reading more ;)

Love you mi hermana,

Rebekah :)

Joia said...

Just seeing this now - love the updates and all the photos! =)