Friday, August 18, 2017


"...will try to get April up soon."  That's what March's blog ended with.  Hmm, "soon" is relative, right?  =)

I might have mentioned before that the first several months of the year we were just sick.  On, then off, then on, and on, and on...  We had lots of plans for April, but few things happened the way we planned on them.  We were all supposed to head down to Guasave, Sinaloa (6 hours south), for the first anniversary of the hall there.  I don't remember who was sick at the time, but only Tim ended up making it down.

We probably shouldn't have gone up to the West Phoenix Spanish conference because at least 2 kiddos were sick then, but we did go, and were glad we did!  It was a great conference, and an encouraging time.

We did a little baby sitting this sweet pea a few Monday nights while her dad went with Tim to preach the gospel at a drug rehab place.

We were super pleased to get a garage door opener on our main gate.

 Somebody enjoys her chocolate!

Got the pool set up.  It ended up being pretty chilly for a long time, though, so it didn't get much use until probably the middle of May.

Our Vivi turned 8!!  Shaelyn made her cake, which was a Paw Patrol (+ Playmobil) construction site with Skittles

 Tim went to Monterrey for a few days, and took Alisa with him.  She mostly enjoyed her time, but was "bored" on the plane, and didn't think she was gone for long enough.  =)

While they were gone, Nathaniel had a bad case of croup, and Kyla was still quite sick, too, so we made an ER visit.  Nata obviously had gotten some drugs into him by the time this picture was taken.  =)

This crazy kook was washing the table while lying down on it.

Game night!

Sweet Shaelyn reading books to Nathaniel during his nebulizor treatment

Just a couple funny poses of Miss G.  She's so full of personality!

Okay, so it's August, and I'm just finishing April's post, so...your guess is as good as mine as to when the next post might go up.  =)


Joia said...

Better late than never! =) Always good to see these sweet faces whether it's current news or not! Way to go, Steph! =)

Anonymous said...

Well, since it's your blog, I guess YOU get to define "Soon". Haha. And I will be happy to read your updates WHENEVER you get around to putting them up :)

I'm excited about the garage door opener! HAHAHA. I'm not being sarcastic! After having been there, I can see how awesome it must be to eliminate the door opening routines you had to go through every time you came home :)

I LOVE the cake Shaelyn made - so fun!

I'm glad everyone's feeling better! (Or at least I hope you are!)

Love you all!